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Nearly 100 new MPs waiting until after cabinet reveal to move into offices

News|By Palak Mangat
The process of new MPs learning where their Ottawa offices will be will begin after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announces who will be making up his re-jigged cabinet on Nov. 20, the government whip said last week.
While a whistle stop in a tight race can help tip the outcome, political experts say there are other factors at play in galvanizing the electorate.
News|By Abbas Rana
The seven-hour Conservative caucus meeting on Nov. 6 was ‘intense,’ with ‘blunt’ criticism of the party’s campaign performance, say Conservative sources
News|By Abbas Rana
The Liberals are considering assigning responsibility for the six regional development agencies to several ministers this time around, say Liberal sources.
In 1917, at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont., Canadian authorities established a military facility called Camp Kosciuszko, designed to train a Polish army in exile keen to fight for a free Poland.
Opinion|Mark Robbins
With a wider recognition that a more permeable public administration is a tangible way to get better innovation policies and programs to Canadians, a public service that can be a true partner for innovators.
We are not suggesting grand strategizing—rather we first encourage governments to recognize and embrace disruption as an emergent-phenomena and make adaptation an important part of the conversation.
The thugs have taken over and are killing young anglo men at random and burning whole villages where some local resident is suspected of being one of the ‘Amba-boys’.
Plus, the PM is scheduled to meet with Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe following his one-on-one session with Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer.
Media reports have suggested Chrystia Freeland may end up as the new intergovernmental affairs minister or the finance minister.
Of the 147 seats where MPs earned more than 20 per cent lead over their closest competitor, the Conservatives 
There were 47 seats decided by a less than five per cent margin, including 21 that switched parties hands.
Mr. Trudeau is set this week to meet with opposition leaders in an effort to find some common ground before Parliament returns for a new session. 
Opinion|By Sheila Copps
Andrew Scheer has more than a communications problem. He has a substance problem and so does his party. The April reckoning in Toronto will bring it to a head.
Opinion|By Norah McRae
If we take these steps together, we will not only prosper, we will continue to be respected as a place that is smart, responsible, and forward-looking.
'It's important because of the regulatory side, but politically, it's becoming more important because it can be used as a tool for political gain,' said Jake Enwright.
UNDRIP offers a number of rights-based solutions that are necessary to end the ongoing violence being inflicted upon Indigenous families, communities, nations and individuals.
Opinion|By Richard C. Owens
We need a whole new direction. Let’s wind up all the innovation corporate welfare programs and return their budget allocations to deficit reduction or basic research funding.
Feature|By Neil Moss
Plus, Maryam Monsef and Matt DeCourcey get engaged, and Andrew Coyne joins The Globe and Mail.
Opinion|By David Crane
We have to get back to a much more rigorous approach to innovation policy. There is so much we want to do as a country.
The Conference Board of Canada’s latest Innovation Report Card gives Canada a 'C' grade and ranks it 12th among 16 international peers.
Opinion|By Michael Harris
The Senate hierarchy has been hiding serious allegations of sexual harassment of Senate staffers behind casuistical interpretations of parliamentary privilege.
A new social contract can reinvigorate the support for science and innovation, deliver more closely what Canadians want, and ensure science and innovation are at the heart of our efforts to confront climate change.
Opinion|By Dan Kraus
By incorporating carbon storage and climate change adaptation into protected areas, we can accelerate the conservation of our lands and waters, and reduce climate uncertainty for our children.
Opinion|By Phil Gurski
Groups that hold extremist views and potentially violent extremist ones such as the Soldiers of Odin, the Proud Boys, and the IIIpercenters also tend to gravitate towards causes such as those espoused by Wexit.
Opinion|By Matt McManus
Conservatives should be willing to look at their own intellectual history, the good and especially the bad.

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