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Hill Life & People

Conservative leader’s office adds new stakeholder adviser

Feature|By Laura Ryckewaert
Plus, an assistant to Liberal MP Gagan Sikand is set to become chief of staff to the British high commissioner.
Feature|By Shruti Shekar
Tunisian elections were 'unimaginable' in 2011, says Mohamed Torjemane, who hopes to build stronger relations between Tunisia and Canada.
Feature|By Shruti Shekar
Plus, there's a new pool camera for ministers to dodge in the foyer outside Question Period, and the Ottawa Art Gallery has been mentioned in the New York Times.
News|By Shruti Shekar
'I would be surprised if he wasn’t the No. 1 minister being lobbied,' says Navigator consultant Andrew Balfour as energy and environment bills work their way through the House.
Opinion|By Evan Sotiropoulos
Economic indicators suggest that Canada's performance among G7 nations is middling, says columnist Evan Sotiropoulos.
Opinion|By Colleen Collins
Energy demand continues to grow around the world, even as countries, including a historically oil-rich country like Norway, look to diversify and invest in renewable resources.
Opinion|By Chantal HÉbert
The Quebec Liberals have one card up their sleeve that their Ontario cousins do not.
Opinion|By Phil Gurski
As Canadians, we expect the authorities tasked with keeping us safe to do as they are mandated. We spend a lot of taxpayers’ hard-earned money on law enforcement and national-security agencies, and we demand an efficient…
Hill Life & People
The Liberal appointment process is ‘broken,’ according to a new Public Policy Forum report, but MPs and observers are split on the fix.
Feature|By Shruti Shekar
'When you look at the core business, it’s still running pretty much the way it was run 40 years ago,' says Patricia Meredith, one of two authors who won the $50,000 prize for best public policy book announced last week.
Opinion|By Nancy Peckford
Processes to ensure a fair and impartial hearing for both alleged victims and perpetrators of harassment are crucial to existing Hill harassment policies, as well as the newly tabled federal legislation under Bill C-65.
Feature|By Shruti Shekar
Plus, Andrew Scheer and The Hill Times are hosting upcoming parties for reporters and Hillites.
Feature|By Laura Ryckewaert
NDP deputy director communications Sarah Andrews is exiting her role at the end of the month.
Feature|By Shruti Shekar
CP's Washington correspondent Alex Panetta is leaving the wire service for an undisclosed new opportunity, and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh lands a spot on the Young Global Leaders list created by the World Economic Forum.
NDP MP Christine Moore 'clearly wanted to get her side of the story out and, given the potential consequences for her career and her reputation, I don't blame her for trying to do that,' says Conservative strategist Rachel Curran.
Feature|By Laura Ryckewaert
Plus, Zita Astravas, chief of staff to the defence minister, is on leave from the Hill to help out the Ontario Liberal campaign.
News|By Shruti Shekar
NDP MP Charlie Angus also wants Parliamentarians to discuss regulating lobbyists who take up jobs as political staffers.
Parliament ‘isn’t an instrument of government,’ says Tory Sen. Housakos, who put forward a motion that the next Senate clerk be appointed ‘with the express recommendation of the Senate.’
Opinion|By Tim Powers
With caucus-conduct controversies and concerns about his chances in the next election, it’s not a great time to be the NDP leader.
News|By Jolson Lim
Public Services and Procurement Canada’s decision to study eco-friendly replacements to natural gas ignited criticism.
Feature|By Laura Ryckewaert
Cameron Ahmad Liberal strategist “We are bringing forward a generational update to the Canada Elections Act. The Elections Modernization Act is a major step forward in our government’s commitment to improving and strengthening our elections…
Margo McDiarmid is retiring from the CBC after more than 30 years in the business, and former prime minister Stephen Harper has signed his name to a huge ad in The New York Times applauding U.S. President Donald Trump for pulling out of the Iran deal.
Juniors Damy has left the Prime Minister’s Office, where he’d been a special assistant for appointments for more than two years.
News|By Abbas Rana
The MPs' harassment training session is called 'Strengthening a Culture of Respect from Awareness to Action,' and as of last week, more than two-thirds of all the MPs have completed it, House of Commons spokesperson Heather Bradley says.
Feature|By Laura Ryckewaert
Along with historical context and academic analysis of parliamentary and party processes, Ian Brodie’s book offers up some frank insights behind the scenes of the Harper Conservative government.
Senators say a closer look at how money is handed out to each group is needed to help stem ballooning budgets.
News|By Neil Moss
'I think it could have been handled differently from both sides,' says ex-NDP national director Karl Bélanger of MP Erin Weir's caucus dismissal, though others say the party did the best it could.
News|By Emily Haws
MPs say finding work-life balance is a struggle, but cite staying away from receptions and participating in Hill sports leagues as a way to protect their health.
Opinion|By Tim Powers
He demonstrated that nice guys can succeed, the importance of friendships even across party lines, and the key to job security is always keeping your community front and centre.
Feature|By Laura Ryckewaert
Plus, Fisheries and Oceans Minister Dominic LeBlanc has made a number of changes to his senior staff roster.
Feature|By Shruti Shekar
Ottawa municipal elections are happening this fall and a few Hill folks are running, National Post's John Ivison and Liberal MP Nick Whalen are organizing another soccer match, and the GG is not living at Rideau Hall.
Feature|By Laura Ryckewaert
Catherine Loiacono, who’d been director of parliamentary affairs to the Finance Minister, is now filling the same role in Science Minister Kirsty Duncan’s office.

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