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Auditor General Michael Ferguson, pictured in this file photograph at the National Press Theatre in Ottawa.

CSC lacks ‘long-term plan’ to find appropriate housing for offenders, says auditor general

News|By Beatrice Paez
The AG found that the CSA had forecasted a 13 per cent increase in the number of offenders who require placement in community-based residenial facilities, it had not developed a 'long-term plan to meet the demand.'

Antennae are up for news on deficits, corporate relief plan, and pot revenue figures in fall economic update, say experts

News|By Jolson Lim
Finance Minister Bill Morneau will likely release his much-awaited plan to help Canadian businesses affected by U.S. tax cuts as part of the fall economic update, but there's plenty more that could come out of it.

Conservative consultant Mills questions why senior-ranking, female Tories are staying mum on Clement’s inappropriate sexual behaviour, but Clement denies allegation

Female MPs of all parties say that MPs should call out anyone who engages in inappropriate behaviour on the Hill.

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Winnipeg Liberal MP Ouellette calls on all MPs to combat meth crisis, after being ‘solicited’ for sex by two young addicts in his riding office

News|By Abbas Rana
Liberal MP Robert-Falcon Ouellette says meth addicts have showed up at his constituency office several times in the recent past, cornered his staff behind their desks, yelled and screamed at them.

NDP court battle with BOIE wages on, as Parliament fights to keep courts out

The first-of-its-kind challenge of two 2014 rulings by the House Board of Internal Economy will set important legal precedent when it comes to the application and scope of parliamentary privilege protections in Canada.

Candidate for Liberal nomination in Saint-Leonard-Saint-Michel signing up new members

News|By Abbas Rana
Hassan Guillet says he does not currently live in the riding, but has 11 close family members who live in Saint-Leonard-Saint-Michel, Que.

Are Canada’s newsrooms ready to tackle fake news, cyber threats, ‘foreign adversaries’ ahead of 2019 election?

News|By Beatrice Paez
Le Devoir is working with data developers at Polytechnique Montréal to develop an internal tool so the newsrooms can 'have a greater overview of what's happening in social networks' in order to identify viral topics.

Feds have spent less than half of controversial $7-billion budget fund, critics question lost oversight given ‘unchanged’ spending pace

Treasury Board President Scott Brison says the government is ‘on track,’ but NDP MP Daniel Blaikie says it shows the Liberals don’t have ‘their act together.’

Clement has a tough road to redemption, say strategists

News|By Emily Haws
It involves keeping quiet and rebuilding trust in his riding, they say, though it’s a long-shot he’ll be let back into the Conservative fold.

iPolitics lays off five after ownership change

News|By Emily Haws
Two full-time and two part-time staff and one freelancer were laid off Nov. 8 in the wake of Torstar’s $1.4-million purchase Oct. 1, though new editor Marco Vigliotti was also hired.
Auditor General Michael Ferguson, pictured in this file photograph at the National Press Theatre in Ottawa.

CSC lacks ‘long-term plan’ to find appropriate housing for offenders, says auditor general

News|By Beatrice Paez
The AG found that the CSA had forecasted a 13 per cent increase in the number of offenders who require placement in community-based residenial facilities, it had not developed a 'long-term plan to meet the demand.'

Demand for action on climate change shatters Scheer’s hopes in Quebec

Opinion|By Chantal HÉbert
In Quebec, the anti-carbon pricing platform Scheer has been spending the fall shoring up is dead on arrival both in the National Assembly and on the ground.

Mulroney fêted for his role on the world stage

Opinion|By Andrew Cardozo
Canada and the Commonwealth didn’t end apartheid, but they certainly played a major role in world sanctions and the condemnation of it, writes Andrew Cardozo.

Dear Andrew Scheer, here’s some super useful and free advice on how to win the next election

Opinion|By Warren Kinsella
Andrew Scheer needs to do what I have long suspected he's going to do anyway—embrace his inner nerd.

