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A spokesperson for Public Safety Minister Bill Blair wouldn't say if there have been any discussions between Canadian and U.S. officials about a plan to eventually reopen the Canada-U.S. border. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

Feds say too early to talk opening Canada-U.S. border, but experts push for plan

News|Neil Moss
There are a 'whole series of very complicated questions that nobody is talking about,' says border expert Edward Alden on the lack of planning for an eventual border reopening.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
As events have developed, the nationwide rollout has been anything but a clear-cut victory, and Ontario, in particular, has received one of the worst provincial rankings.
We hope countries like Canada will leverage their international positions and their domestic political consensuses to take urgent and co-ordinated action to help secure Taiwan’s spot at the international table.
Opinion|Rob Whitley
In designing new mental health policy and potential funding opportunities, Erin O’Toole and his fellow Parliamentarians should prioritize action and support focused on non-profit sector programs, which have often evolved organically to ably serve their communities in a warm and engaging manner. 
More in Policy - HEALTH
We need to increase the sustained mobilization of resources and know-how to build modern infrastructure capable of facing the upcoming challenges of infectious disease events and associated public health concerns.
Opinion|Andrea Seale
Canadians need a budget that supports their quality of life, which means not just their physical and mental health, but their financial health as well.
Without social media regulation and strong education, you’re just left ‘bailing water with a teaspoon’ when it comes to COVID-19 misinformation, says Green MP Elizabeth May.
The House Health Committee has played a key accountability role during the pandemic, opposition MPs say, but they've had to fight for information, and are still waiting to see vaccine contracts ordered by an Oct. 26 motion.
However, before jumping on the bandwagon, it would be wise to listen to the debate going on in all major Danish media these days, where the Danish prime minister has met a lot of criticism.
The bigger challenge that faces India in undertaking one of the world’s biggest immunization campaigns is the logistics, rather than a shortage of vaccines, says Stewart Beck, president of the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada.
Opinion|Lynn Posluns
Gender bias is a problem that goes beyond economics, reaching all aspects of our lives, including scientific research and health care.
Procurement Minister Anita Anand suggests the latest approval marks a vindication of the 'diversification' strategy the government settled on as it moved to negotiate deals with seven 'leading' vaccine manufacturers.
We know that these viruses are with us forever, that they will continue to mutate, and that we must remain vigilant in our collective efforts to control them. In response to this need, CIHR is supporting the creation of a new Centre for Pandemic Preparedness and Health Emergencies.
While my passion will never flag, it is time for the MHCC to welcome another leader to carry it through the next decade. From lowering barriers to care by advancing e-mental health to knitting together communities in the name of suicide prevention or better understanding how cannabis use and mental illness intersect, the Mental Health Commission of Canada has exciting work ahead.
Canadian researchers say Pfizer vaccine's second dose can be delayed because the first is highly effective, early data that Canadian health officials are looking at.
The ability to lead in the future economy or respond to the next crisis is already under development at Canada’s world-class research universities and innovative start-ups.
‘We need transformation of health systems in a way that will respect our treaty, constitutional, and Indigenous and inherent rights, and improve the wellness of our people,’ says AFN Regional Chief Marlene Poitras.
It would be in everyone’s best interest to focus now on ways to prevent frailty by investing in policies that ensure healthy aging for all Canadians.
Opinion|Sharon Batt
Canada needs a universal, national, publicly funded pharmacare program, which would improve drug safety and effectiveness. 
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