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Senators blame bad bill, justice minister’s absence for long C-58 study

The access-to-information bill needed close scrutiny to turn it into ‘workable legislation,’ says committee chair Sen. Serge Joyal.
‘We are committed to making legislative changes’ to continue with Senate modernization, says the office of Government House Leader Bardish Chagger.
Bill C-48 would ‘basically trap Alberta oil,’ says Independent Alberta Senator Paula Simons.
The National Security and Defence Committee stripped away key elements of Bill C-71, which sponsor Sen. André Pratte says he hopes will be restored before the Chamber’s final vote.
Bill C-48 proposes a ban against oil tankers off most of Canada’s West Coast. The bill threatens national unity severely and significantly by pitting one region against another and communities against communities.
Yes, our one-time super-sensitive, super-empathetic, touchy feely prime minister is officially now a tough guy. We see evidence of this transformation all over the place.
By working together, Canada and Indigenous nations can sustain these important lands for future generations. We can offer a model for the world of conservation rooted in respect, responsibility and reconciliation.
Opinion|Sheila Copps
The hardline, anti-Ottawa stance by Jason Kenney and Doug Ford should help Justin Trudeau make inroads with women and young voters, two key elements to his last majority.
Opinion|By Les Whittington
After three years of political convulsion at home, the process of extraditing the U.K. from nearly half a century of membership in the EU is becoming a full-scale nightmare for Europeans too.
In my experience, there is almost no kind of infrastructure, from bike lanes to pipelines, that someone somewhere won’t oppose.
The Trudeau cabinet could make the decision ‘on any given Tuesday’ to make the necessary changes, says Sharon McIvor, who brought the most recent complaint to a UN human rights body.
The assumption that green infrastructure will be accepted by communities by virtue of being good for the climate may fast be put to the test.
Opinion|By Andrew Caddell
My fear is the bill will encourage the worst elements of Quebec society to attack Muslim, Sikh, and Jewish citizens.
There was ‘quite a backlash’ over the original plan to only go to B.C. for the oil tanker ban study, says Transport Committee chair Sen. David Tkachuk.
The Senate committee studying Bill C-58 is proposing changes to close a ‘loophole’ around terms that may be used to avoid release of documents and that will protect the power of the Senate.
‘It’s just disrupting everything’: MPs representing regions reporting the worst climate change effects speak about the impacts they see in their communities.
Senators struck a deal late last week after the government’s representative in the Chamber withdrew a controversial and unprecedented motion to impose deadlines for 11 bills in the Senate.
All four Senate leaders met April 4 to strike a deal, after the government's representative in the Senate withdrew a wide-ranging time allocation motion.
The motion proposed by the government’s representative in the Chamber would ensure that all of the bills listed are passed by the time the Senate rises in the summer.
This month, the Energy and Transport committees will hit the road to study bills C-48 and C-69, with a combined budget of $628,732.
The opposition can choose from a handful of procedural manoeuvres if it wants to further delay the government's legislative agenda in the House.
Opinion|By Sean Bruyea
The only magic the Liberals will see is how they allowed bureaucrats to pass the wand over an election promise that made not just veterans’ benefits disappear but veterans’ votes for Liberals in the next election.
A run-down of influencers in the Senate.
Changes the Senate Legal Affairs Committee is proposing to Bill C-58 include a 30-day limit to extensions beyond the initial 30-day window government departments have to respond to requests.
While the federal government has pledged to review and modernize the Official Languages Act, it’s been defending a decision in court that will wreak havoc on minority language communities.
Liberal MPs from rural swing ridings have expressed concern in the past that their government's gun control agenda could cost them their seat. The chair of the Liberal rural caucus, Francis Drouin, said a handgun ban wou
The committee has also recently been studying the impact of trade agreements on Canada’s supply-managed sectors.

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