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SNC-Lavalin lobbied Liberal-tied ambassador on corruption case, sought help from ex-aides to Chrétien, Mulroney

The Quebec company had extensive access to government ministers and top staffers, and was the only organization registered to lobby for allowing deferred prosecution agreements for white collar crimes.
Feature|By Emily Haws
Canada's former chief agriculture negotiator Frédéric Seppey was most lobbied, while chief NAFTA negotiator Steve Verheul came second.
Quebec ministers featured prominently in the cabinet committee shuffle last week, among them Tourism Minister Mélanie Joly and Justice Minister David Lametti.
Australian wine sales have the opportunity to grow across Canada, but when it comes to this trade dispute, business success, longevity, and consumer generosity will be tested.
Opinion|Daniel Tsai
Passengers deserve better. With the upcoming deadline for submissions, and this being an election year, it is our last chance to finally make airlines accountable.
Opinion|Sheila Copps
It's always tricky when a man is out in public repeatedly attacking a woman. The fact that Jody Wilson-Raybould was a star cabinet minister and first ever-Indigenous AG makes the strarategy even more questionable.
Opinion|David Crane
The ability to meet future social aspirations for a healthy, equitable, sustainable, and prosperous society for all, depends on innovation and the abilibility to generate wealth and opportunity.
The reality is Canada’s tax system is no longer fit for purpose and it is hurting Canadians, our competitiveness and our economy. Parliamentarians seem to agree.
‘I don’t believe that I would be given a position that I don’t have any authority to move things on,’ says Rural Economic Development Minister Bernadette Jordan.
Canadian businesses are increasingly looking at meaningful ways to address these challeneges. The good news is that the best path forward makes not only good business-sense but also good people-sense.
The most-lobbied staffers last year worked on money files like innovation and finance, as well as the environment, a hot-button issue legislatively.
Opinion|By Helen Long
Canadians buying cannabidiol through the recreational route are not buying it to get high, they are buying it to get well. It should be regulated as such.
Environment and Agriculture were among the most-lobbied departments.
The National Association of Federal Retirees says it was told in recent meetings with Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s office the government ‘is not moving forward’ with Bill C-27.
Senator Grant Mitchell says the interest ‘means the reformed Senate is working,’ while others are reluctant to accept too many meetings.
Promoting Seamus O’Regan and shuffling Jody Wilson-Raybould signals the Liberals are moving away from a 'progressive approach' to Indigenous relations, downgrading its importance, says expert Hayden King.
News|By Jolson Lim
The federal government attributes issues with the new legal cannabis supply chain to local problems with distribution and retail.
News|By Neil Moss
Proposed regulations published on Dec. 20 include a ban on products needing refrigeration and separating food and pot production.
Opinion|By Vicki-May Hamm
FCM is calling for federal leadership to ensure municipalities have the financial tools to fully put in place federal cannabis policy.
Opinion|By Trina Fraser
They’re violating the personal dignity of patients by imposing a ‘sin tax’ on their medicine.
Feature|By Emily Haws
The new deputy head of the public service, Catherine Blewett, brings fed-prov muscle to her start this week as deputy PCO clerk and associate secretary to cabinet.
Opinion|By Scott Taylor
If one Canadian Armed Forces witness is right, the former vice-chief of defence staff’s case could point to a dangerous circumvention of access-to-information rules in DND.
News|By Jolson Lim
In a year-end interview, the leader of Canada's largest Indigenous advocacy organization says the 2019 federal election will be key as the voting power of First Nations people increases.
A ‘critical design deficiency’ affecting sound is responsible for the six-sitting-day delay in Chamber work in the new Senate of Canada Building in 2019.
They accuse the Independent Senators Group of not following meeting rules, but the ISG says the Conservatives are attempting to delay the ‘politically sensitive’ bill, C-69.
Unifor was one of the most active groups, pushing government officials on the media bailout, shipbuilding, and GM’s closure of Oshawa’s auto plant.
Meanwhile, EU member countries acted quickly to approve regulations, ending all outdoor uses of these neonics by the end of this year.
Opinion|By Don Lenihan
We believe that using deliberation to support big projects, say, in infrastructure or procurement, would give citizens a more meaningful role in planning and build legitimacy and resilience around the decisions.
Opinion|By Jacquie LaRocque
Ottawa needs to ensure that officials are committed to understanding the unique challenges faced by smaller companies when it comes to accessing and successfully using federal assistance measures.
After negotiations, the ISG, which has 53 per cent of members in the Senate, has about half of the Chamber’s committee seats.
Panellists at the Pearson Centre’s Year 4 conference say campaigns kick into high gear, and the ex-premier says governing is like a ‘political straitjacket.’

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