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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau moved early in his first term to create an arms-length advisory board to help him pick Senators who won't be a part of his Liberal caucus. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

Old Liberal ties ‘do not disqualify’ Canadians from Independent Senate spots: PCO

New Senator Pierre Dalphond worked for the Liberal Party in the early 1990s, but says he has no interest in a Red Chamber beholden to the government or any party.

GTA Grit MPs Holland, Vaughan considering run for Ontario Liberal leadership

Businesswoman and former federal cabinet minister Belinda Stronach denies she is considering a run for the Ontario Liberal Party leadership.

Tories snatch Liberal seat in Quebec byelection

News|By Beatrice Paez 11:21 PM ET
Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives brought an end to the Liberals’ short-lived hold on one corner of Quebec, handily winning the riding of Choutimi-Le Fjord in a closely watched race that pitted a well-known candidate with a…

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War of words with Trump is gold for Trudeau today, but could make or break him in long-run: MPs and pollsters

News|By Abbas Rana
Voters will become 'a little bit more choosy' about how they support the federal Liberals if the Canada-U.S. trade spat begins to hit their pocketbooks, says Independent Senator Paul Massicotte.

Ethics czar clears Morneau in conflict-of-interest probe

News|By Beatrice Paez
Mr. Dion upheld the finance minister’s position, which argued that, because the bill is of general application, 'any interest that could be gained would be excluded from the definition of private interest.'

Feds to back five Senate changes to cannabis bill, plus 22 of their own

After six months of study, the Senate had passed 46 amendments to Bill C-45, including 29 written by the government.

Blaming ethnic, religious ‘divisive forces,’ and family reasons, former Tory MP Shory quits Conservative nomination contest in Calgary Skyview

News|By Abbas Rana
If Independent MP Darshan Kang were not allowed to return to the Liberal caucus, former Trudeau adviser Jessie Chahal would likely seek the Liberal nomination in Calgary Skyview.

Inside West Block, the House Chamber’s home for the next decade

The West Block building is now set to be in full use as the House of Commons’ interim home in January 2019.

Trudeau owes surge in approval to Trump bump, poll suggests

News|By Beatrice Paez
Canadians in Quebec and the Atlantic region, where support for supply management is the highest, were among the prime minister's enthusiastic supporters in his tussle with the U.S. president, according to a poll

Centre Block closure, renos delayed until after summer

Senators were told this morning that the Upper Chamber’s interim home at the Government Conference Centre won't be ready in time for the fall sitting this September.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau moved early in his first term to create an arms-length advisory board to help him pick Senators who won't be a part of his Liberal caucus. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

Old Liberal ties ‘do not disqualify’ Canadians from Independent Senate spots: PCO

New Senator Pierre Dalphond worked for the Liberal Party in the early 1990s, but says he has no interest in a Red Chamber beholden to the government or any party.

‘Something has to give:’ MPs across party lines push to reform Parliament, loosen party control

The All-Party Democracy Caucus is surveying MPs to see where there’s momentum for change in the wake of a Samara report that found ex-MPs disillusioned by their lack of independence.

Conservatives ought to use ‘street cred’ with Republicans to blitz Trump-friendly media to support united Canadian front: Tory foreign affairs critic

News|By Emily Haws
‘I don't think I’ve ever seen Canada more united in our stand,’ says 24-year Liberal MP Wayne Easter, co-chair of the Canada-United States Inter-Parliamentary Group.

Fix ‘disconnect’ that leaves parliamentary secretaries out of political-fundraising rules, say Senators

Parliamentary secretaries are ‘closely associated to the exercise of power,’ says Sen. Serge Joyal, who wants to see them covered in the bill's new transparency rules.

C-69 still ‘a mess’ after more than 100 amendments, say stakeholders, critics

News|By Neil Moss
The environmental impact assessment bill has been strengthened after committee study, with more transparent decision-making, says PS Wilkinson.

