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Canadian astronaut Dave Williams performs a spacewalk in August 2007 while anchored to the foot restraint on Canadarm2. Photograph courtesy of NASA

Lost in Space? Sector awaits long-promised national strategy as delays continue

Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains has promised to release a national space strategy at a time when the country's commitment to international efforts is being questioned.
The innovation and heritage ministers have been ‘open’ since the beginning on what was coming this year, says a rep for Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains.
Audrey Tang was part of an activist movement that occupied Taiwan's Parliament in 2014. Two years later, she was made digital minister.
I am most proud of our focus on those who are vulnerable, improving housing, and health.
Governments in Canada are taking baby steps while the rest of the world is already far ahead on the gruelling marathon of technological development.
Opinion|Paul Dufour
Attention to how taxpayers’ funds are spent is just as important as how much is spent.
The federal government ought to use its granting-agency funding structure to support research in centres of expertise and innovation without slashing funding to colleges and universities.
As the new financial plan comes together, post-secondary schools want 'complementary' funding for the administrative costs of research, student awards, and work-integrated learning.
The Liberals have taken a solid first step in terms of funding, but major gaps remain when it comes to addressing the full costs of independent research.
In an interview, Science Minister Kirsty Duncan discusses her office's remaining priorities before the next election, support for graduate students and Canadians researching abroad, and improving equality and diversity in science.
Colleges in particular play a crucial role in Canada’s research and innovation ecosystem, and are boosted by investments to equip the best and brightest with the right tools.
When it comes to unfamiliar areas of research, such as artificial intelligence, focus on the ultimate rewards.
Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains says he will focus his final mandate year on considering recommendations made in seven recently-released reports by a government-struck panel of industry leaders and national consultations on digital and data transformation.
The tables, composed of dozens of industry representatives, recommended more emphasis on scaling-up firms through an 'Own the podium'-style funding program, cutting red tape, and establishing new networks between businesses and investors.
Opinion|Sarah Doyle
Inclusive growth needs to be about more than expanding participation in Canada’s economy. It’s about the nature of the economy itself.
The federal government has been moving in the right direction, albeit with baby steps.
Banks are ready to continue funding fossil fuels and related infrastructure while missing out on the enormous economic opportunities presented by clean-tech.
News|Neil Moss
Some stakeholders say that the government should set the targets for greenhouse gas emissions from fuel, but allow producers to reach the target on their own.
Opinion|Anthony Tang
We need continued investment in collaborative approaches that work to alleviate the stress put on Canada’s health-care system.
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