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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, pictured Nov. 6, 2020, on the Hill. It should also not be forgotten that at any time the opposition can bring a motion of non-confidence in the government, whether the government wants it or not, writes Steven Chaplin. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

We should have confidence in the way confidence is working in Parliament

Opinion|By Steven Chaplin
As things stand in Canada, the opposition has more, not less control. It can choose when to call the government’s bluff and defeat the government on an issue that is important enough to trigger an election.
Opinion|By Michael Bernstein
If we play our cards right, Canada can create good jobs, clean growth, and prosperity for Canadians in the low-carbon society of the future.
Now is not the time for scoring political points over jurisdiction. COVID-19 brought tragic consequences to the lack of federal standards. We have a chance to right that wrong.
Opinion|By Michael Geist
There is no Canadian-content production crisis at the moment, but Steven Guilbeault’s new bill may well create one.
Opinion|By Daniel Tsai
Canada has an opportunity with the credit crisis to go farther by finally implementing a comprehensive set of measures to protect Canadian consumers.
Experts from the nation’s environmental community agree that Canada must enact accountability legislation if we are to reach emissions reduction targets.
Opinion|By David Crane
And we need to hear from Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland—and the sooner the better.
If Canada wants to get serious about climate change, it needs to amp up on ambition, investment, and regulatory action within the transport sector specifically.
Hill Times Columnists

Iqaluit, which is a Canadian capital city, lacks stable electricity, its power is diesel-based and the oil has to be shipped in, and it doesn't have a stable water source. The next first ministers conference should be held here so premiers can see it for themselves.
The last time I checked, the role of the Canadian military was to protect Canada and Canadian values, not to alter the mental state of Canadian citizens.
Notwithstanding government advice, I have travelled south and am currently coviding in 30-degree temperatures on the sunny beaches of Mexico. To be clear, we left home two weeks before the government issued an anti-travel advisory to all seniors last week.
The Trudeau government has shown it can move quickly, and mostly effectively, when faced with a health crisis. Wasn’t climate change supposed to be a crisis, too?
Corporate Canada has two good reasons to contribute to the country’s going-forward strategy.
Opinion|Gideon Forman
Only with ongoing federal support will local governments have the confidence to build long-term transit projects, including bus electrification and light rail, that reward us with marvellous environmental benefits while giving people throughout the country meaningful employment.
Opinion|Matt Stein
Through their litigation, marketing practices, and mergers-and-acquisitions activity, incumbents are constantly fighting to keep competition out, prices high and shareholders happy.
Canadians know that at the start of the pandemic, the CBC and CRTC failed them. In a future crisis, what will happen if our national institutions do not hold, but rather crumble at the first sign of trouble?
Opinion|Scott Taylor
Those who bemoan the loss of a truly 'united states' and wish to make America great again need to know that the reality was far different than the historical myths some would have us believe.
Throughout Donald Trump’s tenure, the Trudeau government managed the Canada-U.S. relationship with realism, grace, and maturity—despite the complete absence of those qualities in the U.S. leadership.
A free society generally chooses to standardize the exercise of freedoms in a uniform and rational manner rather than selectively restricting them by following the path of least resistance.
Despite Biden’s victory, hoped-for improvements in U.S. co-operation on trade, economic matters, and the environment may prove largely elusive.
Opinion|Huda Mukbil
It is shameful to have false patriots stain the honourable, exemplary, and selfless work the men and women of the Canadian military perform in the service of the public and Canada.
Hill Times Columnists

We’re getting a lot of finger-waving, personal responsibility crap, which has always been a strawman argument to ignore the systemic and systematic failures in response to a global pandemic.
There is a long, dark winter still ahead of us, no doubt, but miracles may await us over the horizon. And we can now be sure that the light at the end of this particular tunnel is not an oncoming train.
Organizations that promote causes, political or otherwise, play an important role in our community. You might say, trying to make our society better is their business. 
My hope is this Ratansi mess does not lead to a politically motivated ill-thought-out reaction. A desire to erase all form of familial-related employment in federal politics would be dumb.
Outgoing U.S. President Donald Trump has two months to lash out before Joe Biden takes office. He's already called on Republican legislators to help him override the election, and contemplated attacking Iran.
Opinion|Stella Naw
Myanmar’s COVID-19 response, testing coverage, and distribution of protective equipment and assistance is sorely lacking in the country’s war-torn border areas of Indigenous communities.
Over time, improvements by the International Maritime Organization to the Polar Code will further contribute to reduce risk. Fewer ships will also reduce the likelihood of a sovereignty challenge.
Discrimination and a culture of tolerating sexual harassment have plagued the Royal Military College for decades, writes alumnu Marnie Dunsmore.
As democracy declares the end of a one-term eternity, the world rejoices.
Opinion|Daniel Tsai
Canadian taxpayers must refuse to fly blindly, given the amount of money needed for a bailout. Supporting an airline bailout makes sense if the terms, use of money, and the benefits to Canadians are clear.
Opinion|Tim Powers
Remembering Maz is also vital as the American election comes to a merciful end. His bridge-building approach, grounded in decency and respect, should be more sought after in the days ahead across North America.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
One of the first things they should teach on these courses to eradicate sexual misconduct is just how far the military culture has already changed in just a few short decades.
Opinion|Erica Ifill
Our pundit class is failing to properly articulate the social and political issues of the day and it’s obvious. In the pandemic, everyone is telling on themselves.
Hill Times Columnists

At the risk of ruining my already blemished record, I really don’t think we are headed for an election this fall. There does not seem to be a critical mass of support, and it is highly unlikely that a party will be drawn into one against their will.
The pandemic, coupled with the rise in illiberal political movements, has made the future of free-flowing information and facts more in doubt than ever.
At the risk of jinxing it, it seems like the virtual spaces our lives have migrated to in lockdown have become more humane.
Bumper sticker slogans may be clever, but as the last four years have proven, they are no substitute for genuine policy.
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