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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will have to roll up his sleeves and take more action on the international stage, observers say, if Canada wants a chance at a UN Security Council seat, where it faces stiff competition against Norway and Ireland. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

Canada seen to ‘dial back’ UN Security Council bid, say insiders, all ‘rhetoric,’ no action

While some say there's still time ahead of the 2020 vote, many question whether there's political will to get the job done.

Clerk’s comments ‘not providing leadership’ to change public service culture, say opposition MPs

News|By Emily Haws
Liberal MPs blame a Harper-era atmosphere in the bureaucracy as they back PCO Clerk Michael Wernick in his war of words with the federal auditor.

Extreme partisanship to blame for sustained spike in time allocation, ex-MPs say

‘The challenge is for people to actually act like grown-ups, work behind the scenes,’ says former Conservative House leader Jay Hill.

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House officers spent $18-million last year, first spending tallies reveal

In MP spending, Liberal Terry Sheehan was the most frugal, and caucus colleague Bob Nault spent the most.

‘We’re in uncharted waters’: public personal attacks unprecedented in Canada-U.S. relationship, say ex-ambassadors to Washington, Ottawa

News|By Neil Moss
Several ex-U.S. envoys say the current ambassador, Kelly Craft, is in a tougher spot than they were, and at least one Canadian is emailing with her to provide support.

Freeland says plan ‘underway’ to support workers threatened by U.S. tariffs, but tight-lipped on specifics

Conservative and NDP MPs called on Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland multiple times at committee to provide more details on what the government was planning to do to support steel and aluminum workers.

Prime Minister taps career bureaucrat as nominee for Parliamentary Budget Officer

News|By Jolson Lim
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Tuesday, June 19, he is nominating career public servant Yves Giroux to serve as the next Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO), a post that will have to take on a…

GTA Grit MPs Holland, Vaughan considering run for Ontario Liberal leadership

Businesswoman and former federal cabinet minister Belinda Stronach denies she is considering a run for the Ontario Liberal Party leadership.

Old Liberal ties ‘do not disqualify’ Canadians from Independent Senate spots: PCO

New Senator Pierre Dalphond worked for the Liberal Party in the early 1990s, but says he has no interest in a Red Chamber beholden to the government or any party.

War of words with Trump is gold for Trudeau today, but could make or break him in long-run: MPs and pollsters

News|By Abbas Rana
Voters will become 'a little bit more choosy' about how they support the federal Liberals if the Canada-U.S. trade spat begins to hit their pocketbooks, says Independent Senator Paul Massicotte.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will have to roll up his sleeves and take more action on the international stage, observers say, if Canada wants a chance at a UN Security Council seat, where it faces stiff competition against Norway and Ireland. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

Canada seen to ‘dial back’ UN Security Council bid, say insiders, all ‘rhetoric,’ no action

While some say there's still time ahead of the 2020 vote, many question whether there's political will to get the job done.

Ford Nation and the demise of the campaign playbook

Opinion|By John Delacourt
Doug Ford’s PCs ditched the conventional emphasis on winning over the mainstream media, and look what happened.

Ford’s right-wing populism: the gift that keeps on giving, for the rich

Opinion|By Les Whittington
Ontario’s Doug Ford followed the Donald Trump model: a rich business person who fumed about how people were being screwed by the evil elites and waved around a lot of vague promises to fix everything for the little guy.

Activists, former MPs urge federal NDP, Singh to leave Canada-Israel group

News|By Beatrice Paez
The campaign to pressure the party to leave the group was initiated in part because the leadership 'suppressed debate' on a resolution about Israel-Palestine relations at the party convention, said Yves Engler.

Luck is on the Hill as MPs celebrate Irish Day

Feature|By Shruti Shekar
Ryerson University has a new project to help whistleblowers, there is a new all-party caucus for pilots' safety, and the Canadian War Museum hosted PM Trudeau at a top Liberal donor event.

