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In the wake of the ethics commissioner’s report on the SNC-Lavalin affair, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, pictured speaking to reporters in West Block on June 19, 2019, has lost the trust of Canadians when he says he is running on a platform of ‘real change’ and ‘fair and open government,’ writes Amy Kishek. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

Tale as old as time: Liberal ethics breach proves politics still about comforting the comfortable

Opinion|By Amy Kishek
The SNC-Lavalin affair is about a political system that is rife for abuse, and those responsible for the recent abuses are seeking re-election on a platform of open and transparent government.
Opinion|By Ken Grafton
Botttom-line thinking demands a bottom-line solution, ideally one that doesn't deface the Chateau's architecture.
Opinion|By Michel Coderre
Ethics aside, the evidence that the prime minister broke the law is weak.
Opinion|By Lisa Van Dusen
As we gear up for elections on both sides of the border, the new must-have campaign accessory is your very own ‘crap Rasputin.’
Opinion|By Tim Powers
Deepak Obhrai got into politics for the right reasons, wasn’t misdirected by ambition, spoke truths to power when needed, and departed with a well-earned reputation of decency.
After a four-year term, Canada under the Liberals will be back to contributing zilch to the UN, while we continue to deploy considerable forces on U.S.- or NATO-led military adventures.
Opinion|By Don Chapman
Tiered citizenship exists. Naturalized Canadians have more rights many Canadian-born citizens and some children born to a Canadian citizen parent have been denied basic rights.
Opinion|By Ken Grafton
As Yogi Berra once famously said, 'It ain't over till it's over,' and the latest episode in the now three-year epic drama featuring Ottawa's beloved Château Laurier Hotel may soon see the City of Ottawa in court.
Hill Times Columnists

Canadians and Canadian companies have the skills, knowledge, and experience to capture a real share of the much-needed infrastructure projects around the world in the coming years.
Forbidding members from displaying symbolic tattoos will prevent future embarrassment for the institution, but it does not remove the criminals or white supremacists from the military.
Most Canadians have tuned out, and things are still looking up for the Liberals in Quebec.
The only conclusion is that florid opposition to the federal carbon tax has less to do with protecting hard-pressed consumers, than with defending the oil industry’s ongoing right to pollute.
Don't let perfect be the enemy of the very good when it comes to Canadian counter terrorism.
Opinion|David Crane
Climate change represents an unprecedented moral responsibility for one generation to commit to major societal change for the benefit of future generations. Politicians should get on that.
In the U.S., the white supremacy movement hasn’t bothered to hide the sense of licence created by Trump.
We need to envision and support a new way of doing electoral politics, and we need to give space and support for leaders from Black, Indigenous, and racialized communities to lead us there.
We can expect discussions of foreign policy to play a big role in the election campaign, as it reaches out to political bases and allows parties to distinguish themselves. But whose foreign policy will it be?
After achieving concessions through mostly peaceful means, Hong Kong's protests have turned violent, which only plays into Beijing's hands.
To fight economic decline and grow its population, Newfoundland and Labrador has to open its doors wide, welcome those from abroad, and offer them opportunity.
Opinion|David Crane
The government has committed $35-billion over 11 years to help lever a major commitment of private capital for new infrastructure at a time when governments are hard-pressed to meet massive infrastructure needs.
Opinion|Ken Grafton
Even acknowledging the growing difficulty that many people have separating rhetoric from realty in this digital age of post-truth and alternate facts, the Liberals’ continuing rise in the polls seems uncomfortably preternatural.
Hill Times Columnists

Let's do ourselves a favour, and stay off Twitter during this election campaign.
Greenlanders face a choice between trying to preserve what is left of the old Arctic culture, or seeking salvation in full modernization through high-speed economic growth.
Ottawa, stop embracing the past. Stop celebrating fluff. Consider the possibilities of 2019 and beyond.
Political scandals can now be charted on a graph from detonation to amplification to stoking to fallout. There was one in 2008 that took a different turn.
Social media has become a key way to connect with voters, with Instagram in particular as the main platform to engage with younger people whose votes may be up for grabs.
Opinion|Gideon Forman
Greta Thunberg's speeches are collected in this book, her first in English, at age 15 and 16, and like other great leaders, she denies she’s up to the task history has set her.  
The president of the United States is using Twitter as a racist flamethrower against his fellow citizens.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
I have to question why foreign state actors—like Iran and Russia—would expend such energy creating ‘sock-puppets’ to fabricate the impression that U.S. President Donald Trump is a dangerous moron.
Though former cop Oswald Fudge says he thinks the Gander story would have played out the same anywhere in Canada, I have my doubts. A special kind of people rise to the occasion and offer love in the crucible of horror.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s free-form approach can be seen as far back as the mid-1980s when he switched his stance from conservative to social democrat to win the presidency of the prestigious Oxford Union.
When he stepped down before, Gerald Butts wasn’t meant to be sentenced for an eternity to purgatory. However, timing is everything, whether in politics or sport, and he is back on the field a tad too early.
Wiring our brains could open new possibilities in the treatment of neurological diseases. It could also leapfrog us to a whole new level of human rights abuse.
Hollow catchphrases and platitudes are not enough. Anti-racism efforts are a substantive issue that merit the same rigorous and nuanced debate and diligence as any other crisis facing our country.
Hill Times Columnists

There are more unknowns than certainties heading into the next election, and the political dynamics could still change for the worse for Trudeau’s Liberals.
The problem for Justin Trudeau is this pattern of behaviour plays into the Liberal Party of Canada’s greatest vulnerability with the electorate: the sense that Liberals act in their own self-interest. Rules be damned.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals promised in 2015 to take handguns and assault weapons ‘off our streets,’ but have made only limited progress in the face of strong opposition.
The fate of Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott in this election will tell us whether speaking truth to power is a greater force in our public life than the abuse of power.
Like so many issues in modern Canada, what is important in rural communities takes a back seat to the big cities’ priorities.
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