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Transport Minister Marc Garneau, pictured talking to reporters in the West Block on Oct. 2, 2018, is described by former staff as a voracious reader who is well informed about his files. "He’s a very direct manager. You never leave a room saying, 'I don’t know what he wanted,'' says Dan Dugas, who is the former director of communications at Transport Canada. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

It’s Garneau’s second tour atop Transport Canada

Feature|By Aidan Chamandy
Transport Minister Marc Garneau is facing criticism over how he's handled the recent blockades, but behind the scenes in political Ottawa, he's considered 'a great brief' and 'exceptionally well-informed about his files.
Maximizing cycling rates and achieving the benefits that will accrue for all levels of government requires federal leadership.
The Canadian Transportation Act Review of 2016 contains many important recommendations for upgrading our transport system and can be the basis on reaching agreement for legislation change and significant investments.
If climate change mitigation is to begin in cities, we should be discussing how municipalities can access additional and predictable revenue sources to support required investments and in turn, support our national econo
More in Policy
News|By Neil Moss
'The precedent has been set,' says Senator Percy Downe of Parliamentarians being able to modify trade agreements, following changes made to the new NAFTA by U.S. House Democrats.
News|By Abbas Rana
'It clearly is becoming a moment in Canada where everyone's paying attention,’ says Innovative Research president Greg Lyle.
Opinion|By Phil Gurski
But what is the role of principle? What is the place for standing up for what is morally right? In the end, what do we, as Canadians, represent? How do we want to show ourselves to the rest of the world?
Opinion|By Hassan Yussuff
With a plan and appropriate funding, Parliament has the opportunity to make history and completely realign the way prescription medication is delivered and paid for in Canada.
Opinion|By Timothy Denton
We do not need more governmental control of speech. If you see a disconnect between the stated problems and the proposed solutions, you are not alone.
Justice Minister David Lametti, Health Minister Patty Hajdu, and Disability Inclusion Minister Carla Qualtrough are expected to make an announcement on Canada's medical assistance in dying legislation.
Feature|By Aidan Chamandy
It was the 15th anniversary of the event, and the seventh year eBay partnered with Proof.
Though we must not have illusions about Canada’s relative lack of power in this triadic relationship, there is an alternative way of thinking about this situation, as our European allies are quickly learning.
Opinion|By Philip Cross
Not being able to quickly and efficiently move goods across the nation and to export markets further damages Canada’s attractiveness to international investors.
Opinion|By Michael Harris
Conservatives only seem to want to show the protesters who's boss, ignoring the long history of Indigenous rights being trampled.
Opinion|By Graham Saul
The proposed Teck project would be Alberta’s largest open-pit oilsands mine. At 29,000 hectares, this colossal mine would cover more than twice the area of the City of Vancouver.
Opinion|By Rose LeMay
This is also about government overreach in Indigenous governments, the oil and gas industry’s hardening grip on a dying energy source, and the alarming tendency of the RCMP to use excessive force.
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