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NDP hits pause on ads, Grits and Tories suspend TV campaigns as pre-election spending cap, summer doldrums kick in

The NDP says it's temporarily pausing its advertising campaign and will be back before the end of the month, but the Liberals and Conservatives are continuing to run dozens of social media ads.
News|By Beatrice Paez
Though divisive politics has become a regular feature of political culture in Canada, thanks in part to the rhetoric from the country's southern neighbours, some MPs say there's been pushback to that kind of messaging.
Premiers' attack on carbon tax help entrench the Tory base support, but has yet to wield large support from swing voters.
Unifor, the group’s biggest backer, and Conservative rival Canada Proud will both run political ads during the new pre-writ period established by the Liberal government.
Opinion|Gwynne Dyer
Boris Johnson, who is poised to win the Conservative leadership, may be the last prime minister of a genuinely united kingdom, writes columnist Gwynne Dyer.
But I am hopeful that both Carolyn Bennett and the Denesuline will consider moving forward allowing the land claim agreements to move to community ratification and advancing reconciliation.
Opinion|Susan Riley
Public trust in politics takes a more sustained beating from legitimate political leaders every day than from any foreign bot, online troll, or basement-dwelling saboteur.
News|By Nina Russell, Palak Mangat 6:19 PM ET
On Tuesday, they head to Winnipeg to discuss Indigenous issues, and later this week, will be in Calgary for energy and trade talks. 
Sikhs have long been called 'power brokers' in Canadian politics for the ability of Sikh political activists to deliver delegates in nomination and party leader races on the local, provincial, and federal level.
News|By Mike Lapointe
A former CSIS analyst says the RCMP had a ‘strong case’ against journalist Ben Makuch, but the vice-president of the Canadian Journalists for Free Expression says the ruling will ‘hurt the institution of journalism.'
Meanwhile, Melissa Rumble has been promoted to take over as director of operations to Science and Sport Minister Kirsty Duncan.
Feature|By Neil Moss
Plus, House Speaker Geoff Regan cycling to raise MS research funds, and Russell Mirasty sworn in as Saskatchewan's first Indigenous lieutenant-governor.
The days when most Canadian Sikhs could be counted on to vote Liberal could be over, experts say.
Opinion|By Gwynne Dyer
There is movement towards peace in Afghanistan—or at least towards an end to the American military ordeal there, which has lasted for almost 18 years. The only losers in the settlement will be the Afghans, who have to live under Taliban rule again. But that was always going to happen in the end.
Opinion|By Sheila Copps
A party race does not necessarily guarantee a more democratic outcome.
Opinion|By Michael Harris
As events south of the border have shown, the downside of negative partisanship is the short trip voters often take from the frying pan into the fire.
Opinion|By Phil Gurski
CSIS is legislatively mandated to investigate threats to the security of Canada, defined under Sec. 2 of the CSIS Act, by the powers granted under Sec. 12. One of these threats is politically motivated violence.
Plus, Huawei Canada reps are slated to discuss their company's new partnerships with Ice Wireless, a mobile provider up north, and Qikiqtaaluk Corp.
Opinion|By David Crane
It is a sign of the times that in today’s political world, much of the focus is on rescuing the middle class.
Opinion|By Gerry Nicholls
Green Party Leader Elizabeth May has come to understand that she might have to toughen up her act, which would explain why her party recently hired Warren Kinsella, a combative, seasoned political operative.
Opinion|By Joseph Wong
When universities continue to work with China, we're reminded that in spite of our differences, we also share similar goals—trade diversification, climate change, and preparing for our aging societies.
News|By Palak Mangat
Independent Senator Kim Pate, who will be among those in attendance at Nicholas Kasirer's hearing next week, is interested in hearing about his views about how systemic inequality can affect access to justice.
Opinion|By Ghazy Mujahid
The immigration minister should take note that all of the approaches used so far for the family reunification program have fallen short of meeting the objective of fairness.
In today’s world, it makes good sense to ensure Ukraine stays with law-abiding democracies rather than with caustic Russia.
Plus, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May is in Toronto to make her pitch, 'A New Deal for Canadian Cities,' which seeks to give municipalities greater control over 'essential services' and more protection from provinces.
News|By Nina Russell
Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant also wrote to Jane Corwin, chair on the International Joint Commission, calling for a review of the water regulation plan and to make adjustments accordingly.
‘This is what we can’t accept’: A unanimous House motion in June called on the UN to investigate ‘allegations of genocide’ against the country’s minority Tamils, a term the South Asian nation categorically rejects.

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