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Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains sidesteps questions about the timeline of Canada's space strategy, except to say the government hopes to publish it 'as soon as possible,' writes Matt Jeneroux, shadow critic for innovation. The Hill Times file photo by Andrew Meade

Canada needs to better champion its innovative industries

Opinion|Matt Jeneroux
Taxpayer money is being funnelled to certain private corporations while other businesses struggle. At the same time, we’re failing to properly promote some of our most potential-filled industries, like aerospace.  
Feature|Emily Haws
Frédéric Seppey, chief agricultural negotiator, Steve Verheul, chief NAFTA negotiator, and Paul Halucha, assistant deputy minister of the industry sector at ISED, round out the top three.
Opinion|Kai Bethke
The country ought to fully enable its global development commitments by working with UNIDO.
If the price of carbon stays low, it’s because there’s a significant surplus of credits, and if Quebec and Ontario need to purchase more emission credits, it is necessarily California, a much bigger market, that will have some to sell.
It’s understandable but unfortunate the PM felt compelled to pony up $4.5-billion to buy the Trans Mountain pipeline.
Allowing the Trans Mountain expansion to die this week would have cost Trudeau the support of Alberta’s NDP government for his national climate change framework.
News|Neil Moss
It's unclear how much of Canada's defence budget will be spent in the coming years.
The generational split in support for the pipeline could pose problems for the federal Liberals in the election, says Forum Research pollster Lorne Bozinoff.
With a stable of four robots, government think-tank Policy Horizons Canada has introduced a new type of telecommuting to the federal public service, aiming to improve workplace relationships and employees' work-life balance.
Opinion|Nadia Bhuiyan
Using principles from industrial engineering to reduce wait times for cancer patients is one small step towards relieving pressure on the patient, hospital—and on the family too.
Data collection only stands to increase as cities become more technology-heavy, say experts, which is sparking privacy concerns.
'When I came [to Canada], the infrastructure that was available to me, such as recreational facilities, soccer fields, libraries, [the] public transit system, enabled me to succeed.'
'The federal government needs to end the distribution of medical marijuana by mail without the supervision of a healthcare professional and put the provinces in charge of distributing this product,' writes the president of the Quebec Pharmacist-Owners Association.
Opinion|Gwynne Dyer
'Self-driving vehicles will no doubt occasionally make mistakes that hurt human beings, but computer programs are bound to be less erratic on the roads than human beings.'
'There is no good reason to section off the country into distinct markets with limited access to a full selection of goods and services, while there are many good reasons—tens of billions of them—to bring down provincial trade barriers.'
The report comes as advocates call on businesses to be more forthright about the risk they face from disruptions caused by climate change, including the introduction of new regulations.
Clean Energy Canada noted Canadian small and medium-sized businesses were outpacing larger corporations, including traditional energy companies, in its shift toward renewables.
When asked if the government was considering a support fund for extractive industries or other businesses poised to be hit hard by the new carbon price, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna said it was not, and instead noted that all revenue generated from the price will be returned to the 'jurisdiction of origin.'
'Governments at all levels could benefit greatly from strengthening and simplifying processes related to issuing passports, driver’s licences, health cards, social insurance cards, licenses and permits, and the like.'
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