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Why are those meant to defend democracy flouting it?

Opinion|By Yves Engler
It seems military leadership would prefer the public only learn about the Canadian Armed Forces what they deem necessary to release, despite rules that say otherwise.
‘It all becomes a blur. You can’t possibly read them all,’ said Independent Alberta Senator Paula Simons, who started getting emails on Bill C-69 before she was even sworn into the Senate.
B.C. lawyer Eugene Kung says he would be ‘very surprised’ if the Trans Mountain reconsideration process isn’t challenged in court.
The House Natural Resources Committee is studying consultations with Indigenous communities as the debate on project development continues with Bill C-69 and Trans Mountain.
Opinion|Mike Gerbis 1:43 PM ET
Meaningful action to mitigate climate change and transition away from carbon will do far more for our economy than continued reliance on the status quo. It represents a massive opportunity for innovators and investors.
Opinion|Tim Powers
Gerald Butts is a highly skilled warrior, but it’s hard to imagine a scenario where fighting Jody Wilson-Raybould in public helps the government.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
That can impact foreign policy. How else can one explain allowing our allies to stage parades and name streets after perpetrators of the worst crime against humanity?
Canada ought not to build up the wartime doctor as a hero just to please the Chinese.
Opinion|By Vito A. Buonsante
We can’t rely on businesses to 'fix' plastic pollution on their own. It’s time for the Canadian government to lead from the front.
It is not understandable why this government has not debated these comprehensive and informative reports by the auditor general.
News|By Jolson Lim
In a Q&A, the innovation minister also says a report on federal digital and data consultations should be released in the 'coming weeks.'
The Accessible Canada Act is a good start. It should be passed, and changes made to the Disability Tax Credit, among other improvements.
News|By Emily Haws
With two chambers now built, in West Block and Centre Block, some MPs say it’s time to have two running permanently.
Federal political parties are ‘totally unregulated, and there’s no oversight, and we have no way of looking behind the door,’ says Prof. Teresa Scassa.
The Senate Environment Committee will be grappling with Bill C-69 until at least mid-April and likely later, and Senators hope to tour cities big and small as part of their work.
‘We need to ensure that groups that feel like they’re not presented in this legislation are able to come forward and appear as witnesses,’ says Government House Leader Bardish Chagger.
News|By Neil Moss
Members of the Canada-U.S. Interparliamentary Group should be making monthly trips to Washington to help grease the wheels on the new NAFTA, says Liberal MP John McKay.
After hours of talking behind closed doors, Senators agreed to take their study of the government's environmental assessment reform bill on the road, but left the details to the three-member steering committee.
Sticking the changes in an omnibus budget bill would break a Liberal promise to stop that practice. It's also one of few ways the government could short-cut through another Senate study and packed legislative schedule.
A 12-member Senate committee, with five Conservatives and at least one unaffiliated Senator who, like the Tories, has criticized Bill C-71, means some of those Conservative changes could make it through.
Opinion|By Helen Long
Canadians buying cannabidiol through the recreational route are not buying it to get high, they are buying it to get well. It should be regulated as such.
Environment and Agriculture were among the most-lobbied departments.
‘Canadians have been heard on this already,’ say five environmental groups following Bill C-69.
Bill C-69, a bugaboo for conservative politicians and target for environmentalists, is in for a long, rough ride in the Senate.
'I will use the tools that I have available,' says Bardish Chagger, as Conservative Candice Bergen decries 'bully tactics'.
The National Association of Federal Retirees says it was told in recent meetings with Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s office the government ‘is not moving forward’ with Bill C-27.
Sen. Lillian Dyck says the Upper Chamber will apply pressure to ensure the Liberals keep their promise to remove sex discrimination from the Indian Act.
Senator Grant Mitchell says the interest ‘means the reformed Senate is working,’ while others are reluctant to accept too many meetings.
Bill C-69 would essentially move the approval for pipelines and nuclear facilities from independent, expert regulators to a new Impact Assessment Agency that reports to the environment minister.
Opinion|By Jason Oxman
Canada’s burgeoning digital economy competes with other jurisdictions around the world and any rush to regulate could chase away investment before it is cultivated.

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