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Reach an unmatched readership of Canada's most important public policy decion-makers.

The Hill Times offers an unmatched readership of Canada’s most important public policy decision-makers. It’s a must-read for Members of Parliament, cabinet minsters, Hill staffers, lobbyists, senior public servants and key decision-makers.


Many news sources cover federal politics for the general population. Hill Times readers are working in or around government; they are the influencers and the key decision makers.


Hill Times readers are well educated and constantly working to improve their credentials.


Decision making and the legislative process in Canada is nuanced and multi-layered. The Hill Times 2015 readership survey conducted by Pollara Strategic Insights shows how essential Hill Times readers are to the decision making process.

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When crafting your government relations strategy you want to ensure that you’re communicating with those in government with relevant responsibility.

A Newspaper with impact.


copies of The Hill Times are delivered every week.

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Newspapers are delivered to the political c- suit each Monday and Wednesday, all MPs and Senators, their staff PMO, PCO, Hill Staff and key decision-makers at Government departments.

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Newspapers are delivered electronically on both Monday and Wednesday to Federal bureaucrats, political decision makers working from home or their office.

Reach a unique and engaged online audience.

The Hill Times website is is the premier source of news, objective analysis, election coverage and the inner workings of government. It is also deep with policy coverage and the people stories that tie the community together.


The Hill Times is predominantly a paid subscriber website so you know the audience is Canada’s most engaged political and policy readers.

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Today's Headlines

All the news, features and columns that are shaping that day’s discussion.

The Hot Room Podcast

Political insiders and policy experts weigh in on the biggest stories in Canadian politics.

Politics This Morning

An early primer on what’s happening in politics and the players that will be making things happen in the days to come.

Today's Newspaper

We curate the top opinion and analysis for in-depth weekend reading.

The Saturday and Sunday Point of View

The day’s complete newspaper delivered digitally for reading on or offline.

Foreign Policy and Diplomacy

Diplomats and Foreign policy experts rely on this weekly curation of important news and analysis.

Policy Briefings

Understand  the government’s and opposition’s current priorities on in-depth and complex policy issues. Sent Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Hill Life & People

Get to know what makes political decision-makers tick, who is coming up and who is on their way out. Sent every Friday.

2023 Editorial Calendar

The Hill Times’ Policy Briefings are the top source for key decision makers to discuss federal laws and public policy-making in Canada. Every policy briefing includes opinion from the government and opposition parties, exclusive stories, and key issues. Be a part of the discussion.

The Hot Room Podcast

Talking politics in The Hot Room

The Hill Times podcast In The Hot Room takes decision-makers across Canada into the inner workings of life on the Hill. Every episode delves deep into how power actually works, who are the personalities getting things done and the nuances of policy development and implementation – And then there’s the human side and the personal!

Inside The Hot Room has a loyal audience that continues to download episodes throughout the year giving sponsorship a lasting value.

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Hill Times Careers

The Hill Times Careers reaches the audiences you need.


The Hill Times qualified readership work in government relations and public affairs, regulatory affairs, communications, policy, administration and executive management.


The Hill Times readers are well educated and constantly working to improve their credentials. 90% have completed a professional development course within the past 5 years.



The Hill Times is read by Canada’s most important and influential government-focused decision makers.


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