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Natural Resources Minister Amarjeet Sohi is pictured in his Ottawa office in March 2018. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

Renewed mineral exploration tax credit will maintain Canada’s tax advantage: Minister Sohi

Scheduled to expire in March 2019, the tax credit’s extension to 2024 will help junior companies raise capital, says the natural resources minister.
A 1989 investigation found there was no national security threat from uranium imports, but experts agree times have changed under President Trump.
Small policy changes, like using more wood in new construction projects, can make a big impact.
Opinion|Grant Bishop
Canada can't risk further delays in boosting pipeline export capacity.
A company can do everything right and still see a project fail. Why? Because governments need to do everything right as well.
The Canadian Forest Service is mandated to focus on forest science research, but critics say it needs to be a better team player.
When resource industries are attacked, the result is less money for every province, and for the vital public services Canadians depend on.
Opinion|Dwight Newman
Elected officials should follow the Constitution on breaking down trade barriers and getting resource products to other provincial and international markets.
The question that looms larger all the time is how the hell did the fossil fuel lobby take over our government?
Every year seems to be a forest fire catastrophe in Canada now, and the losses to the industry and rural communities are incalculable.
Our government wants to build on the advantage that comes from Canadian resource experience and expertise, and seize the opportunities that come with it.
They need to close the book on the Churchill Falls saga, then sit down and carve out a new hydro deal that is in both their interests.
Opinion|Derek Nighbor
Thousands of Canadians harvested timber in European forests during the First and Second World Wars, producing lumber for barracks, trenches, bridges, and, sadly, coffins.
Federal action is needed on northern infrastructure.
Making renewable energy available at competitive rates and providing for security of supply is essential to the well-being of N.W.T. residents, the economy, and our environment.
A year ago, I sounded a red alert about the Northwest Territories’ future. I’m happy to say the federal government has responded positively.
Conservative Senators plan to rag the puck on passing this bill, which would reform the process for assessing the impacts of proposed resource projects.
The decision puts Indigenous peoples in a deficit. It’s up to Parliamentarians to ensure it doesn’t lead to societal division and conflict.
Simply imposing the tax won’t cut it. Offering incentives, innovations, and transparency just might.
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