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Hill Life & People

A presidential endorsement: Raptors boss Masai Ujiri backs Trudeau

Feature|By Neil Moss
Plus, CBC sues the Tories for copyright infringement, and Jaden Lake helps father Mike in his quest to win re-election.
Marica Matkovic is returning to Croatia to help the country prepare for its first-ever Council of the EU presidency.
News|By Mike Lapointe
The 'essence of clerkness' is continuity of government, says former PCO clerk Mel Cappe, who says he's 'strongly advised' current PCO clerk Ian Shugart to reach out to Andrew Scheer's team.
Feature|By Neil Moss
Plus, a political ad on the frontpage of the National Post, and Justin Ling debunks conspiracy theory, Warren Kinsella loses his mind.
Opinion|By Omar Allam 4:55 PM ET
Still missing from all parties are specifics on plans to lead Canada on the world stage and how Ottawa plans to support Canadian exporters and foreign investors looking to do business in Canada.
Opinion|By David Morley
The very norms and standards to protect children—foundational to universal accords of war, conflict, and human rights—are being defied with near impunity. 
Opinion|By John Trent
One of the UN's greatest strengths is the ability to move from consciousness raising to agenda setting to agreement on action by member states.
Opinion|By Melanie Rutledge
Federal parties need to address tax laws on income-tax deductibility, which are creating a major imbalance that's hurting Canadian publications.
Hill Life & People
News|By Palak Mangat
From Rihanna's follow to Obama's endorsement of Trudeau to Time Magazine's brownface scoop, here are some highlights from the 40-day campaign.
Plus, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May continues her bus tour of Vancouver Island and Vancouver that's expected to wrap up Saturday.
News|By Palak Mangat
The Conservative's candidate, Justin McCaffrey, has skipped two events, including a debate on the environment, intended to feature all candidates.
In a riding where voters are deeply engaged in the political process, candidates avoid the low-hanging fruit and stay out of the mud as they grapple with who to send to the House of Commons.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is headed to Terrebonne, Que., today to visit a local business before finishing the day with an evening rally in Montreal alongside supporters and Liberal candidates.
Opinion|By Kendall Anderson
Our political system is set up for short-term gain not long-term planning—politicians know they’re always on trial for their jobs. 
Opponents are technically right in accusing the Liberals of failing to live up to their 2015 fiscal platform promises. But the Liberals can truthfully say that they kept those promises.
Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is planning to stump for Sylvie Fréchette in Saint-Jérôme before he heads to Ontario for a swing through a sports complex in Essex, Ont., and a visit to Pub Fiction in Ancaster.
Growing economic anxiety powers populism, begets anger and cynicism and has people searching for answers on what are usually seen as the extremes of policy.
Opinion|By Lisa Van Dusen
With elections being messed with in ways democracies are just beginning to fight, maybe protecting the process itself should be the ballot question.
Jagmeet Singh’s impressive campaign has ‘rescued’ and ‘refocused’ the NDP after the failed 2015 effort, Ed Broadbent says.
The Liberals, Conservatives, NDP, and Greens collectively spotlighted tax offers on 17 of 31 days of the campaign, climate change on 15 days, and health care on 11.
Opinion|By Andrew Caddell
In spite of the media focus on the leaders’ campaigns, we do not have a presidential system in this country. We elect a cabinet, not a king.
Opinion|By Tim Powers
We now have mixed generations of leaders and political activists who are masters in political marketing, audience segmentation, and voter targeting. Many are feeling we are lesser for it.
Opinion|By Scott Taylor
On the surface, it appears to be an open and shut case of simple betrayal on the part of the Donald. However, let’s start adding some context and modern history to the equation.
Opinion|By Amy Kishek, Erica Ifill
What strategic voting will result in is a U.S.-style, two-party system, where the Liberals and Conservatives benefit from gaslighting Canadians into voting for them.
News|By Neil Moss
The mastermind behind 338Canada, poll aggregator Philippe Fournier, is aiming to correctly call 90 per cent of the seats in the Oct. 21 race.
The viewership for the Leaders' Debates Commission's French debate was more than double the viewership for the TVA debate, preliminary data shows, and higher than the 2015 French consortium event.

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