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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, pictured June 30, 2021, in Ottawa. Our prime minister is desperately following the polls, as a Liberal must do, given that the fractured left vote sincerely rather than strategically. He is therefore not likely to pursue policies that anticipate near-term world events, particularly in dealing with the rise of a territorially assertive China, writes Julian Spencer-Churchill. The Hill Times photograph by Sam Garcia

AUKUS rare instance of democracies anticipating an emerging threat, rejection of irresponsible politics of appeasement

While many Canadians are relieved at having dodged the AUKUS bullet, it should be viewed as a strategic humiliation for the credibility of Canadian reliability, strength, and values.
The election may have been unnecessary. But it did not leave us more polarized or divided than ever before.
Opinion|By Andrew Cardozo
The breakdown of seats may be the same as the last Parliament, but the power dynamics are very different, and from the Liberal perspective it was a pivotal election, hardly inconsequential.
Opinion|By Les Whittington
On health, climate, energy, the pandemic, childcare, and possibly pharmacare, Trudeau’s government will have to navigate pronounced regional divisions and try to win consensus with a mixed bag of premiers.
While we are proud of our conservation efforts and successes to date, we know that without stronger and more robust legislation and standards, we will collectively lose the fight to protect nature for future generations.
Opinion|By Liddell Hastings
All signs point to Canada getting its version of a 21st century populist. The duration of its existence and prominence in Canadian politics is still unknown.
Opinion|By Sean Bruyea
Whatever party governs after election day, Canadians will need to be engaged. The best vehicles to involve Canadians on veterans’ issues are to hold either nationwide public hearings or strike a judicial inquiry.
Opinion|By Jay Cockburn
An upstart Conservative party leader putting on a friendly, faux-progressive face. He’s looking to take power, a struggling centre-left governing party stares down the barrel of a global crisis.
Hill Times Columnists

Every single MP, come Sept. 21, should be scheduling in their first trip to the nearest residential school search for unmarked graves, and every single MP should be in an Indigenous community on Sept. 30.
There is a good reason why the Libya war registers barely a footnote in Canada’s military history. Despite the fact that Canada declared ‘victory,’ the civil war in Libya never ended.
All signs are pointing to a Liberal government, with the only question being whether it will be minority or majority.
Now is a good time for voters to cast their judgement on Canada's political leaders, and how they have—or have not—addressed the country's biggest challenges.
Promises are one thing, but successful implementation with promised results are quite another. High expectations without the capacity to deliver is the big risk.
Canada needs to move quickly to implement proportional EV consumer supports and strategic industrial investments if we are to keep pace with other countries and realize the supply chain and manufacturing opportunities.
If Canada wants to be more than just a back-row supporter of nuclear disarmament it will need to invest some diplomatic energy in this endeavour.
On Sept. 20, one of the two largest Canadian political parties is likely to win the election. Both are supporting new nuclear infrastructure development. The victor will oversee a fund with up to $8-billion.
Let’s continue to think of all the lives that would have been better or made longer. Because pharmacare is the right thing to do.
You’d think where parties and their leaders stand on making the workplace safer for women would feature prominently in the current election campaign. It hasn’t yet.
Opinion|Pierre Cyr
In the tight two-party race we are currently witnessing nationally, strong local campaigns can make all the difference between winning and losing dozens of seats.
Opinion|Michael May
To ensure we do not experience the same issues in the future around emerging technology platforms, we need to transition from a pandemic focus and execute on a robust manufacturing strategy.
Opinion|Gar Pardy
Quebec's secularism law is expected to be appealed before the Supreme Court of Canada.
DeAdder's Take

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Spin Doctors
Hill Times Columnists

The anxiety of the pandemic, increased time spent online, and a former American president that platformed hate are all ingredients to a cauldron of white supremacy that’s about to boil over.
However the electoral arithmetic works out, it will likely lead to much commotion but not much change in keeping with the sane and undramatic politics of Germany.
Erin O’Toole was not only battling the Liberals and the NDP in this election, he was also fighting his own party’s past, implicitly demonizing its former leaders as out of touch dinosaurs.
A number of dynamics are likely to play out that could see Prime Minister Justin Trudeau take a bow before we are back at the polls again, and sailing will not be smooth for Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole.
Justin Trudeau's Liberal government did an admirable job of handling the pandemic, and accomplished far more than its opponents give it credit for, but it's not clear whether that will matter on election day.
Opinion|Ken Rubin
It's going to take a lot more effort and heavy lifting to put the PM and PMO in place for a better and more accountable and transparent government.
In 1968, Canadians had insatiable hope in the Trudeau dynasty creating a new Canadian polity that affirmed both individual liberty and progressivist state care. That dream is fading quickly into distressing anger.
Opinion|Max Jiang
In this unnerving climate, with the resurgence of geopolitical rivalries and economic downturns, what better opportunity could there be to break the ice than an international collaboration that looks toward setting up a
The human condition renders every one of us ordinary, but with the capacity to be exceptional. It is something our politicians might remember as they seek our votes on Sept. 20: a little humility can go a long way.
Opinion|Pierre Cyr
The NDP and Conservatives were smart to release their platforms early, taking away the opportunity for opposing parties to exaggerate their approaches and forcing the Liberals to pivot in campaign’s first week.
The Conservatives and Liberals have miscalculated public perceptions on substance use decriminalization.
Opinion|Gar Pardy
There is no expectation of any initiative soon from Ottawa, with none of the contending parties in the national election offering a different approach to the current government. 
Opinion|Douglas Roche
The war in Afghanistan killed thousands, but it's not clear what it accomplished.
Hill Times Columnists

The rationale for an election and the timing for an election have lined up. The campaigning will informally begin on June 24.
A smooth-working minority Parliament, while not impossible, seems highly unlikely.
At the risk of jinxing it, it seems like the virtual spaces our lives have migrated to in lockdown have become more humane.
If O’Toole does win on Sept. 20, he will wake up with a mounting pile of IOUs to people like François Legault, who will be telling him to ‘pay up.’
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