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Majority of Canadians says pipeline could lift economy, but generational divide in support exists: poll

News|By Beatrice Paez
The generational split in support for the pipeline could pose problems for the federal Liberals in the election, according to Forum's Lorne Bozinoff.
Opinion|By Colleen Collins
Energy demand continues to grow around the world, even as countries, including a historically oil-rich country like Norway, look to diversify and invest in renewable resources.
News|By Beatrice Paez
The government representative in the Senate says he wants to see the Senate Modernization Committee 'achieve a consensus' this fall on reform recommendations, which would help inform the creation of a government bill.
News|By Emily Haws
Farm groups are pushing the Liberals to ratify the 11-member deal, but automakers want to pump the brakes until NAFTA is a done deal.
Economic indicators suggest that Canada's performance among G7 nations is middling, says columnist Evan Sotiropoulos.
The Quebec Liberals have one card up their sleeve that their Ontario cousins do not.
Opinion|Phil Gurski
As Canadians, we expect the authorities tasked with keeping us safe to do as they are mandated. We spend a lot of taxpayers’ hard-earned money on law enforcement and national-security agencies, and we demand an efficient…
Another day, another ethics inquiry into the conduct of a Liberal Member of the House. On May 17, ethics commissioner Mario Dion announced he was launching an investigation related to the conduct of Brampton East…
Their concerns about Canada’s impending legalization are bolstered by claims that U.S. jurisdictions that have legalized cannabis have seen a public health disaster. But that’s just not true.
News|By Jolson Lim
The Liberals' nominee, Stéphane Perrault, didn't have many answers Tuesday as to what happened to Saskatchewan electoral officer Michael Boda's nomination, so Conservative MP Blake Richards is asking for a minister to ex
HOUSE OF COMMONS Second reading: C-5, An Act to Repeal Division 20 of Part 3 of the Economic Action Plan 2015 Act, No. 1 C-12, An Act to amend the Canadian Forces Members and Veterans…
Consultations on how to remove gender discrimination following the passage of Bill S-3 have to begin by June 12.
Many of the recommendations were repeated from the 2013 review, say civil society groups, who want Canada to change its human rights-management approach.
Opinion|By Chantal HÉbert
Notwithstanding Ottawa’s willingness to backstop whatever extra costs (to a yet unspecified level) could be incurred as a result of 'politically motivated' delays, the clouds hovering over the project remain intact.
Opinion|By Greg Lyle
There is a political price to be paid for this disapproval. One third (33%) of Canadians say they are less likely to vote Liberal because of the way they have handled the issue. Just 12% say more likely.
News|By Abbas Rana
‘We will not work on Justin Trudeau’s timeline’ on Bill C-76 or any other piece of legislation, says Conservative Senate Whip Don Plett.
Opinion|By Susan Riley
CHELSEA, QUE.—This country needs a reconstructed Conservative Party—one that embodies the prudent policy and personal rectitude of a Peter Loughheed, Bill Davis, Joe Clark, or Robert Stanfield, not the extremism, vitriol, and defiant ignorance on…
Opinion|By Ken Rubin
OTTAWA—There is no doubt that public mistrust has been heightened by a growing list of government-managed exclusions of ministerial and other records. So it was intriguing to find out that one brainstorming policy idea, found…
PARLIAMENT HILL—The government representative in the Senate, Senator Peter Harder, recently contributed to the ongoing debate on the role of a modern Senate thanks to his discussion paper “Complementarity: The Constitutional Role of the Senate…
News|By Emily Haws
In a Q&A this week, Jane Philpott also said she hopes Indigenous child welfare legislation will be tabled by fall, and that in leading her new department she's focused on customer service and improved staff morale.
Canada's new information commissioner says the bill could impose new barriers and even deter requests, echoing calls for changes that she says are more important than having the bill pass right away. 
News|By Shruti Shekar
NDP MP Charlie Angus also wants Parliamentarians to discuss regulating lobbyists who take up jobs as political staffers.
HOUSE OF COMMONS Second reading: C-5, An Act to Repeal Division 20 of Part 3 of the Economic Action Plan 2015 Act, No. 1 C-12, An Act to amend the Canadian Forces Members and Veterans…
News|By Emily Haws
Expect disabilities legislation to be tabled before summer, but the government to otherwise focus on getting through priority bills already in the House.
University of Ottawa professor Teresa Scassa says privacy-related changes in Bill C-76 lack substance and fail to meet standards of ‘fair information practices.’
Opinion|By Helen Forsey
There will be those who will continue to criticize reforms and try to keep things as they were, but Senators should not let such carping discourage them. We can continue to make it our Senate, and make full use of its increasing capacity to enhance our democracy.
But opposition MPs are up in arms over the tight timeline set by the Liberals on the House Environment Committee for reviewing hundreds of proposed changes to the bill.
Opinion|By Josh Campbell
The feds must act on vaporizers and concentrates sooner to ensure the black market doesn’t first.
News|By Jolson Lim
The PBO says Andrew Scheer's proposed tax credit could cost as much as $868.6 million in the first fiscal year in which it would come into effect. The Tories say that's about the same number they estimated.
Conservative Sen. Boisvenu says the bill should be changed to have zero tolerance for those who smoke and drive, as the committee hears of the potential for court challenges.
News|By Shruti Shekar
Kinder Morgan, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, and Canadian Energy Pipeline Association have been lobbying the government to gauge the timeline for getting shovels in the ground.
HOUSE OF COMMONS Second reading: C-5, An Act to Repeal Division 20 of Part 3 of the Economic Action Plan 2015 Act, No. 1 C-12, An Act to amend the Canadian Forces Members and Veterans…

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