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The use of Section 232 investigations under U.S. President Donald Trump has complicated the relationship with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, with the lingering tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum imports. Photograph courtesy of the White House/Shealah Craighead

Canadian uranium under U.S. tariff threat as national security investigation continues

A 1989 investigation found there was no national security threat from uranium imports, but experts agree times have changed under President Trump.
We see a tremendous degree of value in working with companies to inform and support improvements in their practices.
The Baltic country tries to ‘push the envelope’ in the information and communications technology sector, which Toomas Lukk says is the ‘future of humankind.’
Globally, preterm birth is the leading cause of death for children under five, according to the World Health Organization.
This year fentanyl was a hot topic for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime annual visit Canada to make sure its work is part of Global Affairs’ planning.
After many years in which Germany, and Chancellor Angela Merkel, were the most important advocates of deeper EU unity, there are now pressing questions about Europe's future with her imminent departure from politics.
Diplomats representing the resource-rich African nation are packing up their heritage building and heading home after 21 years and three ambassadors to Canada.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
The continued sale of Canadian-made light armoured vehicles to the Saudi regime illustrates the federal government’s hypocrisy.
From feminist policy to trade to the Latvian mission, Melita Gabrič says the countries are already good partners that can do more together.
Individual human rights cases ‘can’t be the driver of international policy,’ says Dennis Horak, who was Canada's ambassador to the Middle Eastern power before being expelled in August after what he called an 'ill-advised' Canadian tweet criticizing the Gulf nation.
Modernizing the Copyright Act to ensure Canadian rights-holders have the same protections as their international competitors is a welcome addition to the trade deal.
News|Neil Moss
‘When you break norms, those norms are very difficult to re-establish,’ says one former policy adviser to the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C.
No progress has been made since a January announcement of a rejigged air transport agreement between Qatar and Canada, says Saoud Abdulla Zaid Al-Mahmoud.
Thomas Winkler says now more than ever there's a need for smaller countries with strong democratic values to 'punch above' their weight and 'hold the beacon high' on the international stage.
‘The opposition will be confined to quibbling around the edges’ to avoid looking like they’re siding with Donald Trump, says Prof. Robert Bothwell.
Opinion|Tim Powers
Trudeau is now a little less vulnerable to the opposition argument that he is a poor economic manager. But he won’t have time to rest on his laurels, as many businesses gear up for a fight against Bill C-69.
Given the U.S. president’s paranoid view of international dealings as commercial warfare, the new NAFTA deal reached this week was about as good an outcome as could be expected for Ottawa.
Feature|Emily Haws
Meanwhile, Graham Flack and Chantal Maheu have been tapped to fill Louise Levonian and Lori Sterling's former positions at Employment and Social Development.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
The idea that Canada’s military sacrifice in U.S.-led missions brings Canada benefits in other parts of the relationship rings hollow, NAFTA talks show.
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