Election reform bill faces difficulties: a missed timing deadline and the absence of political consensus

Opinion|By Harry Neufeld
Numerous observers have suggested that Canada should adopt New Zealand’s approach to election law changes which require the support of at least 75 per cent of elected Members of Parliament.

Fix ‘disconnect’ that leaves parliamentary secretaries out of political-fundraising rules, say Senators

Parliamentary secretaries are ‘closely associated to the exercise of power,’ says Sen. Serge Joyal, who wants to see them covered in the bill's new transparency rules.

The beautifully subversive politics of Anthony Bourdain

Opinion|By Lisa Van Dusen
While people continue to share the impact the writer and world traveller had on their lives, his most lasting legacy may be political.

Military supply shortage is embarrassing, but nothing new

Opinion|By Scott Taylor
The latest call for sleeping bags comes after a camo mix-up in Afghanistan and a lack of flak jackets in the ‘90s.

MIKTA: unlikely partners with like-minded goals

Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, Turkey, and Australia have joined forces to promote an effective, rules-based global order.

Defence deputy minister to start sweeping procurement-rules review this summer

News|By Emily Haws
Jody Thomas says she wants to pare down the procurement process to get new equipment quicker. Industry and opposition critics support the idea.

Talks underway for ‘ambitious’ clean fuel standard not broad enough, says Tory critic

News|By Neil Moss
Stakeholders say they’re happy with level of federal engagement, but caution against rushing the process.

Strange bedfellows: industry and eco-advocates lobby together on CEPA reforms

News|By Jolson Lim
Industry and environmental groups are pushing Environment Minister Catherine McKenna on reforms to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, which Ottawa is carefully reviewing for the first time in 20 years.

Transport minister names Marc Roy as chief of staff

Feature|By Laura Ryckewaert
Plus, Olivier Auger has left Canadian Heritage Minister MĂ©lanie Joly’s office, among other recent staff departures.

PM treats Hill media to a night of locally made delicacies at annual garden party

Feature|By Emily Haws
Guests came home with mud on their shoes, but the ice cream and other desserts were worth it.

Zerucelli, Julien exit the Prime Minister’s Office

Hill Climbers rounds up the six former Conservative staffers and five former Conservatives MPs who were elected to sit in the Ontario legislature on June 7.

This just in: lobbying czar BĂ©langer tables her first annual lobbying report

News|By Shruti Shekar
The Globe and Mail won the prestigious Michener Award, the public service awards happened last week, and Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland received the Diplomat of the Year Award.

Centre Block closure, renos delayed until after summer

Senators were told this morning that the Upper Chamber’s interim home at the Government Conference Centre won't be ready in time for the fall sitting this September.

‘Something has to give:’ MPs across party lines push to reform Parliament, loosen party control

The All-Party Democracy Caucus is surveying MPs to see where there’s momentum for change in the wake of a Samara report that found ex-MPs disillusioned by their lack of independence.

It’s time Canada re-engage with the UN Industrial Development Organization

Opinion|By Kai Bethke
The country ought to fully enable its global development commitments by working with UNIDO.

Advocacy approach to upcoming Indigenous rights bill at stake in AFN national chief elections

News|By Jolson Lim
Assembly of First Nations national chief Perry Bellegarde, who's running for re-election next month, is facing challenges from candidates who want to overhaul the influential advocacy organization's relationship with the Liberal government, something that could…

Philpott says Crown-Indigenous relations have improved, but still ‘a lot of repair and reconciliation to do’

News|By Emily Haws
Indigenous Services Minister Jane Philpott also talked about the government's focus on self-governance when it comes to Indigenous services, the pledge to end long-term drinking water advisories, and what inspires her.

Canadians conflicted on Indigenous issues and Trudeau’s handling of the file, poll shows

News|By Emily Haws
About 53 per cent of respondents said that 'in modern Canada, Indigenous people should have no special status that other Canadians don’t have.'

