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Market (in)access for Canadian oil: lessons for other resource sectors?

Opinion|By Monica Gattinger
A company can do everything right and still see a project fail. Why? Because governments need to do everything right as well.
When resource industries are attacked, the result is less money for every province, and for the vital public services Canadians depend on.
The question that looms larger all the time is how the hell did the fossil fuel lobby take over our government?
Small policy changes, like using more wood in new construction projects, can make a big impact.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
The battle to save Afghanistan has yet to be fought and the Taliban remain a very clear and present danger.
Opinion|Grant Bishop
Canada can't risk further delays in boosting pipeline export capacity.
Opinion|Tim Powers
The political theatre they generate can work in the PM’s favour. But as a tool to achieve tangible results for Canadians, they are as useful as Stéphane Dion’s leadership of the Liberal Party.
Opinion|Dwight Newman
Elected officials should follow the Constitution on breaking down trade barriers and getting resource products to other provincial and international markets.
Lawyer Rick Woodburn says prosecutors have to wait too long for samples from the lab, leading to worrying court delays and cases being thrown out.
Opinion|By Alison Dantas
In the upcoming federal budget, the government has the ability to make an overdue change that would make a meaningful difference for Canadians in need.
News|By Beatrice Paez
House Leader Bardish Chagger said the government is hoping to see progress on Bill C-87, which seeks to halve poverty by 2030, and Bill C-75, a package of reforms to the justice system, in the coming months.
Opinion|By Tim Powers
The Alberta premier can’t transform herself into a Jason Kenney clone, but the Angry Albertan fist pumper is more appealing to voters.
News|By Emily Haws
‘We’ve got a team of six full-time public servants working on LGBTQ matters every day, every week. That’s not something we had two years ago,” says LGBTQ adviser Randy Boissonnault.
Opinion|By Patrick DeRochie
Enough with the hysteria being drummed up by the oil and gas industry over Bill C-69. They’re going to have to learn to play by the rules, just like everyone else.
News|By Emily Haws
The makeup of the journalism panel that will advise the government on its plan and determine who is eligible for the benefits seems to be causing the most concern within the journalism community.
Opinion|By Andrew Caddell
These latest cuts show Franco-Ontarians’ decades-long battle for rights continues.
The Trudeau government is stealthily trying to water down the already weak Official Development Assistance Accountability Act rather than strengthen it.
Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould says that restoring expat voting rights is the ‘right thing to do.’
To safeguard jobs and ensure that our carbon pricing helps to reduce global emissions, we should adjust the carbon levy at the border, writes Saskatchewan MP Erin Weir.
Opinion|By Y.Y. Brandon Chen
At present, people living in Canada with irregular legal status generally receive no health benefits whatsoever and must pay out of pocket for health needs and emergencies or rely on charitable care. It’s time that changed.
Opinion|By David Crane
But Bill Morneau's speech was too much a boastful bromide better suited for a partisan political rally than a sober and frank accounting of the core economic challenges facing the country and the risks they pose to futur
News|By Emily Haws
David Saint-Jacques blasts off to space on Dec. 3, along with Russian Oleg Kononenko and American Anne McClain.
Opinion|By Andrew Caddell
We hurt ourselves when we repeat the same old sexist shibboleths about not finding qualified women, fail to recognize pay equity, or suggest women in public life should be docile.
We live in a dangerous world. Our intelligence and security agencies need a range of powers to protect us from threats we face, whether from terrorism, espionage, or interference with our democratic institutions.
The innovation and heritage ministers have been ‘open’ since the beginning on what was coming this year, says a rep for Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains.
We must do more to prevent any more needless deaths within the military. Changing Section 98(c) of the National Defence Act should help.
Over the past year the Senate Human Rights Committee has visited almost 30 prisons, where members were most struck by the 'hopelessness' of inmates.
Treasury Board President Scott Brison says the government is ‘on track,’ but NDP MP Daniel Blaikie says it shows the Liberals don’t have ‘their act together.’
The proposed changes are tucked into the government’s omnibus budget implementation bill, and they may not be ‘benign,’ says Liberal MP John McKay.
The colonial guardian-and-ward theory continues to permeate Canadian health policy when it comes to Indigenous peoples’ access.

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