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Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau held a rally in Peterborough on Sept. 26, to boost local candidates Kim Rudd, Maryam Monsef, and Judi Forbes. Photograph courtesy of Twitter

For whom will the bell toll in Peterborough-Kawartha?

In a riding where voters are deeply engaged in the political process, candidates avoid the low-hanging fruit and stay out of the mud as they grapple with who to send to the House of Commons.

No-shows from Conservative candidate could hurt party’s chances in tight Kanata-Carleton race, say politicos

News|By Palak Mangat
The Conservative's candidate, Justin McCaffrey, has skipped two events, including a debate on the environment, intended to feature all candidates.

Singh’s strong campaign an internal win, whatever the outcome, New Democrats say

Jagmeet Singh’s impressive campaign has ‘rescued’ and ‘refocused’ the NDP after the failed 2015 effort, Ed Broadbent says.

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The astrophysicist whose polling aggregator is projecting the election

News|By Neil Moss
The mastermind behind 338Canada, poll aggregator Philippe Fournier, is aiming to correctly call 90 per cent of the seats in the Oct. 21 race.

Transition teams must be prepared for ‘unpredictable outcomes’ in minority situation, say former senior bureaucrats

News|By Mike Lapointe
The 'essence of clerkness' is continuity of government, says former PCO clerk Mel Cappe, who says he's 'strongly advised' current PCO clerk Ian Shugart to reach out to Andrew Scheer's team.

What’s your issue? Taxes, climate change, health care top leaders’ campaign pitches this election

The Liberals, Conservatives, NDP, and Greens collectively spotlighted tax offers on 17 of 31 days of the campaign, climate change on 15 days, and health care on 11.

Preliminary data shows nearly 3 million tuned in to French debate, more than double 2015’s ratings

The viewership for the Leaders' Debates Commission's French debate was more than double the viewership for the TVA debate, preliminary data shows, and higher than the 2015 French consortium event.

‘It’s definitely in the top quadrant’: election campaign one of dirtiest in recent history, say political insiders

News|By Abbas Rana
This campaign is not defined by any overarching issue, and has become ‘personal’ and ‘ugly’ between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, says pollster and Ipsos president Darrell Bricker.

‘They’re really riled up here’: Conservatives circling Goodale’s lone Liberal seat in Saskatchewan

‘The numbers are holding very closely to what they were last time. It all depends on turnout,’ says the 31-year MP Ralph Goodale. 

Candidates scramble to outperform their competitors in the critical ground game ahead of next week’s election

News|By Abbas Rana
Liberal MP Ken Hardie says his team has set up get-out-the-vote ground operations in the riding to get all his supporters to the polling booths on election day.
Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau held a rally in Peterborough on Sept. 26, to boost local candidates Kim Rudd, Maryam Monsef, and Judi Forbes. Photograph courtesy of Twitter

For whom will the bell toll in Peterborough-Kawartha?

In a riding where voters are deeply engaged in the political process, candidates avoid the low-hanging fruit and stay out of the mud as they grapple with who to send to the House of Commons.

The ballot as the ballot question

Opinion|By Lisa Van Dusen
With elections being messed with in ways democracies are just beginning to fight, maybe protecting the process itself should be the ballot question.

Buckle up, it’s going to get nastier

Opinion|By Gerry Nicholls
The campaign will ultimately come down to which is more formidable, Conservative cash or Justin Trudeau’s cachet.

Good thing this isn’t the integrity election

Opinion|By Michael Harris
Whatever dirt he has on Justin Trudeau, the CPC leader can thank his lucky stars that the current dog-and-pony show hasn’t become the Integrity Election.

Liberals passing the buck on weapons ban

If the Liberal government truly believes that the legal availability of assault weapons puts the public at risk, then why not enact measures that are available to them right now, while they are still in power?

Trudeau’s legislative record unlikely to motivate voters in the fall, with a few exceptions: pollsters

Many achievements and blunders enshrined in legislation are ancient history in the minds of voters, who cast their ballots based on the next thing you can do for them, say politicos and pollsters.

Will the Senate respect democracy and First Nations rights?

