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Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, Infrastructure and Communities Dominic LeBlanc, pictured during a press conference on Oct. 27, 2020. A number of trade experts are sounding the alarm over Canada's outdated trade infrastructure, and are calling on the government to act. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

Experts call for more federal action on neglected trade infrastructure as Canada falls in international rankings

'Spending hasn’t kept pace with the rate at which infrastructure is being strained and in many instances wearing out,' says Canadian Chamber of Commerce CEO Perrin Beatty.
The Liberal government announced plans in January to develop a supply chain task force, and some in the sector say the task force should include a dedicated commissioner with the power to convene industry players.
Opinion|Johnny Adams
Inuit alone cannot afford to build and maintain the northern transportation network and so we are depending on the Government of Canada to demonstrate leadership and invest in transportation and supply chain improvements that are necessary to give Inuit and Northerners the same quality of life enjoyed by other Canadians.
To address corporate misconduct, the federal government needs to truly commit to independence and power in an ombudsperson because the safety and well-being of Indigenous women are at stake.
Dikes, berms, and floodways are sometimes a more sophisticated response than 'leave your homes forever.'
The future of Canada’s mining industry lies increasingly in remote and northern regions, but the infrastructure deficit challenges project economics in this part of the country.
In my experience, there is almost no kind of infrastructure, from bike lanes to pipelines, that someone somewhere won’t oppose.
News|Neil Moss
Critics point to the Canadian Infrastructure Bank providing a loan for a Montreal transportation project, which was originally highlighted as a potential investment opportunity.
The impact of the government’s infrastructure investments is real and can be seen every day in improvements to public transit, roads, and water and wastewater systems across the country.
News|Neil Moss
In a wide-ranging interview, Infrastructure Minister François-Philippe Champagne talks about the Liberals' $190-billion infrastructure plan, investment in Canada's North, and the SNC-Lavalin affair.
They spent $111-million less in the past two fiscal years than they would have in the absence of the federal program, says a new report from the parliamentary budget officer.
The assumption that green infrastructure will be accepted by communities by virtue of being good for the climate may fast be put to the test.
Opinion|Roger Francis
Rather than a fixed view of the cost of concrete and asphalt, reimagining infrastructure as a service and focusing on the outcomes achieved may help determine where best to focus investment.
Liberal parliamentary secretary Adam Vaughan says most of the remaining agreements are on the cusp of an announcement.
Investing in infrastructure is a good idea. But by establishing several targeted programs, each with its own strict criteria, Ottawa has caused more harm than good.
February produced 2,487 lobby records, doubling the slow holiday months as groups organized Hill days and focused on asks ahead of the March budget.
Trade experts point to the $23-million paid out to Canadian companies in duty relief as a sign money isn’t flowing fast enough.
As SNC-Lavalin, Boeing, and other companies make negative headlines, let’s remember Bombardier’s success.
Opinion|Kate Storey
We need to rebuild Canada’s neglected fruit, vegetable, and processing sectors. This diversification would make good economic and environmental sense.
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