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The Canadian HMCS Windsor sub returns home to port in Halifax on Dec. 17, 2015, after taking part in exercises with NATO allies. Dan Bard photograph courtesy of the Canadian Armed Forces

Diving into uncertainty: Canada’s submarine crisis

Opinion|By Sakhi Naimpoor
Canada’s aging sub fleet needs to be replaced, but from a political standpoint, it’s more convenient to fix the existing fleet than start a costly procurement process in an election year.
Opinion|By Arthur Cockfield
While I teach the values of equality and diversity, I oppose forcing all lawyers to promote these or any other government-prescribed values.
As one member of the audience said, we need to 'stop treating addiction like a moral failing,' and treat it like a serious medical condition. It’s time to care more.
We urge the Senate to support rebuilding provisions in Bill C-68, and quickly make it the law of the land, and the sea.
Opinion|By Scott Taylor
There have been a few wins, but over the past seven decades, NATO has had a less-than-stellar record as a purveyor of world peace.
Opinion|By Andrew Caddell
My fear is the bill will encourage the worst elements of Quebec society to attack Muslim, Sikh, and Jewish citizens.
Opinion|By Tim Powers
If tripping over themselves with a leaking campaign wasn't enough, someone thought it would be a grand idea for the prime minister's personal lawyer to send Andrew Scheer a libel notice.
In my experience, there is almost no kind of infrastructure, from bike lanes to pipelines, that someone somewhere won’t oppose.
Hill Times Columnists

The Trudeau government deserves some credit for measures that help the middle class, such as the Child Benefit, the expanded Canada Pension Plan, and more emphasis on training. But as the OECD points out, slow wage growth is the prime reason for stagnant middle-class incomes.
I dare say that it is a slippery slope once you start making allowances to accommodate individual tastes in an institution whose core value is disciplined conformity.
That means responding quickly and forcefully to false opposition claims and moving aggressively on a progressive policy agenda.
Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott are doing politics differently, as, it must be said, is Green Party Leader Elizabeth May. The sad thing is that they are so alone.
It is not for nothing that Afghanistan has earned the nickname 'the graveyard of empires.' And it is not going away any time soon.
Canada’s climate is changing faster than in the rest of the world. Our laws need to catch up.
We cannot afford the luxury of debating ineffective, inhumane, and potentially unconstitutional reforms to segregation, especially not when individuals across the country are still being subjected to this cruel practice.
Opinion|Bob Masterson
There is the very real threat that Canada’s chemistry industry could move production to jurisdictions that produce the same products with much higher carbon-intensity feedstock, such as Asia.
Opinion|Mark Dance
As Jody Wilson-Raybould said, we 'can and must do better.' One hopes that at least with regard to that parting wisdom, the prime minister may join the rest of us in receiving the advice of his former attorney general.
The government has pledged nearly $800-million to help employers expand work-integrated learning placements. That’s good news to employers, schools, and students alike.
Opinion|Tim Powers
The Rock goes to the polls before school rises for the summer, but the large number of undecided voters means there’s no certainty about the outcome.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
The multi-million-dollar settlement the government paid to Khadr ignited valid howls of outrage, but what’s the dollar value of the lost youth of a 15-year-old boy soldier?
Opinion|Becca Wertman
Canada has consistently denounced boycott, divestment, and sanctions campaigns against Israel, making funding for the Palestinian group Wi’am completely incompatible with Canadian policy.
Hill Times Columnists

Elizabeth May now has an opportunity to finally put the interests of the Green Party first. But to do it, she needs to end both her friendship with the Liberals and her war with the Conservatives.
Julian Assange should have gone to Sweden, because the Swedes would have been less likely to grant an extradition request than the British government under David Cameron, the Conservative prime minister at the time. Poor judgement.
Justin Trudeau’s libel lawsuit against Andrew Scheer is in no way defensible.
Things have changed since the pro-democracy revolutions of post-Soviet eastern Europe, in part because of another revolution altogether—the Fourth Industrial one.
As more women of all backgrounds step up to run, politics will be increasingly regarded by talented, dynamic, and diverse women as an arena worthy of their time and experience.
The man likely to be Ukraine’s new president is a comedian who played the president of Ukraine in a Netflix series. This could be just the casting breakthrough we need.
As the globe becomes smaller through trade and communications, its richest and most powerful nation seeks to collaborate less.
This Parliamentary Budget Office report should serve as a wake-up call to the Liberals that the infrastructure program isn’t stimulating the economy or getting more projects built. Instead, it’s failing Canadians.
Opinion|Mark Buell
While the funding is a step in the right direction, many more steps are needed to ensure all Canadians have access to a basic service that’s fundamental to participating in nearly every facet of the modern world.
Opinion|Sean Bruyea
The only magic the Liberals will see is how they allowed bureaucrats to pass the wand over an election promise that made not just veterans’ benefits disappear but veterans’ votes for Liberals in the next election.
Opinion|Toomas Lukk
In a free world, she would have been considered ‘an entrepreneur.’ Instead, the Soviets labelled her a ‘kulak’ and treated her with all consequences of the meaning of the word.
Opinion|Tim Powers
Trying to figure out the next plot twist in this ongoing political drama would be a fool’s errand.
Hill Times Columnists

There are more unknowns than certainties heading into the next election, and the political dynamics could still change for the worse for Trudeau’s Liberals.
The Alberta politician isn’t the villainous, heartless character out to destroy the planet, as some of his political opponents ridiculously try to characterize him.
After three years of political convulsion at home, the process of extraditing the U.K. from nearly half a century of membership in the EU is becoming a full-scale nightmare for Europeans too.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is right about not wanting to put up with lying in politics. But the words are hard to take, coming from a leader who has done more twisting than Chubby Checker.
Were I advising him, I would suggest he keep a low profile for now, mend fences, and delegate effectively.
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