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CIJA, Dairy Farmers lead last lobbyist push before election call

Lobbyists filed 772 reports last month, down from 972 in July, and from the 1,478 reports filed in June.
Opinion|By Les Whittington
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals promised in 2015 to take handguns and assault weapons ‘off our streets,’ but have made only limited progress in the face of strong opposition.
Opinion|By Amy Kishek
The SNC-Lavalin affair is about a political system that is rife for abuse, and those responsible for the recent abuses are seeking re-election on a platform of open and transparent government.
The government is still ‘assessing options,’ says Trade Minister Jim Carr's office, but those close to the file don’t expect any action before the election.
Opinion|Sheila Copps
The bottom line is that when you are literally one turkey dinner away from the vote, the last thing Andrew Scheer needs is public speculation about who will replace him when he loses.
The next government in power after Oct. 21 must seize the moment and satisfy the financial needs of Canadian veterans and their dependants.
The campaign will ultimately come down to which is more formidable, Conservative cash or Justin Trudeau’s cachet.
Feature|By Neil Moss
Plus, a political ad on the frontpage of the National Post, and Justin Ling debunks conspiracy theory, Warren Kinsella loses his mind.
News|By Abbas Rana
Liberal MP Ken Hardie says his team has set up get-out-the-vote ground operations in the riding to get all his supporters to the polling booths on election day.
There have been 26 shootings in the riding in this calendar year.
'Does that create a legitimacy question, for Trudeau to combine with Singh, or not? There’s no legal impediment to it,' says former CBC Parliament Hill bureau chief Elly Alboim.
‘The numbers are holding very closely to what they were last time. It all depends on turnout,’ says the 31-year MP Ralph Goodale. 
Opinion|By Michael Harris
Whatever dirt he has on Justin Trudeau, the CPC leader can thank his lucky stars that the current dog-and-pony show hasn’t become the Integrity Election.
Opinion|By David Crane
Canada faces as critical future, one where there are serious challenges.
Opinion|By Gwynne Dyer
The country still depends on oil for its income, but it is no longer ‘oil-rich’. There is little prospect for a radical improvement in the lives of those angry young men in the streets of Baghdad.
Unlike in the last election, none of the major party leaders has promised to try and balance the budget within a four year mandate during this campaign.
Opinion|By Terrance Hunsley
It would make for better elections if we could focus on a small set of consistent national goals, and achieve those goals.
Opinion|By Andrew Cardozo
To the surprise of all, a group of independent academics evaluated the Liberal record of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government and they concluded that the government had kept 92 per cent of its promises.
Opinion|By Martin L. Pall
Wireless communication devices emit pulsed electromagnetic fields (EMFs) where the pulsations communicate the information. The smarter the device, the more they pulse.
Opinion|By Greg Lyle
The carbon price is a risky ballot question for the Liberals, opposing Doug Ford and Jason Kenney is not.
News|By Abbas Rana
This campaign is not defined by any overarching issue, and has become ‘personal’ and ‘ugly’ between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, says pollster and Ipsos president Darrell Bricker.
Elsewhere, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is holding an early-morning rally at 7:30 a.m. with Ottawa-area candidates downtown.
Opinion|By Marcos Da Silva
What really stood out was that more than half of Canadians feel the country’s political process is broken and needs to be disrupted.
News|By Beatrice Paez
With a campaign that has been 'characterized by bickering' and personal attacks, and less about policy, turnout doesn’t appear poised to hit the same levels as the last election, says pollster Nik Nanos.
News|By Beatrice Paez
The Conservatives directed fewer ad dollars to Mr. Scheer’s page, funnelling 77 per cent of its spending to the national party page, compared to just 6.5 per cent to the leader’s profile.
The six federal party leaders will hit the stage of the Canadian Museum of History for part two of the government-sanctioned televised debates. Plus, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau plans to hit a pumpkin patch.
Opinion|By Gwynne Dyer
Erdogan’s strategy is quite clear. He says he is going to create a 'safe zone' in northern Syria by driving the 'Kurdish terrorists' out.

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