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Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, who will be steppping down as party leader once the party elects a new one in June, says the party’s audit of his office’s unprecedented expenditures is 'private.' The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

Scheer’s mea culpa not forthcoming, and that’s the CPC leadership race’s problem

Opinion|By Mark Wegierski
The post-election report has been delivered to Andrew Scheer, but the Conservative caucus will never see it as long as he remains the leader of the party.
Opinion|By Hassan Yussuff
With a plan and appropriate funding, Parliament has the opportunity to make history and completely realign the way prescription medication is delivered and paid for in Canada.
Opinion|By Adam Kingsley
If we truly believe climate change to be the fight of our time, and the government believes Canadian companies can be significant players in the global clean-tech market, we need to support them through good IP policies.
Opinion|By Arlen Dumas
AMC argues that the Supreme Court case exposes an outdated, inaccurate and destructive narrative about Canada yet poses an opportunity to address the reality that First Nations people and laws 'have always been here.'
Opinion|By Tim Powers
While the Liberals sort out their leadership, the Progressive Conservative Party of Newfoundland and Labrador is not beyond its own political theatrics.
Opinion|By Erica Ifill
Canada has not been good to Africa and goes to the continent with either its hands out, or its fingers waving, as Trudeau has been wont to do with African countries.
Opinion|By Les Whittington
Any sense that Justin Trudeau was in a position to keep his minority government afloat this winter with a fairly low-key approach is now gone.
Opinion|By Scott Taylor
Lost in the powerful emotion of hate is the fact that Omar Khadr was just 15 years old at the time he was captured by U.S. Special Forces in Afghanistan.
Hill Times Columnists

This is also about government overreach in Indigenous governments, the oil and gas industry’s hardening grip on a dying energy source, the alarming tendency of the RCMP to use excessive force when Indigenous peoples are involved, and a desperation that Canada doesn’t really want to do reconciliation.
Maybe an exposé would spark the call for a full parliamentary inquiry into just who was responsible for leading us into such a quagmire in Afghanistan.
It is one thing for the hereditary chiefs to demand reconciliation from the rest of us. But they need to show their good faith as well.
This moment calls for humility and understanding on all sides—not inflammatory attacks on imagined provocateurs.
But what is the role of principle? What is the place for standing up for what is morally right? In the end, what do we, as Canadians, represent? How do we want to show ourselves to the rest of the world?
There’s a new favourite word to add to our expanding lexicon of Orwellian, new world order gibberish.
Opinion|Alex Marland
How can Canadian politicians navigate party discipline? That was the theme of a well-attended public forum held in St. John’s on Feb. 6. Sponsored by the Royal Society of Canada (Atlantic) and MUN.
Opinion|Jay Ritchlin
Summit shows importance of nature-based climate solutions to meet environmental targets.
Opinion|Trevor Heck
Part of the challenge is that outside of agriculture circles, agriculture and innovation aren’t routinely talked about in tandem, particularly in the context of delivering broader public benefits.
As time passes, we inch closer and closer to irreversible damage. There is a need to act now and to take bold steps in addressing this crisis.
For which babies boiled and fricasseed provide both inspiration and a cautionary tale. With thanks and apologies to J. Swift.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
Much scratching of heads and commissioning of studies has yet to produce a clear strategy as to how to find the magic formula to suddenly encourage the necessary waves of women to enlist.
From lessons Peter MacKay should have long learned, to Erin O’Toole’s confusing partisan swing, there’s a lot to look at.
Hill Times Columnists

Within a week, the prime minister had gone from seeking patience to speaking to Indigenous people like the father you disappointed by cutting class.
This could end up as a major war, and since Turkey can easily block Russian ships heading for the Mediterranean, Russian victory would not be quick or easy. But they would win in the end, as they always do, and Russia’s victory would make it the paramount power in the eastern Mediterranean.
Every leadership campaign needs a sense of vitality, a sense of excitement, a sense of destiny; anything that mobilizes followers, wins over converts, turns doubters into donors, undecideds into boosters, and skeptics into believers.
We are at a time in Canada where we need political maturity more than ever. If we want to address so many of Canada’s opportunities and challenges, we are all going to have to up our game.
Conservatives only seem to want to show the protesters who's boss, ignoring the long history of Indigenous rights being trampled.
Bridging the gap between the general electorate and a Conservative base that has an aversion to actual society-wide incentives on climate change will be a test, no matter who winds up as leader.
Opinion|Tim Powers
In circumstances like these, where it is easy to aspire to be fully on side with educators, the reality of these job actions is that they have a disruptive personal impact on people.
Opinion|Derek Nighbor
Canada’s forest sector is ready to 'lean in' by leading the way.
Some people living with addiction or with concurrent mental health and substance use disorders are more likely to be evicted from a hospital than they are to receive care.
Opinion|Bruce Carson
The PC Party had a longer history to draw upon in the development of the principles of the new Conservative Party of Canada. It is there where the search for the CPC’s soul should begin.
Opinion|Tim Powers
The longer Conservatives rail on about the 'Trudeau carbon tax,' the more it makes them appear incapable of doing something economically beneficial and environmentally responsible to address climate change.
Opinion|Sean Bruyea
Proactive disclosure of legal costs does not cost anything to implement and is an easy first step towards fulfilling repeated government promises of openness and transparency.
U.K. citizens have cast themselves into an unknown future that could mean many years of economic decline, serious ongoing internal strains, and possibly the break-up of their own union as a result of Brexit.
Hill Times Columnists

Achieving our climate targets, including the 2050 goal of net zero emissions for the country, is the top priority.
While MacKay’s and O’Toole’s tough talk may rev up the Conservative base, it’s not likely to build the wider support the party needs among Canadians.
The man who lost to the woman who lost to Donald Trump is now the one delivering all the previously unthinkables.
The province is in debt, its population is aging, and the once-strong fishery is a shadow of itself. The picturesque Newfoundland and Labrador of those television ads is in trouble.
Whether the political parties like it or not, hug-it-out is the new screw you and agendas will only advance through cooperative efforts.
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