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Conservative MP Colin Carrie, who represents Oshawa, Ont., tweeted this photo of himself in a scrum across the street from the GM plant in his riding last Monday. Mr. Carrie himself worked at the plant in the 1980s to help pay university. Photograph courtesy of Twitter

‘I was a kid in a GM household, I thought it was going to survive’: Oshawa-area MPs in disbelief at GM’s looming closure

While today’s plant is a 'small image of its former self,' Conservative MP Erin O'Toole, who once worked at GM and whose father worked there for 30 years, said he expected the plant to survive. Conservative MP Colin Carrie, who also worked summers at GM, represents Oshawa, and Liberal MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes, who represents Whitby, talk about the aftershocks of 2,600 people losing their jobs in the region.
We hurt ourselves when we repeat the same old sexist shibboleths about not finding qualified women, fail to recognize pay equity, or suggest women in public life should be docile.
The Upper Chamber has signed a $69,800 contract with ADR Education to deliver training sessions and advise on a revised harassment policy.
Feature|Emily Haws
The union held its 99th annual general meeting Nov. 2 and 3, where delegates decided not to adopt a resolution to create a new Professionals Canada organization for contractors.
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Federal action is needed on northern infrastructure.
I am most proud of our focus on those who are vulnerable, improving housing, and health.
A year ago, I sounded a red alert about the Northwest Territories’ future. I’m happy to say the federal government has responded positively.
Bill C-65 received royal assent on Oct. 25, but education to prevent workplace harassment remains a key focus, says Sen. Nancy Hartling.
With C-65’s royal assent last week, for the first time in our history, Hill and constituency staff in parliamentary workplaces will have legislated protection from harassment and sexual violence.
The ‘perception versus the reality seems to be a little out of whack,’ says Public Service Commission president Patrick Borbey.
Plus, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna and Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains recently hired new aides.
As conservative governments take hold in other provinces, the election results in Quebec may be a harbinger of things to come elsewhere, and may prove to be a major challenge for the Trudeau Liberals in 2019.
Feature|Emily Haws
Meanwhile, the Union of Taxation Employees demands the government allow the CRA to pay its own employees using an expanded version of its Corporate Administration System.
Opinion|Sarah Doyle
Inclusive growth needs to be about more than expanding participation in Canada’s economy. It’s about the nature of the economy itself.
Canada once had a biotechnology strategy that, despite its flaws and poor execution, sent a signal that biotech firms should open up shop in Canada.
Opinion|Matt Jeneroux
Canada has some great innovators, but its policies and research environment make it tough for them to succeed here.
The Senate passed Bill C-65 with seven amendments in the spring, and those along with the regulations put forward in the summer firm up the legislation, say critics.
Feature|Emily Haws
Before Phoenix, pay-related grievances made up about 12 per cent of the complaints filed with the bureaucrats’ labour board. That jumped to 50 per cent and 41 per cent in the two fiscal years afterwards.
The union’s elections committee rules say it will remove ‘any statements that are false, misleading, or unsubstantiated’ from candidate submissions.
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