Liberal changes to foreign aid bill raise ‘red flag,’ say Grit MP, critics, aid groups

The proposed changes are tucked into the government’s omnibus budget implementation bill, and they may not be ‘benign,’ says Liberal MP John McKay.

Inequality in system no reason to criminalize paying for fertility services, says Grit MP Housefather

News|By Neil Moss
In surrogacy and fertility services, there’s always an exchange of money—just not to the surrogates and donors, says expert Dave Snow.

Bill that could expand pool of organ donors receives all-party support, but risks failing to pass before election

News|By Jolson Lim
The bill is sponsored by Conservative MP Len Webber, who has championed the cause of organ donation and transplantation in his time in national and provincial legislatures.

National Security Intelligence Committee has taken a hit by Clement’s sexting scandal

Opinion|By Phil Gurski
A member has acted egregiously and put both the reputation and mandate of the body at risk. Spies and cops are already loath to talk about their work to outsiders and Tony Clement’s escapades could make them more loath.

The Khashoggi tapes

Opinion|By Gwynne Dyer
Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman may go on for a while, despite the disaster of his military intervention in Yemen, his fruitless blockade of Qatar, and even this ugly murder. He wouldn’t be the only killer in power.

Pittsburgh synagogue attack exposes threat of online hate

What is now needed is for federal policymakers to prevent similar atrocities by launching a national strategy to combat online hate, writes Shimon Koffler Fogel of CIJA.

Lobbyists court Senators to kill impact assessment bill

Among the most lobbied Senators since September are C-69 sponsor Grant Mitchell and Energy Committee chair Rosa Galvez.

Business reps lobby parties to put tax reform in their 2019 platforms

The government ought to signal its plan to tackle lacklustre Canadian competitiveness in the fall economic statement, say industry reps.

Pot lobbying to remain high in wake of legalization, insiders say

There’s likely to be a lot of ‘jockeying’ from interested groups, as rules around non-smokeable products are still undecided.

Chief of staff change-up for Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen

Meanwhile, Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction Minister Bill Blair recently made a number of policy staff hires.

National Security and Intelligence Committee’s report on Trudeau’s India trip to be released on Dec. 3

Feature|By Neil Moss
Plus, Patrick Brown's got a new book, and Independent MP Tony Clement resigns his post as IDU deputy chair.

Milestone MacAulay: minister marks 30 straight years as an MP

News|By Jolson Lim
The secret to Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay’s 30 years in the House? ‘Lawrence is a really good constituency MP,’ says caucus colleague Wayne Easter.

Former Liberal Party organizer steps in as Trade Minister Carr’s new press secretary

Feature|By Laura Ryckewaert
Plus, Dan Lindenas has joined Treasury Board President Scott Brison’s office, where he’ll soon take over as director of policy.

Rebels for a cause: Bernier headlines Rebel Media event in Calgary

Feature|By Neil Moss
Also, CBC's Salimah Shivji is joining the Parliamentary Press Gallery, and Democracy Watch gets its day in court to challenge the appointment of the ethics and lobbying commissioners.

Innovation Minister Bains hires new press secretary, Danielle Keenan

Until recently, Danielle Keenan was busy at work as an issues manager for Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould.

Nurse practitioners are the innovative solution to Canada’s health care woes

We should be investing in the full range of primary health-care services to increase access for all Canadians.

Universities heading towards a crisis

Growing class sizes and fewer course offerings are increasingly become an issue at universities, despite occasional increases in narrowly 'targeted' funding.

I caught my aneurysm in time: a health-care exec’s journey into the world of precision health

Precision health is an emerging approach for disease treatment and prevention that considers individual variability in general environments and lifestyles.

Feds have a long way to go to make progress on plastics pollution 

Opinion|By Keith Brooks
The federal government should mandate a minimum of least 75 per cent of recycled plastic content in all new products. High recycled content targets create a market demand for recycled materials.

