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Claudine Courtois sits in her office on Parliament Hill with a photo of her late husband, Conservative MP Gord Brown, framed on her desk behind her. Mr. Brown died of a heart attack in his office on May 2, 2018. He was 57. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

‘We’re finding our way’: MP Gord Brown’s widow reflects on year that changed her whole life

Claudine Courtois is planning a May 2 reception to mark the first anniversary of his death, saying she’s touched by Hill community support.
Observers are divided on the creation of a national drug agency, with some saying it’s a good first step, while the NDP critic says it’s ‘reorganization, not progress.’
In yesterday’s federal budget, the government announced its 'intention to work with provinces and territories' toward the creation of the program, though no money was earmarked for it.
Mandatory date labelling on all food products sold in Canada could be simplified, and date-marking options could be limited to two: expiration dates and 'best before' labels.
More in Policy - HEALTH
Opinion|Chris Hobson
When health-care providers and patients have access to complete information, including an integrated care plan, then we can realize the full potential of a streamlined, coordinated health-care system. But first, Ontario must tackle interoperability of health information head on.
A spokesperson for the health minister says it’s ‘too soon’ to speculate on potential approaches, as the pharmacare advisory council will submit its final report by June.
A recent poll indicated 29 per cent of Canadians question the science of vaccines, even though nine out of 10 agree vaccines are effective.
Despite its immense value and future promise, the Stem Cell Network will soon cease to exist.
Without a massive investment in adapting our hospitals to extreme temperature and other climate extremes, our health-care system can be further compromised.
I look forward to working with stakeholders in 2019 to address this and other important issues in the health portfolio.
Autism is now the fastest growing and most commonly diagnosed neurological disorder in Canada. Autism occurs in all racial, ethnic and socio-economic groups.
While many experts have applauded the new Canada Food Guide, a national food policy with programs addressing food access by the poorest Canadians may do more to improve people's health.
It puts more focus on what, when and how we eat, and less on food groups and servings. It gives clear, concise advice that everyone can easily apply to their everyday lives—things like cooking more often, eating with others and limiting highly processed foods.
One of the first steps is appointing the person heading Health Canada's palliative care secretariat and announcing the action plan, which Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor said will happen before the end of the year.
News|Neil Moss
A generic drug industry association head says concessions in free trade pacts have been 'death by a thousand cuts' for the industry.
We have a historic opportunity to significantly improve our health-care system with the introduction of a national public pharmacare program, and also save billions a year by doing so. But it is important that it be designed properly, and progressively. This would not only be politically appealing, but will also result in a healthier population.
Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor talks about the government's Healthy Eating Strategy, its response to the opioids crisis, and the national pharmacare strategy report due in the spring.
The foundation is in place, but we need more coordinated strategies to become the world leader in this field. Personalized medicine is the future of health care—a win-win for government, industry and Canadians.
For Canadians, it should be a reminder that we need to modernize our PMPRB watchdog to achieve 'just prices' and get rid of our irrational policies that serves corporate welfare to the detriment of patients.
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