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One wonders if Andrew Scheer was just to be a political placeholder, set up to fail because he wasn’t the Conservative Party’s first choice, writes Erica Ifill. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

The Ides of March are coming and Andrew Scheer may want to circle it on his calendar

Opinion|By Erica Ifill
The Conservative Party chose to go full Tea Party and are now brandishing their machetes for Andrew Scheer in a bloodletting that would make make Brutus envious.
Opinion|By Robert Ghiz
Declining prices are only one indication of successful wireless policy. Network performance and coverage are also fundamental components of a healthy wireless industry.
The science portfolio needs continued attention to address these ongoing issues.
From pharmacare, to $15 minimum wage, to climate change, there’s much to do. We may have a minority Parliament—but it’s made up of a majority of MPs who have committed to progressive change.
Canada’s rational new deputy prime minister will need a doctrine of radical normalcy to wrangle Donald Trump and Doug Ford.
Opinion|By Erica Ifill
Justin Trudeau’s apology tour was a ruse to get Black votes, only to mostly shut Black people out of important decision-making positions.
Opinion|By Les Whittington
If the complaints about Andrew Scheer continue, one has to think it might be wise for him to consider stepping aside before facing possible humiliation by his fellow Conservatives in a few months.
Canadians certainly won’t agree on everything, but with this minority government set to return in December, be prepared for implementation of most of the policy we weren’t talking about in the 43rd general election campa
Hill Times Columnists

After recently attending a memorial for two First Nations youth who died in Thunder Bay—Jethro Anderson and Paul Panacheese— who were written about in Tanya Talaga's book, Seven Fallen Feathers, I’m left wondering if Canada actually cares about First Nations kids.
Soldiers know the difference between heroic acts and criminal acts. Donald Trump, apparently, has the two confused.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau obviously got the message that was delivered in the minority victory. He needs to reach out to Team Liberal, instead of simply selling the country on Team Trudeau.
John Wilkinson is well versed on environmental issues and said to be a good listener. But his initial comments do not signal any urgent resolve to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
But what if all this concern over the fate of the planet were to lead to an equally worrisome yet opposite wave of violence? By this I mean a reactionary kind of violent action by those who not only deny that we are in the midst of environmental catastrophe but who want to shut up those ringing the alarm bells. Is this far-fetched? Not necessarily.
Around the world, parties of every stripe defend foreign aid, because it makes economic and political sense.
Albert Einstein said that time could not be absolutely defined. That doesn’t mean it can’t be leveraged as a political commodity.
Analysts see demand for oil hitting a plateau in about a decade. And the global shift toward renewable energy could happen a lot faster if countries decide radical steps are needed to avoid climate catastrophe.
Feminists are basically ‘OK, Boomer’-ing the Liberals when they say they’re being feminists, because they don’t really have any idea of what it means to be a feminist in 2019.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
On the topic of Canadians wearing poppies to display respect for our men and women in uniform, I would whole-heartedly agree with Don Cherry that every Canadian should participate.
Everyone needs to fight back, by calling out racism and supporting racialized candidates for jobs, political office, and opportunities, or we’ll undermine the foundations of the Canada we're striving to build.
Opinion|Gerald Olin
To begin addressing the need for more timely and efficient access to musculoskeletal care, the requirement for a physician's referral for CAF members who seek treatment from chiropractors should be removed.
Opinion|David Crane
The reality is that the world is on a path to falling oil demand and there’s not much Canada can do about it.
Hill Times Columnists

Social media has become a key way to connect with voters, with Instagram in particular as the main platform to engage with younger people whose votes may be up for grabs.
The alleged Russian threat is still the glue that holds the alliance together, but French President Emmanuel Macron doesn’t believe in that. His own answer is that the alliance’s real enemy is terrorism, but that is equally silly.
Despite all the negative news stories and negative punditry, Andrew Scheer has it within his power to look less like a lame duck and more like a soaring eagle.
The Throne Speech might provide a glimpse into the parameters of all this national niceness, whereas the 2020 federal budget will be the time when choices get made, and not all will be happy.
Andrew Scheer is not a leader and ought to admit it. There is no time to lose. As the old saying goes, do it before you have to do it.
Opinion|Lynn McDonald
The House should create a new tier of private members’ bills, those sponsored by MPs of two or more parties. This new tier would have its own designated time and measures to make a certain number of them votable.
The time to work with farmers on climate action is now. Our jobs depend on it.
Canada has a high responsibility because of our geography on three oceans and the environmental burden of shipping that will keep increasing as more vessels transit our waters.
The Liberal minority government will need to delicately dial back some cherished progressive policy thrusts to help ease deepening regional pressures on Canada’s unity and prosperity if it hopes to remain in power.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
It would seem that we have learned nothing from our 12-year fiasco in Afghanistan. We should get the hell out of Iraq now, because Canada had no stake in this conflict in the first place.
It would make sense to have Freeland in position to ensure that the more than two years of work Canada has put in to preserve North American free trade in the face of threats from Trump is not wasted.
I am not sure if Premier Legault knows how bad a week he had, but if he and his ministers keep this up, eventually they will be a laughingstock in the international media.
Like so many narratives catalyzed by Donald Trump, the targeting of America’s career diplomats is likely about more than just Donald Trump.
Hill Times Columnists

What really matters is our success in building an innovative and competitive economy while ensuring the benefits are fairly distributed. A more productive economy is the key to so much of what we want to accomplish as a country—including the good jobs that sustain a middle class.
Mark Carney, who is leaving the Bank of England for a new role with the United Nations, has been pushing the financial community to wake up to the implications of global warming.
The question for NATO isn’t ‘Who’s the enemy?’ It’s ‘How do we respond?’
Spare a moment for the average 13-year-old Canadian. Are they a child or a youth, and thus under the aegis of Bardish Chagger, or that of Ahmed Hussen?
Whether the political parties like it or not, hug-it-out is the new screw you and agendas will only advance through cooperative efforts.
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