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Three weeks to deadline, gridlocked Finance Committee’s pre-budget study in doubt

Opinions are mixed as to how useful the committee's pre-budget study even is, with former PBO Kevin Page saying, historically, it's been a 'wasted opportunity.'
Lobbyists will also be keeping an eye on progress on the government's backlog of big-ticket legislation and regulatory reforms this session.
‘Quality versus quantity makes the most sense’ in a constrained period with a lot of moving parts, including a new Conservative leader who should be part of an ‘everyone matters’ advocacy approach, says Jacquie LaRoque.
With 2,002 recorded communications, June saw a dip in lobbying compared to each of the four previous months of 2020, but it was busier than the last sitting month in 2019.
As things stand in Canada, the opposition has more, not less control. It can choose when to call the government’s bluff and defeat the government on an issue that is important enough to trigger an election.
If we play our cards right, Canada can create good jobs, clean growth, and prosperity for Canadians in the low-carbon society of the future.
News|By Mike Lapointe
Brian Clow, executive director of issues management, parliamentary affairs and Canada-U.S. relations remains at the helm, and works closely with Elise Wagner, adviser for issues and Canada-U.S. relations within the PMO.
Plus, seeking to address swirl of confusion around the domestic distribution of the coronavirus vaccine, health officials say they project Canada could receive six million doses by March.
Feature|By Palak Mangat
Plus, a new political party could be on the horizon in Ontario, thanks to efforts that are led by former Conservative leadership hopeful Jim Karahalios and his partner, Belinda.
Opinion|By Gwynne Dyer
There is a long, dark winter still ahead of us, no doubt, but miracles may await us over the horizon. And we can now be sure that the light at the end of this particular tunnel is not an oncoming train.
Opinion|By Sheila Copps
I've travelled south and am currently coviding in 30-degree temperatures on the sunny beaches of Mexico. To be clear, we left home two weeks before the government issued an anti-travel advisory to all seniors last week.
‘The biggest risk is that we’re going to backload the policies and the efforts that we’re going to need,’ says Michael Bernstein.
News|By Abbas Rana
'It's clear that everybody's already tilting in toward the next president,' said Mr. Heyman, who served as the U.S. envoy to Canada from 2014 to 2017.
Opinion|By Michael Harris
Outgoing President Donald Trump has two months to lash out before Joe Biden takes office. He's already called on Republican legislators to help him override the election, and contemplated attacking Iran.
News|By Abbas Rana
One-term former Liberal MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes talks to The Hill Times about her life in federal politics and about her upcoming book, Can You Hear Me Now?, and she says she's not ruling out a return to the Hill.
Opinion|By David Crane
Corporate Canada has two good reasons to contribute to the country’s going-forward strategy.
Now is not the time for scoring political points over jurisdiction. COVID-19 brought tragic consequences to the lack of federal standards. We have a chance to right that wrong.
News|By Mike Lapointe
But NDP MP Matthew Green says 'there just seems to be ongoing reluctance for this government to go beyond the aesthetics of big ticket announcements.'
The bill leaves unanswered questions, including why the government wants consumer data, and how much businesses will be able to do with that data without consumers' permission, says John Lawford.
News|By Palak Mangat
The possibility of Canada receiving six million vaccine doses by the end of March 2021 comes with a 'big if,' says Iain Stewart, the newly named president of the Public Health Agency of Canada.
News|By Beatrice Paez
Canada could be on track to hit upwards of 60,000 new infections in December, unless individuals modify their behaviour and restrictions are tightened.
Plus, federal public health officials plan to release the latest modelling projections on the pandemic's trajectory.
Elections Canada is exploring the idea of installing secure drop-off boxes for mail-in ballots.
This is about survival: scientists warn that the Amazon is approaching a tipping point beyond, which the rainforest cannot sustain itself. If that happens, there would be a massive die-off of plant and animal species.
Opinion|By Ian Waddell
The Canadian public needs to actually see the politicians struggling with these issues. One forum would be an open televised a federal-provincial conference. The prime minister should immediately call one.
Opinion|By Michael Geist
There is no Canadian-content production crisis at the moment, but Steven Guilbeault’s new bill may well create one.
Opinion|By Jim Creskey
The Biden presidency is an opportunity for Canada and the world to step back from the brink and break free from that implied and sadly predictable global death wish.
Opinion|By Gerry Nicholls
Organizations that promote causes, political or otherwise, play an important role in our community. You might say, trying to make our society better is their business. 

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