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Black Canadian groups call on feds to address economic inequities facing community

News|By Beatrice Paez
'The work they’re doing is going to need to speak for itself,' says Liberal strategist Tiffany Gooch, about the party's recovery from the prime minister's blackface scandal.
In an election year, lobbying activity dropped by 30 per cent compared to 2018, but some staffers kept busy.
In an election year, lobbying activity dropped by 30 per cent compared to 2018.
News|By Beatrice Paez
'If you want to advance a file, it’s no longer enough for the governing party to be onside,' says Yaroslav Baran of Earnscliffe Strategy Group.
Opinion|Linda Silas
The Public Health Agency of Canada is failing to properly prepare front-line workers in acute-care settings and overlooking the clear lessons learned from our previous experience with pandemics.
The rule of law applies equally to everyone; no one is above the law. Yet the rule of law has never been well-defined or equally applied for Indigenous peoples.
Opinion|Gwynne Dyer
The whistleblowers are among our last remaining checks on the contemptuous ease with which those who control the information seek to manipulate the rest of us.
The man who lost to the woman who lost to Donald Trump is now the one delivering all the previously unthinkables.
Plus, the WHO said countries should be wary of not taking the coronavirus seriously, saying it would be a 'fatal mistake' if they assumed it wouldn't touch their borders.
MPs are right to question the ‘trend’ towards central votes that give government’s flexibility on spending, says PBO.
'It’s a question of the Crown and its relations with Indigenous people and chiefs. It’s not a question of getting their views to a parliamentary committee,' says Green parliamentary leader Elizabeth May.
Feature|By Laura Ryckewaert
Meanwhile, Geneviève Hinse is now chief of staff to Quebec lieutenant Pablo Rodriguez, whose team also now includes former Quebec MP Ramez Ayoub.
Several ministers are hitting the committee circuit following the government's release of the supplementary estimates.
News|By Palak Mangat
Foreign Affairs Minister François-Philippe Champagne says there's no plan to repatriate those asking to be repatriated from Iran amid the coronavirus outbreak.
News|By Beatrice Paez
Plus, the heritage minister says recommendations made by an expert broadcast review panel will be used to inform a forthcoming government bill, which he expects to table before the House rises this summer.
Opinion|By Tim Powers
We are at a time in Canada where we need political maturity more than ever. If we want to address so many of Canada’s opportunities and challenges, we are all going to have to up our game.
'There’s no solution here that gives the hereditary chiefs what they want that doesn’t blow the underpinnings of the Canadian regulatory process for reviewing infrastructure,' says pollster Greg Lyle.
Opinion|By Paul Lansbergen
If done right, we can realize true sustainable outcomes and drive the revitalization of coastal communities across Canada promised by a dynamic and innovative seafood sector.
News|By Neil Moss
Aldona Wos is the second straight top Republican donor from a southern U.S. state that U.S. President Donald Trump has nominated as ambassador to Canada.
News|By Mike Lapointe
Pollster Nik Nanos called the release of the declaration 'a bit of a veiled threat, especially considering no one was given a heads up and it just came right out of the blue.'
Opinion|By Erica Ifill
Within a week, the prime minister had gone from seeking patience to speaking to Indigenous people like the father you disappointed by cutting class.
Canada should 'take on more of a leadership role' and scale up its support to help resolve the crisis in Venezuela, says Rema Jamous Imseis.
Feature|By Neil Moss
Plus, CP's Jordan Press will be the new president of the Parliamentary Press Gallery, and Conservative MP John Williamson is set to welcome a baby.
Opinion|By Les Whittington
While MacKay’s and O’Toole’s tough talk may rev up the Conservative base, it’s not likely to build the wider support the party needs among Canadians.
Plus, Senator Lynn Beyak, who faces another suspension from the Senate, says she apologizes 'unreservedly' for posting racist letters about Indigenous people on her website.
Opinion|By Scott Taylor
Maybe an exposé would spark the call for a full parliamentary inquiry into just who was responsible for leading us into such a quagmire in Afghanistan.
The three-member working group set up by the House Board of Internal Economy in 2019 to oversee Centre Block’s renovation was disbanded with the last Parliament, and discussions are now underway on its successor.
Opinion|By Andrew Caddell
In the present day, there are modifications possible within the ‘colonial’ framework. But you don't burn down the village to save it. And binary descriptions don’t help the cause of reconciliation.
The current budget system is an ‘embarrassment’ still in need of a revamp, say critics who hope a minority Parliament will give opportunities for opposition feedback and a better system.

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