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Meseret Addise, Yirse Dessele, and Abehaw Gobez stand in a protected gully in northern Ethiopia. This area has seen five hectares of gullies formed in the community every year, equivalent to more than seven soccer fields’ worth of land being lost. John Longhurst photograph courtesy of Canadian Foodgrains Bank

Why the world needs to pay more attention to land degradation

A third of the planet’s land is severely degraded, leading to agricultural loss and food insecurity.
Opinion|Bryon Wilfert
Now more than ever, it’s time for Ottawa to engage with the civilian authorities in Myanmar, on issues ranging from democratic governance to providing expertise in the fields of health care and infrastructure development.
Feature|Shruti Shekar
Florence Zano Chideya, a political appointee, was asked to return by her government, after last November saw leader Robert Mugabe step down after 37 years.
The next time government and civil society organizations meet to talk about ways they can work together, they may want to invite representatives from religious groups. Efforts to make the world a fairer, safer, and more sustainable place depend on it.
A new study puts Canada in the bottom tier of what international partners consider the most helpful, influential donor countries.
Feature|Shruti Shekar
Khemaies Jhinaoui says an investment protection deal is in the works and could be signed by the end of the year.
In a few days, at UN headquarters in New York, I'll help present Canada’s Voluntary National Review, setting out its commitments to the SDGs’ 2030 agenda.
In Charlevoix, Que., and at the development and finance ministers meeting in Whistler, B.C., Canada achieved critical political commitments to stop schools from being the first to close and the last to reopen when crises hit.
Major parties seek to distinguish themselves by politically redefining Canada’s identity and its rhetorical role in the world, though the broad trajectory of foreign policy is unlikely to change.
We witnessed children powerfully debate issues that affect their daily lives and create strategies for change.
Opinion|Kai Bethke
The country ought to fully enable its global development commitments by working with UNIDO.
Through three consecutive terms, Helen Clark, the first female prime minister of New Zealand, left a legacy of economic growth and ecological sustainability behind her.
Canada deserves praise for its establishment of an advisory council on gender equality and force behind a new plastics charter.
Reducing the use of plastic would not only be a promising step away from a carbon-centric economy, it would also have immediate, and positive, environmental impacts.
Feature|Shruti Shekar
Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen and foreign affairs and international development parliamentary secretaries tout Canadian investment in the Caribbean.
This week’s summit offers a platform to deal with countries’ failure to uphold international law through concrete steps to end impunity.
Opinion|Farrah Khan
If there’s one thing this crisis doesn’t need, it’s another voluntary, non-legally binding charter that doesn’t require action from participating nations.
The Trudeau government must bolster global support for diplomatic solutions amid this spiral of violence, commit greater resources to underpin grassroots peace-building, and ensure that promises made to fragile states do not go unfulfilled, says Simon O'Connell, executive director of Mercy Corps.
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