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While Democrats are raising the idea of impeaching U.S. President Donald Trump, pictured right with his wife Melania headed to Argentina for a G20 summit Nov. 29, an obvious path to the president’s removal is not evident, writes Les Whittington. White House photograph by Shealah Craighead

U.S. Republicans follow the leader, trampling on democratic principles

The GOP has become more committed to power than the notion of the peaceful transfer of it.
They need to close the book on the Churchill Falls saga, then sit down and carve out a new hydro deal that is in both their interests.
The public safety minister’s current challenge to the right for migrants to use habeas corpus emphasizes the government’s continued assault on the rights of migrants in Canada.
The colonial guardian-and-ward theory continues to permeate Canadian health policy when it comes to Indigenous peoples’ access.
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In the fight to implement Vanessa’s Law, it comes down to Big Pharma vs. the health of Canadians.
Tax Court Chief Justice Eugene Rossiter was supposed to testify behind closed doors before a Senate committee on the morning of Nov. 8 on Bill C-58.
The decision puts Indigenous peoples in a deficit. It’s up to Parliamentarians to ensure it doesn’t lead to societal division and conflict.
There’s likely to be a lot of ‘jockeying’ from interested groups, as rules around non-smokeable products are still undecided.
Learn how each province is approaching legalization.
In light of the public outcry surrounding child killer Terri-Lynne McClintic’s transfer to an Aboriginal healing lodge, it’s worth shining a light on how our rehabilitation system is designed to work.
The Liberals are spending $100-million over six years on public awareness campaigns, which most insiders say are a good start but opposition MPs slam as a ‘failure.’
Opinion|Tim Powers
There’s no strong pool of voters creating the opportunity to wedge against the prevailing acceptance that legal weed is here to stay. Even most Conservative voters support or can accept it.
The focus on what can be proven or not about what happened to Christine Blasey Ford obscures the fact that Brett Kavanaugh has now, ironically enough, made it all about him.
Motaz Mounir Zahran says there wasn’t ‘enough traffic’ between Canada and Egypt to forge the necessary political ties.
The company deserves credit for using its weight to counter Donald Trump’s race-driven smear campaign against protesting ex-San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.
The Justice Department just won two prestigious awards for its groundbreaking public consultation on changes to the criminal justice system. Here's why.
While the U.S. allows Indigenous peoples from Canada to freely cross south, Canada doesn’t do the same for those from the U.S. crossing north. This has caused unnecessary delays and problems at the border.
F.R. Scott, the man who schooled Pierre Trudeau on the Constitution, was frustrated by Section 33’s insertion in the Constitution. His words have come back to haunt us.
The court rejection of the Trans Mountain pipeline is set to loom large over debate on the Liberals’ impact assessment bill in the Upper Chamber this sitting.
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