One day, we’ll break the door right off its hinges and let in light we need to address mental illness without shame

The reality is that if men aren’t talking with friends, colleagues, spouses and families first, they aren’t likely to be seeking professional or medical help.

Politics This Morning: Morneau to deliver fall economic update

Finance Minister Bill Morneau is slated to deliver the government's fall economic update at around 4 p.m.
So perhaps Maxime Bernier can use his position as leader of the People’s Party to inspire Canadians or to popularize his libertarian philosophy. And that’s nothing to be sneezed at.
Opinion|Sheila Copps
With or without Donald Trump and Theresa May, Asia is the way of the future.
Opinion|Natan Obed
For too many years, suicide has been discussed at a level of abstraction, which has not helped focus prevention efforts. We owe it to our children to discuss the situation in all its complexity, writes Natan Obed of ITK.
Opinion|David Crane
This means investments in infrastructure, education and talent, universities and other research institutions, housing and cultural and recreational amenities, and access to high-speed broadband.
Unless there is a change in men’s preventative health behaviour, the lives we celebrate today are shorter lived than they should be. 
Globally, preterm birth is the leading cause of death for children under five, according to the World Health Organization.
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PMO aide departs for Families Minister Duclos’ team

Plus, Leader Jagmeet Singh has hired ex-Manitoba cabinet minister Jennifer Howard as NDP chief of staff, starting Dec. 4.

Gould hires new comms director, Monsef names press secretary

Plus, the Conservative official opposition has a new press secretary: Mathew Clancy.
Feature|Neil Moss

Bill Morneau to talk fall economic update at the Economic Club

Plus, NDP tout the chance to eat with Jagmeet, while B.C. federal Liberals huddled in Kelowna and feted Hedy Fry's quarter century in politics.
Feature|Neil Moss

New memoir looks into the Westray coal mine disaster

Also, MP Tony Clement joins outsiders row, and Conservative Senator Claude Carignan was recently honoured for his work safeguarding journalism.
Feature|Emily Haws

Nathan Cullen wins Maclean’s Parliamentarian of the Year, NDP caucus cheers loudly; Dewar tells parties to ‘put our swords down’

Meanwhile, 47 college students showed off their applied research projects at the annual Colleges and Institutes Canada's annual student showcase.
Feature|Emily Haws

You Are Here: A Come from Away Story premiere brings a slice of Newfoundland to the national capital region

The documentary You Are Here: A Come From Away story tells the tales of the people behind the hit Broadway musical.

E-governance a ‘mutual interest’ with Canada, says Estonian envoy

The Baltic country tries to ‘push the envelope’ in the information and communications technology sector, which Toomas Lukk says is the ‘future of humankind.’

UN official warns of ‘dehumanizing’ political rhetoric amid Canada border-crosser debate

Despite the increase in border crossers, Canada does not face a 'crisis' with asylum seekers, says Volker Turk.

Finance minister to drop fall mini-budget Nov. 21

Wednesday, November 21st, 2018
Finance Minister Bill Morneau, pictured at a House committee last month, is set to deliver the fall economic statement on Nov. 21 in the House at about 4 p.m. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade
Plus, Lawrence MacAulay is celebrating 30 years as an MP with a celebration Nov. 21 in the Sir John A. Macdonald Building.

National Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan, responding to the auditor general's report on the government's handling of the fighter-jet file, defended his department's move to buy more jets, despite a personnel shortage.
The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade
Felix Holtmann, pictured in his Hill office in April 1990, became a household name when he added fuel to the national firestorm after the National Gallery of Canada announced it had bought a $1.8-million abstract painting, Voice of Fire, by American painter Barnett Newman, as the country was slipping into a recession. Mr. Holtmann, a Progressive Conservative MP at the time, told one interviewer that the painting ‘looks like two cans of paint and two rollers and about 10 minutes would do the trick.’
The Hill Times photograph by Kate Malloy
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