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Newfoundland Premier Dwight Ball and Quebec Premier François Legault ought to bury the hatchet and carve out a new hydro deal that benefits both, writes Andrew Caddell. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade and photograph courtesy of LouisRoyQc

Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador: neighbours that need to talk

They need to close the book on the Churchill Falls saga, then sit down and carve out a new hydro deal that is in both their interests.
Federal action is needed on northern infrastructure.
Making renewable energy available at competitive rates and providing for security of supply is essential to the well-being of N.W.T. residents, the economy, and our environment.
A year ago, I sounded a red alert about the Northwest Territories’ future. I’m happy to say the federal government has responded positively.
More in Policy - RESOURCES & ENERGY
Conservative Senators plan to rag the puck on passing this bill, which would reform the process for assessing the impacts of proposed resource projects.
Simply imposing the tax won’t cut it. Offering incentives, innovations, and transparency just might.
Banks are ready to continue funding fossil fuels and related infrastructure while missing out on the enormous economic opportunities presented by clean-tech.
Liberal and Conservative failure on the environment is hurting our quality of life, health, and economy.
Opinion|Nichole Dusyk
Regardless of what you think of the Trans Mountain project, no one wins when projects spend years in legal limbo. The federal energy regulator needs an overhaul.
We’re often told predecessors caused the problems facing those in power. But once halfway or more into a mandate, the government of the day owns everything it does.
While some groups pull back in summer months, the Mining Association of Canada remained active in July, where industry, trade, and environment were the most-discussed issues.
The provincial and federal governments ought to turn to Canada’s strengths in forestry and mining to help create much-needed jobs.
Cooperation between levels of government will be important, but to meet the target Canada will have to continue to spend on renewable energy.
The federal government wants to move to a low-carbon economy, and electricity generation will be a critical part.
The biggest political challenge here is for Andrew Scheer, who is being overshadowed by Doug Ford in Ontario, says Shane Mackenzie, a former Liberal staffer.
He says good things at global summits, but has yet to truly deliver at home.
Under my proposed bill, the feds would be forced to respect the provinces’ environmental processes before approving any projects in their jurisdiction, including pipelines.
News|Neil Moss
Stakeholders say they’re happy with level of federal engagement, but caution against rushing the process.
News|Neil Moss
The environmental impact assessment bill has been strengthened after committee study, with more transparent decision-making, says PS Wilkinson.
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