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Dancers at the quadrennial general assembly of the Inuit Circumpolar Council in Utqiaġvik, Alaska this week. Photograph courtesy of Stephen Hendrie

Circumpolar Inuit gather for historic assembly in Alaska

More than 40 years ago, the Inuit Circumpolar Council was founded to promote cooperation between four circumpolar nations.
Their testimony forms a valuable part of our study on what a new relationship between Canada and Indigenous peoples might look like, writes Conservative Senator Scott Tannas.
Beyond providing essential primary-care services, they take on a range of other roles, including research, teaching, and promoting awareness of the importance of cultural competency in their profession, writes Liberal MP Don Rusnak.
A new fiscal relationship with the Crown needs to ensure that First Nations benefit fully from the land and resource wealth we agreed to share, not to give up, writes AFN National Chief Perry Bellegarde.
More in Policy - THE NORTH
The auditor general found that the department didn’t bother to track literacy rates of First Nation students in comparison with students in the provincial systems, writes NDP MP Charlie Angus, the party's Indigenous affairs critic.
Some Indigenous groups are gearing up for a fight in 2019 over the pipeline.
Consultations on how to remove gender discrimination following the passage of Bill S-3 have to begin by June 12.
In a Q&A this week, Jane Philpott also said she hopes Indigenous child welfare legislation will be tabled by fall, and that in leading her new department she's focused on customer service and improved staff morale.
News|Neil Moss
The Liberals' commitment to the North is being questioned as the Senate Banking Committee's recommendation to fund of research on a 7,000-km northern transportation system is unheeded.
Companies currently permitted to explore for deposits or hold on to discoveries in Arctic waters have waited in uncertainty since December 2016 over whether they can continue to operate.
While protecting the environment is important, well-intentioned actions, like putting in place an oil and gas exploration ban and carbon pricing, represent a U-turn in our struggle for economic prosperity.
Under current weak targets, Canada is not committed to keeping the Arctic cold enough to ensure the survival of the Inuit.
Opposition critics say Liberal goal of eliminating tuberculosis by 2030 is unrealistic, given housing and the treatment money allocated to northern regions.
Instead, Trudeau’s dismissive approach has meant delayed infrastructure money and a carbon tax paternalistically dictated from Ottawa.
Parliament has never before had a committee dedicated to studying the Arctic, a region garnering increasing global attention.
Feature|Emily Haws
Northerners need to be ‘in control of their destiny,’ says the Crown-Indigenous relations minister.
Skills development and tourism promotion will help northerners diversify their economy.
Between 2018 and 2028, the Yukon will receive $445-million from the Canadian government to boost infrastructure.
Canada is the only Arctic nation without a university specifically within the Arctic itself, which means Canada is lagging behind, says Conservative Senator Dennis Patterson.
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