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Outdated privacy legislation goes to bureaucrats for review

Opinion|By Ken Rubin
Governments have been unwilling to really change Canada's outdated public sector Privacy Act, or improve it alongside PIPEDA, which governs the private sector, writes Ken Rubin.
The Liberals have promised to fully remove sex discrimination from the Indian Act by the election, but advocate Shelagh Day says with no public plan and no official date, 'it’s still only a promise.' 
A mid-term Throne Speech and a new batch of legislation wasn't necessary, says Liberal MP John McKay: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau 'was doing what he said he would do.'
Many achievements and blunders enshrined in legislation are ancient history in the minds of voters, who cast their ballots based on the next thing you can do for them, say politicos and pollsters.
Opinion|Ghazy Mujahid
The immigration minister should take note that all of the approaches used so far for the family reunification program have fallen short of meeting the objective of fairness.
The biggest, most ambitious proposals for conserving lands have come from Indigenous nations.
Opinion|Gwynne Dyer
Two showbiz figures, complete novices in politics, trying to run a country of 44 million people (which, by the way, is in a proxy war with Russia). What could possibly go wrong? 
News|By Palak Mangat
Independent Senator Kim Pate, who will be among those in attendance at Nicholas Kasirer's hearing next week, is interested in hearing about his views about how systemic inequality can affect access to justice.
In today’s world, it makes good sense to ensure Ukraine stays with law-abiding democracies rather than with caustic Russia.
Plus, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May is in Toronto to make her pitch, 'A New Deal for Canadian Cities,' which seeks to give municipalities greater control over 'essential services' and more protection from provinces.
News|By Nina Russell
Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant also wrote to Jane Corwin, chair on the International Joint Commission, calling for a review of the water regulation plan and to make adjustments accordingly.
‘This is what we can’t accept’: A unanimous House motion in June called on the UN to investigate ‘allegations of genocide’ against the country’s minority Tamils, a term the South Asian nation categorically rejects.
No doubt adding to the NDP’s financial woes is the fact the application for leave to appeal at the Supreme Court of Canada was dismissed with costs to the House.
Seniors Minister Filomena Tassi is holding a presser at the National Press Theatre to tout the government's efforts at addressing affordability issues.
‘Parties effectively get to choose the pool of people who will become Members of Parliament,' says Paul Thomas, based on Samara’s recent analysis of 6,600 candidates between 2004 and 2015.
It’s up to the prime minister to decide if he ‘wants to go into the next election arresting Indigenous communities and leaders,’ says the Squamish Nation council’s Dustin Rivers.
Fostering use of Inuit languages was a key aim in creating Nunavut, but 20 years later, NTI president Aluki Kotierk says there's been a 'failure' when it comes to providing essential services to the public in Inuktut.
Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is spending the day in Saskatoon, where he'll be making a couple of public appearances, including addressing the Dairy Farmers of Canada at their annual general meeting.
Opinion|By Scott Taylor
Looking beyond a cenotaph, if Canada really wanted to honour the soldiers, we would conduct a full parliamentary inquiry into how we were drawn into an unwinnable war.
In this age of extreme views in social media and cynicism in the body politic, the idea of honourable compromise seems to have died.
Feature|By Laura Ryckewaert
Plus, Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau has a new policy adviser in her office, Pearson Croney-Clark.
Opinion|By Amy Kishek, Erica Ifill
If the Greens are truly looking to make inroads, they should not be soliciting tired advice from politicos of yesteryear.
Opinion|By Lisa Van Dusen
After 30 years as Canada’s architectural avatar on ‘America’s Main Street,’ the Canadian embassy in Washington has become part of the local furniture.
News|By Neil Moss
Conservative and NDP MPs say chief of defence staff Gen. Jonathan Vance was 'following orders' coming from the PMO and the defence minister.
Opinion|By Tim Powers
While Canada's premiers were at a prostates-only party in Saskatoon and Donald Trump was being Donald Trump, the U.S Women’s National soccer team was disrupting all manner of cultural norms.
Feature|By Neil Moss
Plus, Rosemarie Falk welcomes a baby, and Amita Kuttner revealed as the Green Party's science and innovation critic.
News|By Mike Lapointe
The provincial NDP critic says inquiry is 'only going to increase opposition to energy development in Alberta,' with one expert calling it attempt to put a 'chill' on activism in Canada.

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