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Students who are globally minded are more likely to learn the diplomatic skills necessary to address disputes between nations. Continuing to engage China reiterates Canada’s enduring friendship with our Chinese counterparts, writes Joseph Wong. The Hill Times file photograph

Student exchanges between Canada and China remain a critical mechanism for both countries

Opinion|By Joseph Wong
When universities continue to work with China, we're reminded that in spite of our differences, we also share similar goals—trade diversification, climate change, and preparing for our aging societies.
But I am hopeful that both Carolyn Bennett and the Denesuline will consider moving forward allowing the land claim agreements to move to community ratification and advancing reconciliation.
In today’s world, it makes good sense to ensure Ukraine stays with law-abiding democracies rather than with caustic Russia.
Opinion|By Amy Kishek, Erica Ifill
If the Greens are truly looking to make inroads, they should not be soliciting tired advice from politicos of yesteryear.
Opinion|By Amy Kishek, Erica Ifill
This election is already acrimonious, but what confidence can we have in news if the media can’t exercise enough digital judgement to decipher the wheat from the chaff?
Opinion|By Tim Powers
The party might be engaged in a clever form of psychological warfare where in fact it has built a Trojan horse, or it may truly be out of steam. Let us hope not, as the NDP is good for Canadian democracy.
Opinion|By Lisa Van Dusen
As the public sphere has become unrecognizably dystopian, the toll on human health includes a range of symptoms it may take more than pharmacology to cure.
Opinion|By Les Whittington
The development of Lindenlea, a neighbourhood of about 160 lots on the highest point in the city, was unlike any other in Canada.
Hill Times Columnists

It is a sign of the times that in today’s political world, much of the focus is on rescuing the middle class. A generation earlier, the focus was on fighting poverty and improving life for those with the smallest share of the economic pie. But technology and globalization, along with the excessive power of financial capital, have changed all that.
Looking beyond a cenotaph, if Canada really wanted to honour the soldiers, we would conduct a full parliamentary inquiry into how we were drawn into an unwinnable war.
A party race does not necessarily guarantee a more democratic outcome.
Public trust in politics takes a more sustained beating from legitimate political leaders every day than from any foreign bot, online troll, or basement-dwelling saboteur.
CSIS is legislatively mandated to investigate threats to the security of Canada, defined under Sec. 2 of the CSIS Act, by the powers granted under Sec. 12. One of these threats is politically motivated violence. Is it possible that some of the opposition to the Northern Gateway pipeline could have turned to violence? Absolutely, ergo CSIS did what we ask of it.
The simple truth of the Wynnyk story is that he followed an existing policy and stretched the rules without breaking them. If he had to make any sacrifice to his lifestyle, this was purely due to his own personal choice.
Walking could transform rural tourism and generate jobs and investment in regions once thought of as backwaters, but it requires real effort and vision by local business leaders and elected officials.
Opinion|Ken Rubin
Governments have been unwilling to really change Canada's outdated public sector Privacy Act, or improve it alongside PIPEDA, which governs the private sector, writes Ken Rubin.
The proposed architectural design has horrified many Canadians for its unsympathetic visual impact on the picturesque heritage values of the Château Laurier, a national historic site. The prime minister should step in.
Opinion|Steven Hould
As a once confident, outspoken member of Canada’s LGBTQ2 community, I am angry at my treatment by bigoted senior ranking members of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.
Opinion|Michael Barry
A poll conducted by Nanos Research revealed that seven in 10 Canadians say that Canada should spend tax dollars to have more current medical imaging equipment.
I know that legacies are important to politicians and the parties they represent. So, here’s an idea to help them leave a lasting and positive legacy to the benefit of future generations.
Opinion|Tim Powers
Recent provincial elections have taught us that there is a bit of a disruptive mood in the land that has led voters to make less predictable choices.
Hill Times Columnists

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May has come to understand that she might have to toughen up her act, which would explain why her party recently hired Warren Kinsella, a combative, seasoned political operative.
Boris Johnson, who is poised to win the Conservative leadership, may be the last prime minister of a genuinely united kingdom, writes columnist Gwynne Dyer.
Ottawa, stop embracing the past. Stop celebrating fluff. Consider the possibilities of 2019 and beyond.
After 30 years as Canada’s architectural avatar on ‘America’s Main Street,’ the Canadian embassy in Washington has become part of the local furniture.
Social media has become a key way to connect with voters, with Instagram in particular as the main platform to engage with younger people whose votes may be up for grabs.
The G20 of today has been thrown into chaos, with the consensus-building imperative at the heart of these summits pushed aside by Donald Trump’s one-man show.
With some of the most beautiful and challenging scenery in the world, Canada has not been left behind when it comes to notable walking trails.
Feature|Scott Taylor
When the NATO mission was first proposed, and Canada agreed to command it, there was no actual objective stated. It was simply a 12-month commitment of resources and money. Now that's become 24 months with no final goal.
The principle that there are unalienable rights is under siege, including in the country founded on it. That makes Canada’s status as a functioning democracy all the more valuable.
A comprehensive review of Canadian taxation is mission critical if Canada wants to continue to be a nation of innovators.
The Liberals have delivered on their promise that a significant short-term increase in the deficit and a resulting modest rise in the net debt to GDP ratio would result in major improvements in full-time job creation.
Combatting the spread of China’s digital authoritarianism will present a mounting challenge for democracies.
Hill Times Columnists

There are more unknowns than certainties heading into the next election, and the political dynamics could still change for the worse for Trudeau’s Liberals.
While Canada's premiers were at a prostates-only party in Saskatoon and Donald Trump was being Donald Trump, the U.S Women’s National soccer team was disrupting all manner of cultural norms.
It may have been unintentional, but the premiers helped define some issues that Canadians need to sort out before the Oct. 21 election.
As events south of the border have shown, the downside of negative partisanship is the short trip voters often take from the frying pan into the fire.
In this age of extreme views in social media and cynicism in the body politic, the idea of honourable compromise seems to have died.
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