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A wildfire tears through Fort McMurray, Alta., in May 2016. Wildfires and forest pests are likely to become bigger risks for Canada's forests as the impact of climate change increases. Photograph courtesy of the Alberta government

Feds must better support forestry research collaboration, industry and experts say

News|By Jolson Lim
The Canadian Forest Service is mandated to focus on forest science research, but critics say it needs to be a better team player.
News|By Jolson Lim
Scheduled to expire in March 2019, the tax credit’s extension to 2024 will help junior companies raise capital, says the natural resources minister.
A 1989 investigation found there was no national security threat from uranium imports, but experts agree times have changed under President Trump.
Every year seems to be a forest fire catastrophe in Canada now, and the losses to the industry and rural communities are incalculable.
More in Policy
The Conservative Party said it’s offered two names—one several months ago—to fill its spots on the National Security and Intelligence Committee, but hasn’t heard back from the government.
Lawyer Rick Woodburn says prosecutors have to wait too long for samples from the lab, leading to worrying court delays and cases being thrown out.
Opinion|By Scott Taylor
The battle to save Afghanistan has yet to be fought and the Taliban remain a very clear and present danger.
Small policy changes, like using more wood in new construction projects, can make a big impact.
Also, Kazakhstan celebrates its 27th anniversary of independence and deepening relations with Canada after the historic visit of a Canadian Governor General.
Opinion|By Grant Bishop
Canada can't risk further delays in boosting pipeline export capacity.
Opinion|By Monica Gattinger
A company can do everything right and still see a project fail. Why? Because governments need to do everything right as well.
When resource industries are attacked, the result is less money for every province, and for the vital public services Canadians depend on.
News|By Emily Haws
Liberal House Finance Committee chair Wayne Easter says he thinks the finance minister, his staff and bureaucrats have been listening.
Opinion|By Dwight Newman
Elected officials should follow the Constitution on breaking down trade barriers and getting resource products to other provincial and international markets.
Opinion|By Lisa Van Dusen
As the world’s democratic and non-democratic tectonic plates continue to grind, the perpetual content feed is the new battlefield.
The question that looms larger all the time is how the hell did the fossil fuel lobby take over our government?
Our government wants to build on the advantage that comes from Canadian resource experience and expertise, and seize the opportunities that come with it.
Opinion|By Alison Dantas
In the upcoming federal budget, the government has the ability to make an overdue change that would make a meaningful difference for Canadians in need.
Opinion|By Carlo Dade
We need federal protections for farmers and third-party independent mechanics to access the software on farmers’ machines in Canada, similar to American exemptions.
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