Thursday, June 8, 2023
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Foreign Policy

The Donnie Creek wildfire in British Columbia on May 27. Further south on the West Coast, climate change-related wildfires are making it too risky to insure Californian houses. Photograph courtesy of the B.C. Wildfire Service

Could the insurance companies turn out to be the good guys?

AI pioneer Eliezer Yudkowsky, co-founder of the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, warns that 'If somebody builds a too-powerful AI, under present conditions, I expect that every single member of the human species and all biological life on Earth dies shortly thereafter,' writes Gwynne Dyer. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
U.S. President Joe Biden, far left, meets with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to discuss the debt ceiling in the Oval Office of the White House on May 9. White House photograph by Adam Schultz
As a sort of chess-move counter to Russia losing the battlefield advantage, Russian President Vladimir Putin has recently ordered the forward deployment of tactical nuclear weapons into neighbouring Belarus, writes Scott Taylor. Photograph courtesy of the Presidential Executive Office of Russia/Flickr
Minister of Foreign Affairs Mélanie Joly, pictured May 9, 2023. Even though the prime minister has said publicly that Canada would remain engaged in nuclear disarmament discussions 'in all multilateral fora,' it appears that Joly did not get the message, writes Doug Roche. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade
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