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‘Let’s get on with the contest now’: chorus of prominent Conservatives calling for Scheer’s ouster continues to grow

News|By Mike Lapointe
But a Conservative source is decrying public criticism of Andrew Scheer's leadership, saying it will only create the kind of schisms that will set the party back and that former leader Stephen Harper worked to avoid.
The 24-member team is Jagmeet Singh’s ‘first caucus,’ says MP Don Davies, and the group is ‘starting with a clean slate.’
News|By Neil Moss
‘From a U.S. perspective, the relationship between the ambassador and the prime minister has to be extremely close,’ says Michael Kergin.
Opinion|By Tim Powers
The Throne Speech might provide a glimpse into the parameters of all this national niceness, whereas the 2020 federal budget will be the time when choices get made, and not all will be happy.
Mark Carney’s appointment as the UN's envoy for climate finance will draw the global financial sector’s attention to the dangers of underestimating climate-change risk in the global financial system.
The question for NATO isn’t ‘Who’s the enemy?’ It’s ‘How do we respond?’
Opinion|Erica Ifill
The Conservative Party chose to go full Tea Party and are now brandishing their machetes for Andrew Scheer in a bloodletting that would make make Brutus envious.
News|By Palak Mangat
Canada's new procurement minister Anita Anand 'ticks a lot of the boxes,' says one political observer of the first Hindu to be appointed into cabinet on a federal level.
News|By Beatrice Paez
'The government has heard Canadians’ concerns that the world is increasingly uncertain, and that the economy is changing,' the Throne Speech read. 'And in this context, regional needs and differences really matter.'
MPs used a ranked-ballot voting system to elect the new House Speaker.
Feature|By Aidan Chamandy
Queen Elizabeth, on her first royal visit to Canada in 1957, delivered John Diefenbaker's first Throne Speech. In 1977, she delivered Pierre Trudeau's Throne Speech as well in Canada.
For the first time, all the pomp and circumstance of electing a Speaker and watching the Speech from the Throne will unfold in two separate buildings, with Centre Block still undergoing a decade's worth of renovations.
News|By Palak Mangat
In a minority Parliament, co-operation between parties is now an 'imperative, as opposed to something that we would try to do,' says Chief Government Whip Mark Holland.
News|By Beatrice Paez
Incumbent House Speaker Geoff Regan says he expects MPs will be largely influenced by their peers' assessments of the candidates in casting their ballots for the new Speaker.
Plus, Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett is set to address the Assembly of First Nations.
'It is a weird irony that integration is being isolated this way,' says Anita Singh, while others say there’s an opportunity for the diversity, inclusion, and youth file to play a larger role in government.
Mark Carney, who is leaving the Bank of England for a new role with the United Nations, has been pushing the financial community to wake up to the implications of global warming.
French ambassador Kareen Rispal says the 29-member alliance is in the midst of a political crisis and her president was recognizing that fact.
Opinion|By Andrew Caddell
Much like the 'dot-com' bubble that burst in 2000, when analysts ignored the cash flow of the early internet businesses, companies like Uber, Airbnb, and even Amazon are vulnerable. And we in Canada will not be immune.
Soldiers know the difference between heroic acts and criminal acts. Donald Trump, apparently, has the two confused.
Feature|By Laura Ryckewaert
Plus, Adam Carroll has moved over to Infrastructure Minister Catherine McKenna's office as chief of staff.
Feature|By Neil Moss
Plus, Trudeau's plane in the repair shop, and Mark Carney named UN's envoy for climate finance.
Long-awaited collective agreements are finally being settled with the unions representing Parliament’s security officers, just in time for a new round of talks.
'There are lots of meetings and sit-downs that need to be had over a relatively short period of time,' says Miller.
Opinion|By Robert Ghiz
Declining prices are only one indication of successful wireless policy. Network performance and coverage are also fundamental components of a healthy wireless industry.
Opinion|By Gwynne Dyer
The alleged Russian threat is still the glue that holds the alliance together, but French President Emmanuel Macron doesn’t believe in that.

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