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Filomena Tassi was named the Trudeau government's first Seniors minister in the July 18 cabinet shuffle, moving up from her previous role as deputy government whip. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

Poverty, health care problems will challenge new Seniors Minister Tassi

Opinion|By David Crane
Canada's aging society will pressure the new minister to find better solutions for housing, health care, and post-retirement income for seniors, writes David Crane.
It's up to the federal government to declare that Alberta's proposed methane emissions rules don't measure up to new federal standards, writes Dale Marshall. The question is, will it take that stand?
A Federal Court ruling could end up seriously curtailing a big source of funding for Canada's art museums.
Opinion|By Victoria DeBoon
More process is needed in terms of managing spending in the public sector, and this correlates strongly to public trust.
More in Policy
Opinion|By Stephanie McDonald
A third of the planet’s land is severely degraded, leading to agricultural loss and food insecurity.
Opinion|By Andrew Caddell
A public figure can use Autopen, a signing machine, to offer the aura of personal touch without actually providing it.
Opinion|By Scott Taylor
The feds should bite the bullet and contract General Dynamics to build a light armoured vehicle fleet for the Canadian military instead.
Opinion|By Les Whittington
Ontario faces a lot more serious choices on problems affecting millions of its residents than beer prices.
News|By Emily Haws
The PCO clerk will be asking those hovering around retirement age if they can commit to seeing through the post-election craziness, says former PBO Kevin Page.
DND says it will offer a new academic program for the 2019-20 school year and review its cost structure after a 2017 audit found the Royal Military College didn’t produce better officers, despite costing twice as much.
As Pakistani High Commissioner Tariq Azim Khan anticipates his departure from Ottawa, he speaks on his country's recent election, its former prime minister's jailing, and relations with Canada.
Opinion|By Lisa Van Dusen
In a time when all politics are global, Riyadh’s tactical tantrum over Canada’s principled human rights stand aims to isolate moral leadership.
News|By Emily Haws
Fewer than 10 of 84 deputy ministers and associate DMs identify as visible minorities.
Communications Security Establishment officials have met with political parties, which are among the most at risk of cyber meddling when Canadians head to the polls next year.
And Conservatives will create conditions to attract investment, improve Canada’s competitiveness, and restore private sector confidence in Canada.
It's time for Canada to act. We have a moral obligation to leave the world a better place than we found it.
Opinion|By Michael Hatfield
The stronger the earnings incentive in the form of a lower tax back rate on other income, the less adequate the benefit can be. The more adequate the benefit, the higher the tax back rate must be.
Opinion|By Elizabeth May
A key piece of nation-building energy infrastructure is our east-west electricity grid. We need to be able to buy and sell electricity, not only north to south but across Canada.
Opinion|By Rumina Velshi
The voices of women, whether members of the general public, intervenors in commission proceedings, employees of licensees or of the CNSC, are vital to the conversation on nuclear safety and security in Canada.
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