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Parties boosting internal security in face of foreign interference fears

Communications Security Establishment officials have met with political parties, which are among the most at risk of cyber meddling when Canadians head to the polls next year.
The percentage of Senators appointed by Justin Trudeau who vote in line with Government Rep. Peter Harder has dipped to 84.2, but Tories say it’s still high enough to question their independence.
Of 51 government bills passed to date, 32 don’t have any reference to how individual Senators voted at any stage in the Senate Chamber.
Disappointingly, Bill C-77 never made it through second reading, and when Parliament prorogues, as is expected, Bill C-77 too will die. Strike two.
Many Ontario residents are non-too pleased that their tax dollars are being spent on pro-government propaganda by the Ontario PC government, which is far from the only government to fund politically-tinged ads.
Opinion|David Crane
Canada's aging society will pressure the new minister to find better solutions for housing, health care, and post-retirement income for seniors, writes David Crane.
Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer will have to decide whether to discipline a member of his caucus who, in some circles, is more popular than he is, writes Chantal Hébert.
Chief Government Whip Pablo Rodriguez and Deputy Whip Filomena Tassi will stay in those roles for at least the next few weeks as they take on their new roles in cabinet.
Opinion|By Ken Rubin
Canada's broken access to information system has increasingly become entrenched, argues Ken Rubin.
Politicians and some journalists have been loose with the words 'illegal' and 'crisis,' which doesn't apply to Canada's situation, says Alex Neve of Amnesty International Canada.
The strategy is expected to launch in the next few weeks, a sign of hope a long time in the making. But simply having a plan isn’t enough.
One group promises to ‘flood’ MP offices with complaints about Bill C-71, while another says it is ‘already hearing from nervous Liberals.’
They say the Lobbying Act must change so that the onus to report isn’t only on the lobbyist, but also the government, to improve accountability.
News|By Jolson Lim
A bill reforming Canada's foremost environment law won't be tabled until a 'later Parliament,' McKenna said.
News|By Emily Haws
The regulatory process for Bill C-81, which could take up to four years, will make sure there’s adequate consultation, says Persons with Disabilities Minister Kirsty Duncan.
Several agencies say they are hiring more analysts and adopting innovative approaches to address the long delays, and the complaints that come with them.
Opinion|By Bill Wiltse, Jad Saliba
Canada risks becoming a safe haven if we don’t have a serious look at changing the mandatory minimums for child pornography offences.
A handful of government priorities are stuck in Parliament over the summer, along with a dozen dead-bills-walking.
Critics say Canada’s 2017 military export report highlights an ongoing loophole that leaves an estimated half of total exports—those headed to the U.S.—not tracked or controlled.
News|By Emily Haws
Opposition MPs say they’re split on whether it should be easier to boot poorly performing bureaucrats, suggest keying in on whistleblower protection.
For some, their involvement represents a public about-face to their stance on the drug while holding office.
Centrepiece legislative achievements include the final passage of the Cannabis Act, and the government’s corresponding drug-impaired driving bill.
Their testimony forms a valuable part of our study on what a new relationship between Canada and Indigenous peoples might look like, writes Conservative Senator Scott Tannas.
‘The challenge is for people to actually act like grown-ups, work behind the scenes,’ says former Conservative House leader Jay Hill.
Feature|By Shruti Shekar
Ryerson University has a new project to help whistleblowers, there is a new all-party caucus for pilots' safety, and the Canadian War Museum hosted PM Trudeau at a top Liberal donor event.
The House chief human resources officer says more MPs have been asking his office for advice since #MeToo.
After six months of study, the Senate had passed 46 amendments to Bill C-45, including 29 written by the government.
Opinion|By Gary Walbourne
The responses from the government to the AG's reports seem to be more benign and dismissive than ever before. In speaking with my fellow ombudsmen at the federal level, this seems to be a recurring theme.
Not only is Bill C-71 devoid of any bold measures to combat the upward trends of gun-related crime, homicides and suicides, it barely fulfills the Liberal election promises.

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