Speaker says precedent-setting $7-billion budget vote can go ahead

If the $7-billion central vote passes with the main estimates on Thursday, former PBO Kevin Page says it represents ‘a new low’ for Parliament's financial oversight system.

Talks underway for ‘ambitious’ clean fuel standard not broad enough, says Tory critic

News|By Neil Moss
Stakeholders say they’re happy with level of federal engagement, but caution against rushing the process.

Why Canada needs a cyber security foreign policy

Opinion|By Paul Meyer
It could guide our efforts to influence the development of international policy on cyberspace and help set norms for responsible state conduct.

After G7 gains on gender equality, environment, it’s time to focus on policy coherence

Opinion|By Julia SĂĄnchez
Canada deserves praise for its establishment of an advisory council on gender equality and force behind a new plastics charter.

Despite security, corruption concerns, Canada, Moldova sign FIPA paving way for trade growth

Feature|By Shruti Shekar
The agreement shows investors the country is a ‘stable and safe place for Canadian investment,’ says Moldova's foreign minister.

Defence deputy minister to start sweeping procurement-rules review this summer

News|By Emily Haws
Jody Thomas says she wants to pare down the procurement process to get new equipment quicker. Industry and opposition critics support the idea.

Strange bedfellows: industry and eco-advocates lobby together on CEPA reforms

News|By Jolson Lim
Industry and environmental groups are pushing Environment Minister Catherine McKenna on reforms to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, which Ottawa is carefully reviewing for the first time in 20 years.

Minister Carr tops lobbying list as groups ramp up on environmental assessment, fisheries bills

News|By Shruti Shekar
'I would be surprised if he wasn’t the No. 1 minister being lobbied,' says Navigator consultant Andrew Balfour as energy and environment bills work their way through the House.

PM treats Hill media to a night of locally made delicacies at annual garden party

Feature|By Emily Haws
Guests came home with mud on their shoes, but the ice cream and other desserts were worth it.

Zerucelli, Julien exit the Prime Minister’s Office

Hill Climbers rounds up the six former Conservative staffers and five former Conservatives MPs who were elected to sit in the Ontario legislature on June 7.

This just in: lobbying czar BĂ©langer tables her first annual lobbying report

News|By Shruti Shekar
The Globe and Mail won the prestigious Michener Award, the public service awards happened last week, and Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland received the Diplomat of the Year Award.

Hill-union contract talks to pick up over summer, fall

Most collective agreements between the House of Commons, the Senate, and their respective unions expire this year, affecting hundreds of staff.

NDP names investigator into MP Moore allegations

Feature|By Shruti Shekar
Former NDP MP Paul Dewar has revealed his brain cancer diagnosis is terminal, Canadian Press' Joanna Smith had her baby girl and Conservative MP Matt Jeneroux is hosting an event on the Hill to promote men's mental healt

My love affair with the Library of Parliament

Feature|By Douglas Roche
From the start of my political career in 1972, the library has always been a place of calm in Centre Block where I could escape to. Now, at 88, I likely won't see it again, as it's soon to undergo 10 years of renos.

Philpott says Crown-Indigenous relations have improved, but still ‘a lot of repair and reconciliation to do’

News|By Emily Haws
Indigenous Services Minister Jane Philpott also talked about the government's focus on self-governance when it comes to Indigenous services, the pledge to end long-term drinking water advisories, and what inspires her.

Advocacy approach to upcoming Indigenous rights bill at stake in AFN national chief elections

News|By Jolson Lim
Assembly of First Nations national chief Perry Bellegarde, who's running for re-election next month, is facing challenges from candidates who want to overhaul the influential advocacy organization's relationship with the Liberal government, something that could…

Canadians conflicted on Indigenous issues and Trudeau’s handling of the file, poll shows

News|By Emily Haws
About 53 per cent of respondents said that 'in modern Canada, Indigenous people should have no special status that other Canadians don’t have.'

Use of Indigenous languages on House floor will help reconciliation efforts, say Liberal MP and others

News|By Neil Moss
For a language to survive it needs to be seen on TVs, heard on radios, and read online, says MP Robert-Falcon Ouellette.

