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Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction Bill Blair, left, sits with Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale, right, as they testify in front of the House Immigration Committee on July 24 on the impact of asylum seekers irregularly crossing the Canada-U.S. border. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

Blair’s focus will be guns, drugs, organized crime, more than migration, suggests Parl. Sec. Vaughan

News|Neil Moss
The addition of Bill Blair as a cabinet minister tackling organized crime and border security is a ‘dilution’ of the public safety and immigration ministers’ authority, says former Tory minister Chris Alexander.
News|Neil Moss
The feds can be more forthright to condemn Nazi glorification and anti-Semitism in Europe, says a leading Jewish Canadian advocacy group.
After less than a year in the job, Jacqueline Kuehl will leave the Senate on July 6, leaving two top Senate admin roles without permanent staff to fill them.
Canada risks becoming a safe haven if we don’t have a serious look at changing the mandatory minimums for child pornography offences.
More in Policy - JUSTICE
For some, their involvement represents a public about-face to their stance on the drug while holding office.
This week’s summit offers a platform to deal with countries’ failure to uphold international law through concrete steps to end impunity.
The Safe Third Country Agreement is a worth a second look, as the American situation deteriorates, says Anna Neistat.
Opinion|David Morley
Canada's spot in the middle of the rankings might be more acceptable if we were at least moving upwards, but progress in key areas hasn’t moved in over a decade, says UNICEF president.
Their concerns about Canada’s impending legalization are bolstered by claims that U.S. jurisdictions that have legalized cannabis have seen a public health disaster. But that’s just not true.
Opinion|Peter Showler
The Immigration and Refugee Board has rightly reversed a decision to close Ottawa hearing rooms in 2014.
Many of the recommendations were repeated from the 2013 review, say civil society groups, who want Canada to change its human rights-management approach.
Opinion|Josh Campbell
The feds must act on vaporizers and concentrates sooner to ensure the black market doesn’t first.
Conservative Sen. Boisvenu says the bill should be changed to have zero tolerance for those who smoke and drive, as the committee hears of the potential for court challenges.
Data shows 665 officers nationally have advanced certification to test drug-impaired drivers, which critics say is a problem.
Last week’s Supreme Court ruling raised the possibility that B.C. might have a stronger legal argument now to limit the flow of oil through the province on environmental grounds.
Government legislation aiming to wipe historically unjust convictions is too narrow when it comes to the types of crimes for which LGTBQ Canadians are wrongly convicted, witnesses told the Senate as it started its study of the bill last week.
The charter's anniversary last week reminds us of how it’s changed us.
New Democrats call on the federal government to launch an investigation into these firms’ role in fuelling Canada’s opioid problem.
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