Friday, May 24, 2024
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The Hill Times welcomes opinion pieces from a cross-section of fields, but they must be about Canadian domestic or foreign policy.

All submissions must include a concise author blurb that reflects one’s relevant experience or expertise, a high-resolution headshot, email, and phone number. If applicable, please include at least one social media handle or profile.

Any potential conflicts of interest should be disclosed to the editors for review to determine whether it should be cited in the author’s tagline.

Please embed or link citations for attributable facts and figures in the text of the submission.

Published op-eds should be no more than 700 words to be considered. Depending on space constraints, submissions may run both online and in print, or exclusively online.

We publish our print or PDF editions Mondays and Wednesdays. The cutoff day for submitting op-eds to the Monday issue is Wednesday at noon. For the Wednesday issue, the deadline is Friday at noon.

Send submissions both as an attachment and copied and pasted directly in the email to for consideration.

We receive a high volume of unsolicited submissions, and while we make an effort to respond, not all queries will receive a reply.

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We welcome news tips, guest columns, or freelance story pitches. Please contact the appropriate editor to submit an article.

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