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Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor's department is seeking submissions from stakeholders on a proposal to introduce a 2.3 per cent annual regulatory fee on the revenues for certain licensed marijuana producers. The Hill Times file photograph by Andrew Meade

Pot industry urges feds to hold off on plan to recover regulatory costs

Allan Rewak, executive director of the Cannabis Canada Council, is urging the government to consider postponing the implementation of the cost-recovery fee for at least a year after legalization.
Fearing more Canadian tariffs against other countries, some steel users are hiring lobbyists for the first time.
Opinion|Gale Katchur
The collaborative cluster environment created by Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association 'helps support partnerships, drive innovation and can help unlock new trade relationships, while advancing green technologies.'
Opinion|Brian Masse
In 2016, the biggest trade driver between Canada and the U.S. was the auto industry. We cannot, nor should we, stand by and let it fail, or drift without goals.
More in Policy - MANUFACTURING
It gives extraordinary protections for private investors, but fails to extend meaningful protections for workers.
Canada complains of ‘excessive fees,’ but bureaucrats on both sides of the Atlantic are downplaying the dispute.
Industry advocates say Ottawa is taking a new approach to innovation that is less sector-specific and more focused on outcomes, which the technology- and collaboration-hungry aerospace industry is prepared to work with.
The lack of business investment in productive resources is part of the decline of well-paying, secure jobs and decent middle-class incomes.
Opinion|Gwynne Dyer
Automation is a bigger threat to jobs than outsourcing overseas.
Opinion|David Crane
Ex-British PM Gordon Brown had it right when he wrote that it’s time governments ‘give globalization the leadership it lacks—and the human face it needs.’
Opinion|David Crane
While Canada’s climate target is achievable, the PBO report reminds us that existing policies won’t be enough. “Deeper reductions will be needed,” it says.
Opinion|Tom Rand
Canada’s clean tech sector is poised to compete, but it will take more than a healthy startup environment, where venture capital and a bit of luck can make a winner.
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