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When making transport policy, don’t forget how it affects company vehicles

Opinion|By Phil Russo
The push for emissions reduction and shift to greener fuel sources will boost the cost of doing business for fleets. That’s why government support to industry is important.
Opinion|By Erika Simpson
Whether SNC is allowed to meet and make billions of dollars of new contractual obligations over the next decade will be crucial to the global nuclear industry and Canada’s future development.
February produced 2,487 lobby records, doubling the slow holiday months as groups organized Hill days and focused on asks ahead of the March budget.
News|By Beatrice Paez
Ex-minister Jody Wilson-Raybould says she has 'no regrets' for speaking out. 'I spoke the truth as I will continue to do.'
Bill C-48 proposes a ban against oil tankers off most of Canada’s West Coast. The bill threatens national unity severely and significantly by pitting one region against another and communities against communities.
Yes, our one-time super-sensitive, super-empathetic, touchy feely prime minister is officially now a tough guy. We see evidence of this transformation all over the place.
By working together, Canada and Indigenous nations can sustain these important lands for future generations. We can offer a model for the world of conservation rooted in respect, responsibility and reconciliation.
Opinion|Sheila Copps
The hardline, anti-Ottawa stance by Jason Kenney and Doug Ford should help Justin Trudeau make inroads with women and young voters, two key elements to his last majority.
News|By Neil Moss
In a wide-ranging interview, Infrastructure Minister François-Philippe Champagne talks about the Liberals' $190-billion infrastructure plan, investment in Canada's North, and the SNC-Lavalin affair.
The Mining Association of Canada opposes giving the ombudsperson the power to compel evidence related to alleged corporate wrongdoing, arguing that’s what Canadian courts are for.
A run-down of influencers in the Senate.
News|By Beatrice Paez
The publication of these documents will likely re-energize opposition parties' push for the government to allow his ex-minister to fully air her side of the story.
News|By Abbas Rana
Liberal MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith described the opposition parties' motion as ‘premature,’ as the Justice Committee is still awaiting a written submission and documents from ex-minister Jody Wilson-Raybould.
News|By Emily Haws
MPs and pollsters say the issue could contribute to greater voter cynicism, which could lead to lower turnout at the polls in October.
Opinion|By Scott Taylor
The Quebec engineering company’s desire to gain lucrative contracts in Gaddafi’s Libya led to the fraud and corruption charges it sought to have dealt with through a deferred prosecution agreement.
News|By Jolson Lim
Despite being seen as a bit of an unknown by the agriculture community, Marie-Claude Bibeau hails from a Quebec riding with a heavy concentration of dairy farms.
Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s explanation for the move—helping the economy—puts him in a direct contradiction with his own law, says ex-Conservative finance minister Joe Oliver.
While Justin Trudeau's poll numbers have sunk amid the controversy, Andrew Scheer and Jagmeet Singh have not seen a boost to their own polling numbers as opposition leaders. But it's still early days, say strategists.
Opinion|By Michael Barrett
Co-operatives often fail to fit program or policy criteria as a “business,” or face costly delays and barriers to growth, such as those that result from disparities between the Canadian Cooperatives Act and individual pr
January produced 1,237 lobby records, a slight uptick from December, but less than half of monthly averages in the fall.
News|By Emily Haws
Ex-parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page, who used to work under Michael Wernick, says that 'when you look at just the facts, Michael didn’t sound partisan' to him.
The SNC-Lavalin affair ‘casts a new light’ on the Senate Legal Affairs Committee study of remediation agreements last year, say committee members.
Jody Wilson-Raybould’s hiring of Thomas Cromwell as counsel is ‘good for the client, good for the PMO, good for Canada,’ says a Supreme Court specialist.
News|By Beatrice Paez
Gerald Butts has removed himself from the daily political grind of strategizing how to keep the Liberals in power. But observers say it's unlikely he will be consigned to watch the campaign unfold from the sidelines.
The Quebec company had extensive access to government ministers and top staffers, and was the only organization registered to lobby for allowing deferred prosecution agreements for white collar crimes.
Quebec ministers featured prominently in the cabinet committee shuffle last week, among them Tourism Minister Mélanie Joly and Justice Minister David Lametti.
Feature|By Emily Haws
Canada's former chief agriculture negotiator Frédéric Seppey was most lobbied, while chief NAFTA negotiator Steve Verheul came second.
‘I don’t believe that I would be given a position that I don’t have any authority to move things on,’ says Rural Economic Development Minister Bernadette Jordan.
Australian wine sales have the opportunity to grow across Canada, but when it comes to this trade dispute, business success, longevity, and consumer generosity will be tested.
Canadian businesses are increasingly looking at meaningful ways to address these challeneges. The good news is that the best path forward makes not only good business-sense but also good people-sense.
The most-lobbied staffers last year worked on money files like innovation and finance, as well as the environment, a hot-button issue legislatively.
Opinion|By Helen Long
Canadians buying cannabidiol through the recreational route are not buying it to get high, they are buying it to get well. It should be regulated as such.

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