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If we’re going to dismantle white supremacy, let’s not whitewash it

Opinion|By Erica Ifill
Conversations about systemic racism need to move beyond diversity and inclusion, which does not solve racism, and move onto dismantling white supremacy, which does.
Opinion|By Les Whittington
While Trump’s incitement of the mayhem at the Capitol has hurt his standing with Americans, generally, polls indicate his followers by and large have not been chastened or turned against the outgoing president.
Opinion|By Tim Powers
Newfoundland and Labrador is a place where entrenched special-interest bodies within and outside the electoral system will make it difficult to have the debate and discussion that is really needed.
News|By Alice Chen
The Green Party's former executive director resigned in October, but a public search for a permanent replacement has yet to begin.
Opinion|Michael Bernstein 12:39 PM ET
A carbon tax paired with income tax cuts could resolve O’Toole’s dilemma and position the party to compete strongly with the Liberals in the next election, right across Canada.
Opinion|Gwynne Dyer 12:39 PM ET
Alexei Navalny is probably not the man who will finally take Vladimir Putin down. What he is doing to great effect is mobilizing the tech-savvy young.
Opinion|Jeffrey Reeves 11:41 AM ET
It is extremely important that Canada clearly articulate where and how its approach to the region differs from that of the U.S.
Incumbent U.S. presidents running for re-election, when the economy is good, almost always win. 
By Yves Engler 12:32 PM ET
Nuclear weapons remain a serious threat to humanity and the treaty represents an important step towards abolishing these ghastly weapons. Canadians of conscience must press the Trudeau government to sign on.
Plus, former Conservative Party leadership contender Derek Sloan has been ousted from the party after a caucus vote.
News|By Beatrice Paez
He faced potential expulsion last year during the leadership race over comments he made that appeared to question whether chief public health officer Dr. Theresa Tam, who is of Asian descent, was a pawn of China.
If ever there was a time to develop this talent pipeline, it is in the middle of an economy-destroying pandemic. We need to be ready to bounce back strongly when the disease is behind us.
Opinion|By Aiman Akmal
The Donald Trump playbook, coated in racism, and the consistent lamenting of 'cancel culture,' was successful for a time. Not anymore.
News|By Palak Mangat
‘The rise of political extremism, white supremacy, and domestic terrorism [is one] that we must confront and will defeat,’ said U.S. President Joe Biden in his first address.
Perhaps the greatest disconnect in the federal approach is that it actually runs counter to the government’s own circularity, sustainability, and climate change goals.
Mr. Bains, who was lobbied 214 times in 2020, took the top spot from the 2019 leader, Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau.
Opinion|By Jason Kerr
At a time when there is limited bandwidth in government, collaboration has helped bring more voices and opinions to the table quickly as new policies and programs were drafted and rolled out at record speed.
Opinion|By Mario Dion
First and foremost, be careful and know the rules. Read them. They are clear.
News|By Neil Moss
With Garneau's appointment as foreign affairs minister, the 'big message' to Biden in Washington is 'we have somebody here who can work with you' and who 'understands you,' says Carleton professor Fen Olser Hampson.
Plus, incoming U.S. president Joe Biden is poised to mark his first day in office.
News|By Neil Moss
The new mandate letters add new priorities to the instructions given to cabinet ministers in the 2019 mandate letters.
Opinion|By Nancy Belanger
My recommendations for improving the Lobbying Act are based on values aimed at increasing transparency, fairness, efficiency, and clarity.
Quebec is expected to once again be a key electoral battleground, spurred on by the Bloc Québécois’ resurgence in 2019, with multiple candidates already nominated in three target ridings.
The opportunity remains for collaboration across party lines to strengthen our institutions, democratic functions, and governing agencies.
Feature|By Laura Ryckewaert
Plus, there are a couple of new special assistants now at work in the Liberal research bureau.
Opinion|By Andrew Caddell
In the past twenty years, consultants have either advised or taken over senior positions in government, with calamitous results.
News|By Alice Chen
'I hope that intelligence and security officials in Canada learned after what they saw in the U.S. and can make sure something like that does not happen here,' says Ottawa-turned-Washington correspondent Richard Madan.
Opinion|By W. Scott Thurlow
If changes must be made to the Lobbying Act, the one area that needs a lot of work is the section relating to designated public office holders.
Opinion|By Lori Turnbull
If 2020 is any indication, opportunities for lobbying in Canada will continue to abound. Ethical, transparent lobbying is consistent with advancing the public good.
Opinion|By Anuradha Dugal
Inequity can’t be vaccinated away, but targeted solutions can make the difference.

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