Opinion|By Perry Bellegarde
Three important pieces of legislation sit in the Senate today, subject to the whim of a small group of Senators, which is a gross undermining of the democratic process.

President’s trip the ‘crown’ of Croatian envoy’s four-year post

Marica Matkovic is returning to Croatia to help the country prepare for its first-ever Council of the EU presidency.

Hopeless in Iraq

Opinion|By Gwynne Dyer
The country still depends on oil for its income, but it is no longer ‘oil-rich’. There is little prospect for a radical improvement in the lives of those angry young men in the streets of Baghdad.

Little difference between Liberal, Conservative policies on defence

Opinion|By Scott Taylor
Regardless of which party gets into power on Oct. 21, expect that we will continue to support the forward deployment in Latvia, the training mission in Ukraine, and the two separate contingents we have in Iraq.

Despite majority support for a Canadian handgun ban, the politics of doing so may remain insurmountable

Opinion|By Les Whittington
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals promised in 2015 to take handguns and assault weapons ‘off our streets,’ but have made only limited progress in the face of strong opposition.

Tale as old as time: Liberal ethics breach proves politics still about comforting the comfortable

Opinion|By Amy Kishek
The SNC-Lavalin affair is about a political system that is rife for abuse, and those responsible for the recent abuses are seeking re-election on a platform of open and transparent government.

Last chance to lobby MPs sees June numbers shrink, with influencers eyeing the campaign season

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business led in groups lobbying MPs as June’s 1,446 reported communications halved the total reported in May.

A presidential endorsement: Raptors boss Masai Ujiri backs Trudeau

Feature|By Neil Moss
Plus, CBC sues the Tories for copyright infringement, and Jaden Lake helps father Mike in his quest to win re-election.

Tassi, O’Regan exit their campaigns to tend to ill family members, Tassi’s mother dies on Oct. 12

Feature|By Neil Moss
Plus, a political ad on the frontpage of the National Post, and Justin Ling debunks conspiracy theory, Warren Kinsella loses his mind.

Hanging up the whip: NDP staffer Rob Sutherland retires after 30 years on the Hill

Feature|By Neil Moss
Plus, Ottawa NDP candidate wants free OC Transpo fares on election day, and Jagmeet Singh gets new fans in Drake, Rihanna.

New Canadian envoy arrives in China, has yet to present letter of credence

Feature|By Neil Moss
Plus, Trudeau talks fight for political life with U.S. foreign policy analyst Ian Bremmer, and CP's Teresa Wright to stay in Ottawa full-time.

New book explores legacy of the first female Supreme Court chief justice

Feature|By Neil Moss
Plus, Spud farmer Lawrence MacAulay calls former prime minister Stephen Harper's policies a dud in the latest Liberal ad, and Pat Sorbara is releasing a memoir on her life as a political staffer.

New Chinese envoy arrives in Ottawa

Feature|By Neil Moss
Plus, the themes of the Leaders' Debates will be announced on Sept. 30, and Lisa Raitt canvassers attacked by dogs.

Is the federal government still running a deficit? It depends

Opponents are technically right in accusing the Liberals of failing to live up to their 2015 fiscal platform promises. But the Liberals can truthfully say that they kept those promises.

The Arctic is being overlooked in this election

Opinion|By Monica Ell-Kanayuk
Climate change is just one issue important to Inuit that's not on the electoral radar, but which should be. A partial list also includes health, contaminants, reconciliation, and Arctic sovereignty and shipping.

Betting on technological and financial innovation to fight climate change

Opinion|By Luc Vallée
Numerous solutions based on technological innovation are already being developed, most, however, need complementary financial innovations to scale-up and have a significant impact.

Mental health policy could be political winner in this election, but it’s not being talked about

A robust mental health policy promise could help sway millennial and female voters, polls show.

