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Transport Canada, headed by minister Omar Alghabra, suspended direct flights to Canada from India, a major source of international students, until Sept. 21. On Aug. 28, Transport Canada announced a ban on direct flights from Morocco to Canada until Sept. 29, which Paul Davidson says creates a significant challenge for francophone students. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

International students struggle to come to Canada amid COVID-19 variant concerns, says Universities Canada president

The number of international students may rise this year compared to 2020, but travel restrictions related to COVID-19 variants may be a roadblock, according to Paul Davidson, the president of Universities Canada.
A commitment to affordable, high quality, accessible, and inclusive post-secondary education for all demands strong federal leadership to close the gap on Indigenous education and better serve minority language students.
Canada's biotech sector is facing a shortage of labour, with industry stakeholders looking to changes in policies related to immigration and taxes as possible solutions to attract more talent.
Opinion|By Alan Bernstein
Canada is simply too small a country to divide our efforts and resources. Perhaps one of the key benefits of a successful national life sciences strategy will be to secure that alignment of purpose across governments.
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Plus, some Tories publicly backed Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole following calls for his ouster, while one re-elected Conservative criticized the embattled leader.
News|By Matt Horwood
The New Democrats could play a role in Parliament similar to one they played in the 1960s, when they pushed Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson to enact progressive policies like Medicare and the Canada Pension Plan, say st
Opinion|By Les Whittington
A smooth-working minority Parliament, while not impossible, seems highly unlikely.
Opinion|By Andrew Cardozo
The breakdown of seats may be the same as the last Parliament, but the power dynamics are very different, and from the Liberal perspective it was a pivotal election, hardly inconsequential.
While many Canadians are relieved at having dodged the AUKUS bullet, it should be viewed as a strategic humiliation for the credibility of Canadian reliability, strength, and values.
The election may have been unnecessary. But it did not leave us more polarized or divided than ever before.
Plus, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney's management of the COVID-19 pandemic in Alberta became a campaign topic in the 2021 federal election, but he managed to survive a meeting with an unhappy caucus yesterday.
Opinion|By Gwynne Dyer
However the electoral arithmetic works out, it will likely lead to much commotion but not much change in keeping with the sane and undramatic politics of Germany.
To date, the Arctic Council has provided a forum for the negotiation of three important legally-binding treaties on scientific co-operation, oil spill preparedness and response, and search and rescue.
Opinion|By Gerry Nicholls
Erin O’Toole was not only battling the Liberals and the NDP in this election, he was also fighting his own party’s past, implicitly demonizing its former leaders as out of touch dinosaurs.
Opinion|By Margaret McGuffin
Canada should develop a co-ordinated national action plan to ensure the creative sector’s continued growth.
News|By Abbas Rana
For the first time in the party’s history, a Conservative member has initiated a petition to call a referendum on the party leader. But, the Conservative Party’s president has questioned the online petition’s validity.
Opinion|By Andrew Caddell
Within the coming weeks, there will be dozens of new MPs who arrive in Ottawa without a clear understanding of what an MP does.
Advance voting jumped as much as 19.5 per cent this election, and use of special ballots, the majority of which are filled out ahead of election day, increased by roughly 59.4 per cent.
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