Use of Indigenous languages on House floor will help reconciliation efforts, say Liberal MP and others

News|By Neil Moss
For a language to survive it needs to be seen on TVs, heard on radios, and read online, says MP Robert-Falcon Ouellette.

Politics This Morning: Trudeau to mark Pride Month; Petitpas Taylor to talk pharmacare; Champagne in Detroit to talk to auto industry

Good Wednesday morning, The House avoided a showdown with the Senate over the cannabis bill. In a 52-29 vote, the Upper Chamber passed the legislation, clearing the way for recreational marijuana to be legal within…
When opinions diverge between the PMO/PCO and the bureaucracy, the department head soon ‘retires’ or becomes a ‘senior adviser’ in a small office. Speaking truth to power isn't valued.
The campaign is lining up to be a watershed election for reasons that are only indirectly related to Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard’s record in government and circumstances that are partly beyond his control.
Opinion|Gwynne Dyer
One factor aggravating the situation in Europe is that only a few of the EU’s 28 countries are carrying almost all of the burden: Italy, Spain, Greece, and Germany, writes columnist Gwynne Dyer.
Opinion|Sheila Copps
Michael Wernick has also decided to engage in a high-risk, high return game of 'gotcha' with the country’s most powerful number-cruncher.
Not only is Bill C-71 devoid of any bold measures to combat the upward trends of gun-related crime, homicides and suicides, it barely fulfills the Liberal election promises.
The responses from the government to the AG's reports seem to be more benign and dismissive than ever before. In speaking with my fellow ombudsmen at the federal level, this seems to be a recurring theme.
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Minister Duclos promotes press secretary Gauduchon to director

Families, Children, and Social Development Minister Jean-Yves Duclos recently promoted his press secretary, Émilie Gauduchon, to take over as director of communications in his ministerial office. Ms. Gauduchon had stepped in as acting communications director…

New policy director in place in Status of Women Minister Monsef’s office

Federal Status of Women Minister Maryam Monsef has a new director of policy in place in her ministerial office, after Yanique Williams exited the International Trade Minister’s Office to take on the job as of June 4.…

NDP names investigator into MP Moore allegations

The NDP has named Ottawa-based mediator Deborah Jelly to investigate MP Christine Moore, who last month was accused of sexual misconduct by a former soldier. The investigation officially began on June 1, said James Smith,…

Global News’ Mike Le Couteur, Liberal MP Ouellette scrap over soccer match

Liberal MP Robert-Falcon Ouellette was not too impressed when Hill reporters had to cancel a soccer match they were going to play against MPs on June 4. “Little known fact. The House of Commons has a…

Press gallery members schmooze, bhangra, and laugh at annual dinner

From teaching the press gallery to bhangra, to jokes about #MeToo and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s not-so-popular trip to India, everyone can agree this year’s Parliamentary Press Gallery dinner was a hit. More than 500…

More than 700 were hoppin’ and poppin’ at The Hill Times’ Party on the Hill

You better believe it: word on the street was that The Hill Times put on a fantastic party that was boppin’, hoppin’, poppin’, and more than 700 people were schmoozing at the Sir John A.…

Despite security, corruption concerns, Canada, Moldova sign FIPA paving way for trade growth

Trade Minister François-Philippe Champagne and Moldova’s Foreign Affairs Minister Tudor Ulianovschi signed a Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA) Tuesday, which Mr. Ulianovschi says sends a “clear political message” Moldova is ready for more…

PS DeCourcey takes Security Council pitch to CARICOM party

More than 200 guests convened in the Adam Room at the Chateau Laurier last week to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the creation of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), with an eye to the future. The room…

MPs set to head home for the summer this week

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018
It's another busy week on the Hill, as MPs hold their last caucus meetings and tie up a flurry of legislative loose ends in order to leave town this week for the summer, with Senators set to follow close behind.
Finance Minister Bill Morneau on Monday, June 18, addressing reporters following the release ethics commissioner's report that cleared him of conflict-of-interest allegations around his sponsorship of pension legislation.
The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade
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