Perry Bellegarde: the path we must walk together

Opinion|By Perry Bellegarde
A new fiscal relationship with the Crown needs to ensure that First Nations benefit fully from the land and resource wealth we agreed to share, not to give up.

Politics This Morning: Trudeau meets with Muslim community; Freeland heads to House International Trade Committee to talk Canada-U.S. relations; Wilson-Raybould to talk criminal-justice reform

Good Tuesday morning, At 8:15 a.m., Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor is slated to deliver remarks at the Canadian Nurses Association's biennial convention. She'll also engage in an armchair discussion on health policy with the association's…
Opinion|Sheila Copps
Michael Wernick has also decided to engage in a high-risk, high return game of 'gotcha' with the country’s most powerful number-cruncher.
Not only is Bill C-71 devoid of any bold measures to combat the upward trends of gun-related crime, homicides and suicides, it barely fulfills the Liberal election promises.
The responses from the government to the AG's reports seem to be more benign and dismissive than ever before. In speaking with my fellow ombudsmen at the federal level, this seems to be a recurring theme.
The G7 may have made for some 'very candid discussions,' as the British prime minister said. But they also made for something else: Justin Trudeau’s inevitable re-election.
Mind you, a politician having enemies is not necessarily a bad thing; Trudeau’s tiff with Trump, for instance, will certainly work to his political advantage. Making enemies in ways that can harm your economy is risky.
Opinion|Susan Riley
Those who urge Trudeau to jettison the supply management program are wrong. Canada would not be liberating its farmers to conquer the world as its critics claim. We'd be putting further distance between what we produce.
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Minister Duclos promotes press secretary Gauduchon to director

Families, Children, and Social Development Minister Jean-Yves Duclos recently promoted his press secretary, Émilie Gauduchon, to take over as director of communications in his ministerial office. Ms. Gauduchon had stepped in as acting communications director…

New policy director in place in Status of Women Minister Monsef’s office

Federal Status of Women Minister Maryam Monsef has a new director of policy in place in her ministerial office, after Yanique Williams exited the International Trade Minister’s Office to take on the job as of June 4.…

Global News’ Mike Le Couteur, Liberal MP Ouellette scrap over soccer match

Liberal MP Robert-Falcon Ouellette was not too impressed when Hill reporters had to cancel a soccer match they were going to play against MPs on June 4. “Little known fact. The House of Commons has a…

Karina Gould, Andrew Leslie show just how family-friendly House can be

Liberal MP Andrew Leslie has come to the rescue in conflict zones, and it seems he can also be counted on for split-second babysitting, as he proved last week when he was handed baby Oliver just before his…

Press gallery members schmooze, bhangra, and laugh at annual dinner

From teaching the press gallery to bhangra, to jokes about #MeToo and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s not-so-popular trip to India, everyone can agree this year’s Parliamentary Press Gallery dinner was a hit. More than 500…

More than 700 were hoppin’ and poppin’ at The Hill Times’ Party on the Hill

You better believe it: word on the street was that The Hill Times put on a fantastic party that was boppin’, hoppin’, poppin’, and more than 700 people were schmoozing at the Sir John A.…

PS DeCourcey takes Security Council pitch to CARICOM party

More than 200 guests convened in the Adam Room at the Chateau Laurier last week to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the creation of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), with an eye to the future. The room…

Municipal elections a turning point in Tunisia’s democracy, says envoy

Tunisia’s “historic” May 6 municipal elections show the country has been able to become more democratic since the ousting of former president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali’s 23-year autocratic regime during the Arab Spring in 2011,…

Byelection in Chicoutimi-Le Fjord on Monday, Sept. 17

Monday, June 18th, 2018
Finance Minister Bill Morneau on Monday, June 18, addressing reporters following the release ethics commissioner's report that cleared him of conflict-of-interest allegations around his sponsorship of pension legislation.
The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade
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