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Environment Minister Catherine McKenna introduced Bill C-69, which is currently at committee stage in the Senate. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

Public safety is no accident

Opinion|By Colleen Collins, Marla Orenstein 2:45 AM ET
Bill C-69 would essentially move the approval for pipelines and nuclear facilities from independent, expert regulators to a new Impact Assessment Agency that reports to the environment minister.
News|By Neil Moss
DND says its focus is on the Victoria-class modernization, and it won't be exploring replacement options until the modernization is 'well underway.'
News|By Jolson Lim
Canada recently deployed two ships to Asia-Pacific waters to join allied American and Asian navies in a deterrence mission. More naval missions may occur as China asserts its claims on the South China Sea.
Andrew Scheer and a new Conservative government will keep us safe by strengthening our Canadian Armed Forces, honouring our commitments to our NATO allies and enhancing our participation in NORAD.
More in Policy
Opinion|By Craig Stone
In the larger context, this is an improvement, but Canadians should be looking for their government to articulate a coherent defence industrial strategy in one document rather than a collection of documents.
The idea that military spending can be cranked up by 70 per cent over 10 years, as envisioned in Strong, Secure, Engaged, looks increasingly fanciful.
Our government remains focused on supporting our brave women and men in uniform and delivering on the commitments we’ve made under Strong, Secure, Engaged.
Opinion|By Anton Malkin
Unless we devise a strategy on how to navigate this evolving and dynamic economic and technological confrontation between the status quo power and rising one, we will continue to be collateral damage.
Opinion|By Ken Coates
Speculation is rife that these steps suggest a downgrading of the prominence to Indigenous affairs, perhaps because the Liberals see their strong support for Indigenous rights as an election liability.
There are good reasons why Canada promotes human rights and the rule of law in the world; there are also good reasons why Canada needs to continue sustaining industrial capacities that are defence and security-relevant.
Opinion|By Jason Oxman
Canada’s burgeoning digital economy competes with other jurisdictions around the world and any rush to regulate could chase away investment before it is cultivated.
Opinion|By Jeffrey F. Collins
Ongoing challenges serve as a reminder that even with the best-laid plans, naval shipbuilding remains a complicated affair.
If Canada is serious about improving its defence procurement system, it requires a comprehensive set of reforms that addresses multiple issues simultaneously.
Human rights advocates are worried the government is under pressure to break its promise to give the ombudsperson powers to compel witnesses and documents.
Opinion|By Naomi Johnson
The world’s poorest one billion people absorb 80 per cent of climate change impacts, despite being responsible for only three per cent of global greenhouse emissions.
Opinion|By Rebecca Jesseman
Governments have the chance to show that they can regulate controlled substances according to principles of public health and safety rather than by reflecting stigma or trying to maximize revenue generation.
The feds haven’t done enough to rein in the black market or mount strong public education campaigns.
News|By Jolson Lim
The federal government attributes issues with the new legal cannabis supply chain to local problems with distribution and retail.
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