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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole, Bloc Québécois Leader Yves-François Blanchet, and NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh. Hovering over any decision to force an election by either the government or opposition is the possibility of a second wave of COVID-19, writes Bruce Carson. The Hill Times photographs by Andrew Meade

Three possible election date scenarios

Opinion|By Bruce Carson
It is arguable that in the calculation as to whether to go or not, there is more pressure on Trudeau to get it right than falls on the shoulders of the other three leaders.
In the intervening years, it has become abundantly clear that public confidence in the field of radioactive waste management cannot be secured unless there is a scrupulous avoidance of conflict of interest.
Opinion|By Jacquie LaRocque
Remember there’s no job security. The next election is always around the corner. Enjoy every moment. In the end, it's not the desk you held, but how you held it.
Opinion|By Douglas Roche
Justin Trudeau has not yet learned how NATO contravenes the basic idea of nuclear disarmament, for he called the negotiations that led to the adoption of the Prohibition Treaty 'useless.'
Opinion|By Kevin Page
There are some potential game changers for outcomes—a vaccine; and a resurgence in international leadership and cooperation and we need a Canadian economic recovery plan that will boost confidence in the future.
Opinion|By Tim Powers
Since the Kielburgers announced their decision to shutter WE Charity's Canadian operations, a game of blame and brand protection has broken out.
Opinion|By Lisa Van Dusen
The requirements of political success haven’t changed so drastically that unelectability and disqualifying behaviour have been completely redefined. But these aren’t normal times.
Opinion|By Scott Taylor
Allowing Erik Myggland to continue serving, despite knowledge of his abhorrent beliefs, only illustrates how far the Canadian Armed Forces still have to go to address racism in its ranks.
Hill Times Columnists

Indigenous rage will not fade away. With more allies than ever before, politicians can't assume it won't make the evening news anymore.
Lieutenant-General Wayne Eyre's recent message to the CAF was clear: 'If you have those types of beliefs—get out. We don’t want you.'
She was the half that made Jean Chrétien whole.
The climate crisis is accelerating with every passing season. If not now, when? If not us, who?
All in all, CSE's report is a very welcome peek behind the espionage curtain.
The Conservative standard bearer has continued his party’s policy of demonizing Justin Trudeau, never missing a chance to depict the prime minister as a preening celebrity.
Recognizing the Northwest Passage as Canadian would deny access to China and Russia and safeguard U.S. security.
Opinion|David Crane
While excellent at starting really smart new companies, Israel, like Canada, has much less success in turning these into locally owned multinationals with the potential to create thousands of domestic jobs.
The Canadian biotech sector should rest assured that our government recognizes the critical role it plays in our economy.
The Trudeau government owes it to all Canadians to be open, honest, and accountable about its COVID-19 vaccination plans.
There is little doubt that IP, especially patents, should not be an impediment to forging solutions to the global crisis that we are all facing.
Morneau’s departure fits a worrying pattern of a prime minister who dismisses ministers who challenge him.
A parliamentary solution is needed to remedy the chaos in our military justice system.
Hill Times Columnists

We are amazed, but not amused by all the things you say that you'll do. Though much concerned but not involved with decisions that are made by you.
Going through two degrees higher average global temperature means that some tropical and sub-tropical areas will become lethally hot outdoors in the summertime for weeks at a time. Famines will spread, refugees will start to move by the millions, borders will slam shut, and wars become likely.
My sense is, it’s going to be a tight race. So, get ready to batten the hatches, things south of the border will likely get mighty interesting. 
While Atlantic Canada has done a good job of managing COVID-19 counts, it is breathtakingly short-sighted to assume that the retention of the 'bubble' for a sustained period is effective policy.
It won’t be long before opposition parties are going to realize that COVID-19 is Justin Trudeau’s best punch. They will soon stop walking into it.
Canada has not been fertile ground for this approach, but heavy-handed, illiberal populism gains ground with the normalization of extremism and the politics of fear, hate, and resentment.
Opinion|AJ Sivam
In war rooms across the country, political strategists consistently ignore fresh marketing ideas in favour of tired tropes that fail to inspire voters and leave them rolling their eyes in disbelief.
We have the ideas, the ability, and the social will to make positive change for our children, but it has to start now, before it’s too late.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
What is frightening for all of us who share the North American land mass is that for Donald Trump to portray himself as America’s firefighter, there needs to be a fire.
While the internet 'gives a voice to the voiceless,' we might all be better off if they stayed mute.
Canadian Muslims could vote Conservative, if the party shows it will include and respect them.
In a number of countries, governments are undermining the independence and values of public media organizations and pressing them to function increasingly as state broadcasters.
I fear for the future of public discourse if the political agenda is set by the ignorant and the vandals, not the knowledgeable and the civilized. We can’t let democracy become another casualty of the internet. 
Hill Times Columnists

It’s time we came to grips with the reality that Canada does not have an economy today that can deliver good jobs and the wealth we need to sustain and expand the public goods we value.
Bringing new ideas about creating a better Canada to life will require time and an ongoing, historic commitment once the pandemic recedes.
The Canadian comedy that just swept the Emmys can’t possibly stop now. Here’s a suggestion.
The adverse attention on prominent women like Payette will do nothing to encourage future female leaders to venture into public life. If so, we will all be the poorer for it.
At the risk of ruining my already blemished record, I really don’t think we are headed for an election this fall. There does not seem to be a critical mass of support, and it is highly unlikely that a party will be drawn into one against their will.
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