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Pakistani High Commissioner Tariq Azim Khan, a political appointee, is likely headed home following the election of a new party last month, but said it will be a while yet for that transition to occur. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

After election, Pakistan’s top envoy expects he’s on his way out

As Pakistani High Commissioner Tariq Azim Khan anticipates his departure from Ottawa, he speaks on his country's recent election, its former prime minister's jailing, and relations with Canada.
In a time when all politics are global, Riyadh’s tactical tantrum over Canada’s principled human rights stand aims to isolate moral leadership.
Feature|Kristen Shane
This is Winston Chen’s third posting in Canada, after previous stints in the country in the '90s in Ottawa and in Toronto from 2011 to 2013.
Feature|Shruti Shekar
Active in the diplomatic corps and in the Ottawa community, Marjan Cencen is set to leave Ottawa in mid-August after four years.
Feature|Emily Haws
Frédéric Seppey, chief agricultural negotiator, Steve Verheul, chief NAFTA negotiator, and Paul Halucha, assistant deputy minister of the industry sector at ISED, round out the top three.
Prime Minister Theresa May’s career is at stake as the clock ticks down to Britain’s divorce from the European Union.
Feature|Shruti Shekar
The Canadian Embassy in Sarajevo was closed in 2009 after a ‘serious examination of Canada's current diplomatic representation abroad.’
‘He can get into a room with senior politicians and business leaders and convey confidence,’ says Eric Miller, a former senior policy adviser to the embassy of Canada in Washington, D.C.
Five MPs were sworn in as new ministers, expanding the front bench to 35 from 30, while 11 existing cabinet members were shuffled to new posts or had their titles and responsibilities altered. No one was dropped.
Feature|Shruti Shekar
Florence Zano Chideya, a political appointee, was asked to return by her government, after last November saw leader Robert Mugabe step down after 37 years.
The potential long-term damage from Trump’s attempts to deconstruct U.S. foreign policy is incalculable.
Can the country that stood against authoritarianism during its last major surge pull the geopolitical equivalent of Stuart Sutcliffe leaving the Beatles and maintain its authority?
News|Neil Moss
The feds can be more forthright to condemn Nazi glorification and anti-Semitism in Europe, says a leading Jewish Canadian advocacy group.
The Canada-United Arab Emirates Business Council was in Calgary this past week to boost economic development.
The challenges, and opportunities, for incoming president Andrés Manuel López Obrador are immense.
Feature|Shruti Shekar
‘I do not foresee any challenges,' says Andrej Droba of the Canada-EU deal, despite Italian opposition.
Fearing more Canadian tariffs against other countries, some steel users are hiring lobbyists for the first time.
With little government experience, Doug Ford must be delighted to have been embraced by a large group of displaced Harper-era staffers from Ottawa and ex-MPs.
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