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Breaking exclusive stories and blazing trails, The Hill Times is an influential must-read for the savvy political and government insider. Our readers include Cabinet ministers, MPs, Senators, political staffers, lobbyists, backroomers and political junkies, as well as influential players in Parliament, the Prime Minister’s Office, the Privy Council, the Finance Department, Treasury Board, the Department of National Defence, the Justice Department, and more. We give political players and decision-makers within government a key platform to communicate with each other.

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Every weekday morning, subscribers receive Politics This Morning. It’s their tool to make sure they’re always ahead of the curve, they know what’s being talked about in the Ottawa bubble, and to get those little nuggets of information that help them to do their jobs at a higher level.

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The Hill Times news covers political issues from the inside out. Readers get the content, the background and the political factors that are influencing the days’ events. The Hill Times subscribers are not your average Canadians. They don’t just want to read the headlines, they want the full back story, the context and the implications.

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For subscribers only, we produce one of the best-read, must-have newspapers in Canadian political circles. The Hill Times newspaper is bright, sassy, influential and on the desks of political leaders across the country. You can read the digital edition here.

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Hill Times readers need to look at the day’s thorny issues from a different perspective.

Our editors work closely with our columnists to bring nuanced and insightful analysis to our readers. In politics, differences of opinion can drive collaboration and change. At The Hill Times, we help you navigate not only the left and right, but also the nuances in between.

A passionate community, Hill Times readers are connected by their work in and with the federal government.

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Do you need to keep your finger on what’s hot and interesting inside the Ottawa bubble? Heard On the Hill is the community water-cooler. Keeping up with who is doing what in Ottawa can be a full-time job, so we do the work for you in our Parliamentary Calendar. Knowing little personal details, the people behind the story, putting a face to a name can be key to making the right connection. The Hill Times keeps you up-to-date on political staff working in the minister’s offices with our twice weekly Hill Climbers column.

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The Hill Times is where policy wonks feel at home. Our policy briefings delve deep into the issues federal ministers’ offices are working on, the key interest shaping particular issues and how they are situated in the political context.

If you are working on federal policy issues, The Hill Times policy briefings are the tools you need.


We have one of the most comprehensive databases of political news and analysis. That’s why academic, government-relations professional and political strategists rely on The Hill Times for their Canadian politics and government research work.

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The Hill Times is independently owned and based in Ottawa. Being independent means we can cover all the parties and every issue without an agenda. We specialize in exclusive subscriber news, analysis and information. You can find our privacy policy here.

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