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Potential ministers should have excellent cultural competence

Opinion|By Rose LeMay
Cultural competence is the skill and ability to respect others’ cultures, and limit the projection of one’s own culture on others. Reconciliation requires that potential ministers truly understand the depth and importance of cultural competence in order to build effective relationships with Indigenous peoples.
Opinion|By Susan Riley
From now until April, Andrew Scheer’s entire focus is on saving his job when it comes up for review at the party’s convention in Toronto. His public comments are aimed only to Conservatives, especially angry ones. And he seems to think the way to win their favour is to double-down on Trudeau.
Opinion|By Michael Harris
Elizabeth May will push as hard with three seats in the Commons as she would have with 30—until the new leader comes along to take over.
Opinion|By Gerry Nicholls
Conservatives are playing in a rough neighbourhood and they must be assertive, they must play offence, they must know how to sell their message.
Opinion|Phil Gurski
At the end of the day Don Cherry is probably just an old racist. That he has stooped to ridiculing others is a sad state of affairs for someone many of us once liked to listen to. He should have known better.
Opinion|Lynn McDonald
The House should create a new tier of private members’ bills, those sponsored by MPs of two or more parties. This new tier would have its own designated time and measures to make a certain number of them votable.
Canada has a high responsibility because of our geography on three oceans and the environmental burden of shipping that will keep increasing as more vessels transit our waters.
News|By Abbas Rana
Wexit was one of the ‘top of mind’ issues at the Alberta Conservative caucus’ special meeting on Parliament Hill on Nov. 6.
The Senate leaders will negotiate how to split committee seats and chairs between four Senate groups in the new Parliament, and numbers will matter.
'Peace and regional security' in the Middle East is listed on the agenda.
Feature|By Neil Moss
Plus, Maher's band Lowertown Riffraff dazzles crowd at South Block Whiskey Bar on Sparks Street, and former Hill scribe Dan Dugas to retire from public service.
Opinion|By Sheila Copps
The American political system is so broken that intelligent citizens are already turning a deaf ear to testimony they do not want to hear.
Opinion|By John Higginbotham
The Liberal minority government will need to delicately dial back some cherished progressive policy thrusts to help ease deepening regional pressures on Canada’s unity and prosperity if it hopes to remain in power.
News|By Mike Lapointe
Conservative MPs and strategists agree that appointing former Harper cabinet minister John Baird to lead the election post-mortem is the right call. 'He does not hold any punches,' says Conservative MP Stephanie Kusie.
News|By Neil Moss
An authoritarian reflex has yet to make itself felt in Canada as it has south of the border and in Europe.
Opinion|By David Crane
The reality is that the world is on a path to falling oil demand and there’s not much Canada can do about it.
The Liberals promised to bring in legal changes on a range of subjects during the election campaign, and will get their first opportunity in the House of Commons during a short window next month. 
Opinion|By George Zimmerman
The catalogue of Canadian historical documents is now held, accessed, and controlled in the U.S. Two consequences emerged almost immediately.
The time to work with farmers on climate action is now. Our jobs depend on it.
The province’s adult-learning system isn’t equipped to address growing needs.
News|By Beatrice Paez
The Greens' Elizabeth May says her three-member caucus isn’t prepared to back any confidence motions unless Canada adjusts its climate targets.
Applying a disability lens doesn’t mean the obliteration of the existing safeguards of the medical assistance in dying legislation.
The Conservatives and NDP had their poorest returns in Quebec, the Liberals had biggest losses in Alberta, and the Green Party shared their lowest count between Alberta, Quebec, and Saskatchewan.
Plus, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says agreement on the new NAFTA is 'imminent,' raising the prospect that ratification could come before the end of the year.
News|By Palak Mangat
'We know that the government is going to need our support at some level if they want to pass bills,' he said. 'That’s not going to come for free.'
Ahead of NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh's meeting with the PM, he said yesterday that if his party's priorities aren't reflected in the Speech from the Throne, he would 'absolutely be open to voting against' it.

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