Only one national strategy can address today’s mental health crisis: putting the patient first

Opinion|By Jacquie LaRocque
Those engaged on a public policy level must rethink their approach, clear away the backlog of long-term planning cycles and dedicate resources to building a supportive framework based on a single fundamental question.
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Politics This Morning: Trudeau doubles down in Quebec; Scheer headed to Brampton; Singh to tour Ontario

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is headed to Terrebonne, Que., today to visit a local business before finishing the day with an evening rally in Montreal alongside supporters and Liberal candidates.
Our political system is set up for short-term gain not long-term planning—politicians know they’re always on trial for their jobs. 
What strategic voting will result in is a U.S.-style, two-party system, where the Liberals and Conservatives benefit from gaslighting Canadians into voting for them.
Opinion|Tim Powers
We now have mixed generations of leaders and political activists who are masters in political marketing, audience segmentation, and voter targeting. Many are feeling we are lesser for it.
In spite of the media focus on the leaders’ campaigns, we do not have a presidential system in this country. We elect a cabinet, not a king.
Opinion|Gwynne Dyer
We must also consider the possibility that the whole thing has been a charade, masterminded by the Russians, to get the Americans out of Syria and restore Syrian government control over all of eastern Syria. 
The Airport Capital Improvement Program is in need of a refresh. The funding envelope has not increased since its inception.

Vancouver Granville race a ‘toss-up,’ as Wilson-Raybould’s rivals urge voters not to pick someone ‘on the outside’

In Vancouver Granville, the race is heating up between Independent incumbent Jody Wilson-Raybould and her Liberal challenger, who's raising the spectre of a Conservative government to draw votes.

Politics This Morning

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Politics This Morning

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PMO Ontario desk among handful of recent staff exits from top office

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Minister Ahmed Hussen has also seen a couple of staffers from his policy unit exit.

Ex-staffers to ministers Hajdu, Carr hit the campaign trail

For one, Jeff Kovalik-Plouffe recently left International Trade Diversification Minister Jim Carr’s Ottawa office to take over as the MP’s 2019 campaign manager.
Feature|Neil Moss

Liberal campaign spinning its wheels: media bus gives the Grits more trouble

Plus, Munk's foreign policy debate has been cancelled due to Trudeau's no-show, and Ken Rubin wins his court case.
Feature|Neil Moss

Campaign signs across Canada are being defaced with hateful graffiti 

Plus, Deb Schulte finishes final round of chemo, and a Tory riding association falsely claims Rick Mercer endorsement.

Public servants, feds inch closer to contracts with tentative agreements before election

The Public Service Alliance of Canada remains at an impasse with the federal government however, with national president Chris Aylward saying they won’t take an ‘inferior’ deal just to get it done before the election.

SAP Canada pitches NextGen plan to standardize human resources processes

When processes are 'standardized, the collective input into a payroll system becomes a lot simpler,' says Robert Conlin, SAP Canada's vice-president of the public sector.

U.S. Embassy brings bayou to Bytown for Fourth of July

Though U.S. Ambassador Kelly Craft was in Calgary, the U.S. Embassy's Fourth of July party was still filled with food and fun.
Feature|Mike Lapointe

Hill media descend on 24 Sussex for annual garden party

The prime minister opened up his backyard for one last shindig before politicians and journalists gear up for what's going to be a busy summer.

Education, ‘food diplomacy,’ ICAO council seat among early priorities for Malaysian envoy

The 'timing is good' for more high level visits after Canada's fall federal election, says Nor'aini Binti Abd Hamid.

Pakistani envoy urges Canada, world to be ‘more forceful’ with India on ‘humanitarian disaster’ in Kashmir

Pakistan has ‘regularly’ raised the issue with Canadian counterparts, says Raza Bashir Tarar, but the ‘festering’ situation in the ‘highly charged’ region is only getting worse.

Nation’s voters head to the polls to select the next government on Monday, Oct. 21

Wednesday, October 16th, 2019
The selection of the next 338 people to sit in the House of Commons is in the hands of the Canadian public, when polls open across the country on Monday, Oct. 21 for the federal general election.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh shakes hands with a toddler during a protest staged by striking hotel workers in Vancouver on Oct. 14, Thanksgiving Day.
Photograph courtesy of Jagmeet Singh's Twitter

Comedian Rick Mercer and then-Reform Party MP Deb Grey, pictured in the late 1990s on Parliament Hill doing a shoot for CBC's This Hour Has 22 Minutes, which Mr. Mercer hosted at the time. The Hill Times photograph by Terry McDonald
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