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Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr, left, and Finance Minister Bill Morneau's Liberal government pledged $200-million for renewable energy in January. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

Can Canada get to 90 per cent non-emitting by 2030?

Cooperation between levels of government will be important, but to meet the target Canada will have to continue to spend on renewable energy.
The federal government wants to move to a low-carbon economy, and electricity generation will be a critical part.
The biggest political challenge here is for Andrew Scheer, who is being overshadowed by Doug Ford in Ontario, says Shane Mackenzie, a former Liberal staffer.
He says good things at global summits, but has yet to truly deliver at home.
More in Policy - RESOURCES & ENERGY
Under my proposed bill, the feds would be forced to respect the provinces’ environmental processes before approving any projects in their jurisdiction, including pipelines.
News|Neil Moss
Stakeholders say they’re happy with level of federal engagement, but caution against rushing the process.
News|Neil Moss
The environmental impact assessment bill has been strengthened after committee study, with more transparent decision-making, says PS Wilkinson.
The Trudeau government has only wish lists when it comes to the environment, with no details on how to achieve its goals.
Reducing the use of plastic would not only be a promising step away from a carbon-centric economy, it would also have immediate, and positive, environmental impacts.
While the biggest burden will ultimately be borne by the prime minister, the finance minister’s Bay Street background could prove to be a boon after a year of blunders.
Some Indigenous groups are gearing up for a fight in 2019 over the pipeline.
It’s understandable but unfortunate the PM felt compelled to pony up $4.5-billion to buy the Trans Mountain pipeline.
Allowing the Trans Mountain expansion to die this week would have cost Trudeau the support of Alberta’s NDP government for his national climate change framework.
It is incumbent upon us, as Parliamentarians, to stick to the facts as much as possible.
Opinion|Julia Langer
Allowing our vehicle emission standards to roll back would harm our climate, our health, and our economy.
We don't yet have enough information to know if diluted bitumen can be cleaned up at sea, and First Nations were not consulted well enough on the pipeline project.
It's not in Canada's national interest to squander taxpayers’ dollars on a project that will never be built, says Independent Senator Marilou McPhedran. It would be advanced by unleashing public investment to support a clean-energy economy.
Energy demand continues to grow around the world, even as countries, including a historically oil-rich country like Norway, look to diversify and invest in renewable resources.
'I would be surprised if he wasn’t the No. 1 minister being lobbied,' says Navigator consultant Andrew Balfour as energy and environment bills work their way through the House.
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