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Conservative MP Gord Brown, who died earlier this year, and ex-Conservative MP Tony Clement, were Tory representatives on the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians. Now the party doesn't have any MPs on the secretive body and is waiting to get approval from the government on the names it put forward. The Hill Times file photographs

It’s ‘vital’ feds name Conservatives to security committee soon, or it’ll ‘become problematic’: critics, experts

The Conservative Party said it’s offered two names—one several months ago—to fill its spots on the National Security and Intelligence Committee, but hasn’t heard back from the government.
Lawyer Rick Woodburn says prosecutors have to wait too long for samples from the lab, leading to worrying court delays and cases being thrown out.
'You have a choice. You don’t have to sit on that committee,' says Elizabeth May.
We live in a dangerous world. Our intelligence and security agencies need a range of powers to protect us from threats we face, whether from terrorism, espionage, or interference with our democratic institutions.
More in Policy - PUBLIC SAFETY
This year fentanyl was a hot topic for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime annual visit Canada to make sure its work is part of Global Affairs’ planning.
There’s likely to be a lot of ‘jockeying’ from interested groups, as rules around non-smokeable products are still undecided.
Learn how each province is approaching legalization.
In light of the public outcry surrounding child killer Terri-Lynne McClintic’s transfer to an Aboriginal healing lodge, it’s worth shining a light on how our rehabilitation system is designed to work.
The Liberals are spending $100-million over six years on public awareness campaigns, which most insiders say are a good start but opposition MPs slam as a ‘failure.’
The storm made for a memorable few days for local MPs and Hill staffers, including one who was forced to get married by candlelight and another who turned her home into a 'redeployment centre.'
As a democratic society, we should be debating this issue. But the talk should be about safely welcoming and successfully integrating these newcomers, not whether Canada should welcome them at all.
Handguns are already so restricted, it might not have a real political impact, says ex-Tory staffer Jim Armour.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s forces have been pummelled in Iraq and Syria. And the group’s claimed responsibility for attacks in Canada hasn't been proven.
To get rid of gun violence, we need to address its primary cause: the availability of guns.
In April, the Quebec government said it had projections that around 400 migrants could enter into Canada daily this summer. Recent figures indicate an average of 47 people have crossed per day.
Opinion|Tim Powers
He is winning fans in all spheres across Ottawa. If he is an uber partisan and small minded, it isn’t obvious.
News|Neil Moss
The addition of Bill Blair as a cabinet minister tackling organized crime and border security is a ‘dilution’ of the public safety and immigration ministers’ authority, says former Tory minister Chris Alexander.
Five MPs were sworn in as new ministers, expanding the front bench to 35 from 30, while 11 existing cabinet members were shuffled to new posts or had their titles and responsibilities altered. No one was dropped.
The Caribbean state is wondering why Canada maintains a visa requirement years after it says it’s cleaned up security problems with its citizenship program.
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