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Health Minister Patty Hajdu, pictured with Finance Minister Bill Morneau in November 2019, is tasked with implementing a national pharmacare program. The forthcoming plan will be informed by the testimony and report of 35 randomly selected Canadians who served on a national Reference Panel on Pharmacare, writes Peter MacLeod. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

In 2020, Canada needs to push back against populism

Opinion|By Peter MacLeod
More than a decade spent working in the borderlands between formal and informal politics has taught me that for democracy to endure, we need to redouble our commitment to citizens representing citizens.
Opinion|By Ken Rubin
A Public Safety draft June 2019 memo noted that climate change losses to the economy could be as high as $5-billion in 2020 and could escalate to between $20-billion to $40-billion a year by the 2050s.
Opinion|By Joseph Ingram
Canada’s interests will probably therefore coincide increasingly with western Europe and those economies seeking to strengthen the core values that underpin liberal democracy globally.
Can we, Conservatives, really be all that surprised that the left has quite successfully been able to persuade voters to believe this stereotype that we're a party of old, white men?
Opinion|By Scott Taylor
Let’s afford the Iranians that same level of potential martial ineptitude as the U.S., rather than jumping to the assumption that they intentionally killed off their own people.
Opinion|By Tim Powers
John was a mentor to me. Learning on his knee was one of the best experiences of my life. To watch him, work with him, and build a friendship with him was the most advanced graduate studies on how to navigate life.
The real two popes seem at odds over priestly celibacy. I blame Fleabag.
Opinion|By Patrice Dutil
The Trudeau model was not an effective reform of the Senate. It was an answer to a non-problem. The burning issue on Senate has always been one of representation, not one of expertise.
Hill Times Columnists

Everybody has a story, and Indigenous families need to have their stories heard. With understanding, maybe we can even build some respect.
How can one disassociate the American assassination of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani with the escalated tensions and Iranian reprisals against U.S. targets in Iraq?
At 88 years, John Crosbie's influence on provincial and national politics was profound and lasting.
We’ll soon see if Conservatives are interested in more of the same—however artfully it is packaged.
If we elect to put ourselves out there, do we not give up our right to privacy? In other words, do we not lose control over who sees it and how they choose to use it?
While the issue leaves physicians with their heads spinning and communities without adequate care, many believe the solution is national licensure—a single licence that’s transferrable across provinces.
To say the flagrant attack on the Iranian military leader changed the channel for Trump is an understatement. By the weekend, there was little trace of the impeachment issue in the media.
Boris Johnson is casting content creators for a whole new sh*tshow. Public servants need not apply.
At the start of the millennium, I believed the next decades would herald the beginnings of greater global co-operation, a truly united Europe, and more post-national countries. Instead, we have seen an emerging backlash.
Opinion|Tim Powers
Phone lines are burning, text messages are filling inboxes, and everyone from activists to would-be candidates are determining what is real and what is make believe when it comes to the leadership race.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
Donald Trump’s illegal assassination of Soleimani is all the excuse we need to pull out of yet another unwinnable, senseless war.
Andrew Scheer has become the star of a circus act that he continues to refuse to acknowledge. He would serve all better if he simply left the stage, completely.
Opinion|Tshweu Moleme
This was a government that was supposed to honour the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, its findings and mandate, and the Calls to Action and objectives. The same goes with the implementation of the Spirit Bear Plan.
Hill Times Columnists

Social media has become a key way to connect with voters, with Instagram in particular as the main platform to engage with younger people whose votes may be up for grabs.
Russians sometimes call themselves 'Italians of the North,' and they don’t mean it in a good way. So he wants a strong state, run with a firm hand, even after he has retired, which means that a clear and orderly succession is very important.
Why when you put up a political billboard, the real target isn’t people driving by in their cars; it’s reporters with cameras.
Somewhere in heaven, John Crosbie is sipping on his rum and coke muttering to himself: 'I always said I’d leave with a bang.'
The bottom line? If monarchy isn’t the thing for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, if they just want to be Harry and Meghan, maybe it’s time we started thinking about whether it’s the thing for a country like Canada. Is it time to put kings and queens, and princes and princesses where they belong—in the past?
Opinion|Phil Gurski
When counterterrorism is done sloppily, it undermines everything else we do in that regard. It is already hard enough to sell these efforts to Canadians. This charade makes it harder.
Opinion|Tim Powers
Scheer's poor instincts continue. Staying on as leader of the Conservative Party until a successor is chosen is further bad decision making.
Opinion|Sarah King
To get us out of hot water, 2020 must be the year of climate action and protection that is commensurate with the challenge.
We need new thinking and bold strokes if we are going to combat this contagion of gender-based violence that moves unarrested from one generation to the next.
Facing impressive obstacles on all sides, it’s not surprising the update sounded a lot like the rhetoric the Liberals penned to try to win over voters in the election campaign.
The recent commemorations are a reminder that in this still-dangerous world, there are Canadian soldiers, development workers, and diplomats working for us abroad for whom the season may be anything but peaceful.
A happy Christmas to all! In spite of, you know… everything.
Opinion|Jim Creskey
Catherine McKercher takes this kind of risk in her absorbing new book about her brother Bill, who was born with Down Syndrome.
Hill Times Columnists

While we have some highly promising clean-tech companies, we are blowing it when it comes to creating the Canadian capacity to capture the growing opportunities in the global clean-tech market.
While U.S. President Donald Trump and his allies touted last week’s ‘Phase 1’ agreement with China as a victory, most analysts saw it as, at best, a saw-off.
Beijing is celebrating the Lunar New Year by cracking down on satire. This is not a good sign in a presumptive superpower.
In a world of increasing complexity, effective reporting is needed more than ever. The downing of the Ukrainian Airlines jet in Iran last week is a case in point.
Whether the political parties like it or not, hug-it-out is the new screw you and agendas will only advance through cooperative efforts.
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