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U.S. President Joe Biden is hosting a pivotal climate summit this month. Three decades of climate change denial and procrastination—led by America in particular—have left humanity on the brink, writes Bill Henderson. Photograph courtesy of Flickr

Coming to grips with our climate predicament

Opinion|By Bill Henderson
We need governments—especially Biden's American government—to lead in what is probably our last chance to escape climate catastrophe.
Opinion|By Kathleen Finlay
Sometimes those at the top simply don’t want to know—or don’t want others to know just how far-reaching and destructive this epidemic has become.
With such a lukewarm commitment, the world may very well see another plague make a deadly comeback soon.
Opinion|By Mark Wegierski
Instead of opposing Green philosophy, Conservatives should be looking at what genuinely Conservative and Green ideas have in common.
Opinion|By Calvin Neufeld
But with unsettling evidence now leaking into the public domain, CSC is doubling down on its efforts to control public perceptions and the fifth estate, disparaging any reporting not grounded in CSC's own propaganda.
The new industrial policy going forward should be focused on creating technology advantages, building pools of incredibly talented scientists, technicians and workers, and setting up regulatory regimes.
Opinion|By Michel Rodrigue
Our collective success will depend on having partners across every sector, in every jurisdiction, working hand-in-glove, as we continue to leverage resources and expertise to create improved mental health outcomes.
Opinion|By Michael Bourque
Canadians are moving out of cities, out of province and into smaller and more remote communities. They are taking their jobs with them and need reliable high-speed internet to remain there, long term.
Hill Times Columnists

Take heed, political party leaders. Indigenous peoples, Black Canadians, and people of colour are now more than 26 per cent of Canada’s population. We will not be dismissed any longer. We demand to be safe in this country.
As events have developed, the nationwide rollout has been anything but a clear-cut victory, and Ontario, in particular, has received one of the worst provincial rankings.
It would be dangerous for Liberals to skew their campaign to millennial voters. That cohort was a winner in 2015, delivering a solid majority to the Liberals. But it is not likely to be as effective this time around.
Once again, the Trudeau government’s larger, loftier climate ambitions seem to vanish every time a pipeline company, or a western premier, declares that the sky is falling. It never falls, although it changes, as oil falls into public disfavour.
The global agency, once noted for its dogmatic—and at times destructive, unbridled free-market ideology, is now an advocate of more active government and is making clear the connections between social policy, economic policy, and environmental policy for our post-pandemic world.
It’s time for the CRA to better define its mandate and guidelines for charities and acknowledge that it is not within its purview to be auditing the religious beliefs and practices of Canadians.
There is no good reason for the Liberal government and this Parliament not to adopt the measures of this bill now, level the playing field and get on with replacing the million jobs we have lost in the pandemic.
We hope countries like Canada will leverage their international positions and their domestic political consensuses to take urgent and co-ordinated action to help secure Taiwan’s spot at the international table.
By chipping away at China’s sense of its own invincibility, we can gradually change the climate that also encourages Beijing to believe it can take hostages, like the two Michaels, with impunity.
Opinion|Douglas Roche
It is not surprising that 80 per cent of Canadians think that Canada is not prepared to handle a nuclear weapons emergency and that these weapons, now numbering more than 13,000 in the world, should be eliminated.
Although some argue that more deficit spending is problematic, the reality is that holding back on investments in a green recovery will create even more problems.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
For those who would argue that the Snowbirds are a good recruiting tool for the RCAF, the fact is the Snowbirds present a misleading image of what a modern air force actually does.
Opinion|Helen Forsey
The feds still haven't responded to a 100-page scholarly report by professors Amy Fitzgerald and Amanda Wilson on why Canada's proposed prison farm program won't work and what would work better.
Hill Times Columnists

The gender entitlement to leadership and decision-making is costing lives. This patriarchal approach to who is catapulted into the position to make these bad decisions is a feature, not a bug.
'Justice' could have been delivered by a single assassin or one mass bombing raid on the camp of Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda’s leader, tucked away deep in the Afghan hills.
Is it possible to turn all this around? Sure, it is. But Conservatives must first start to believe in themselves and in their values.
There is arguably never a perfect moment to call an election. But those who do call them like to control as many variables as they can.
That is how the stars have currently aligned for the Trudeau government. The Liberals would be wise not to view this as unmitigated good luck.
Opinion|Huda Mukbil
The government’s lack of measurable progress on anti-Black racism results from fighting inequality symptoms rather than the disease—a comprehensive apology for years of pain and suffering through enslavement.
Our elected representatives must put an end to this absurdity.
The Canadian government must have sufficient in-house, or in-government, capacity to address and evaluate changes in the knowledge-driven economy, from a Canadian public-interest perspective.
We need to recognize and escape new climate denial—implicatory denial, where we don't act even knowing the climate science and the potentially terminal consequences.
Opinion|Kim Rudd
This is where nuclear energy must play a vital role as one of the largest contributors of carbon-free electricity—globally and in Canada.
In the near future, voters’ score sheets are likely to be mainly shaped by their reading of their leaders’ responses to the pandemic. It’s impossible to say how the Liberals will fare once the verdict arrives.
The CBC never understood that the uniqueness of RCI is that we explain Canada to the rest of the world. And at a time when Canada needs to be understood, RCI should be expanded and be ready for the future.
In the face of renewed U.S. climate ambition, Canada needs to step up its game. This is our opportunity to get to a clean electricity grid by introducing a standard. Otherwise, we risk being left behind.
Hill Times Columnists

If the opposition parties support a non-confidence motion in the current government, over maybe a budget or something, and let’s say the chief electoral officer tells Parliament that a federal election cannot be safely held, then, assuming we find one quickly, the governor general will really have only one option: welcome to the party, Prime Minister Erin O’Toole.
Whether Canadians are ready for this reimagined socio-economic vision will be a major political story going forward.
At the risk of jinxing it, it seems like the virtual spaces our lives have migrated to in lockdown have become more humane.
If authorities fail to be consistent in managing the pandemic, the numbers of the disaffected are bound to increase.
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