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British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit endeavour could now have the United Kingdom leaving the European Union on Oct. 31. The Hill Times photograph by Sam Garcia

Brexit toxicity spreads to Europe

After three years of political convulsion at home, the process of extraditing the U.K. from nearly half a century of membership in the EU is becoming a full-scale nightmare for Europeans too.
It helps to have women like French Ambassador Kareen Rispal ‘open the door,’ says the program’s first student Juliana Trapolino.
The agreement balances Canada’s national and business interests with regional economic progress and creates a stable foundation for long-term growth of the digital economy.
Things have changed since the pro-democracy revolutions of post-Soviet eastern Europe, in part because of another revolution altogether—the Fourth Industrial one.
More in Policy - FOREIGN AFFAIRS
Employment and Social Development Canada has had part of its budget re-directed towards ensuring Canada's CPTPP trading partners live up to their commitments around labour.
Vox party leader Santiago Abascal, a Trumpish anti-immigration nationalist, could be the possible kingmaker in a national election in a few weeks.
News|Neil Moss
Canadian peacekeepers have been ‘lucky,’ says Conservative James Bezan, pointing to a January attack on another UN base.
Taiwan Night was the hot ticket in town last week, with dozens of Parliamentarians in attendance.
Opinion|Kareen Rispal
As the first female ambassador of France in North America, I just started a program to allow female Canadian students be ambassador for a day—and perhaps also in the future.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
There have been a few wins, but over the past seven decades, NATO has had a less-than-stellar record as a purveyor of world peace.
If Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu includes the West Bank and the roads that connect them in his 'annexation,' it will be a final land grab that probably brings the portion of the West Bank under Israeli sovereignty above 50 per cent.
Opinion|Becca Wertman
Canada has consistently denounced boycott, divestment, and sanctions campaigns against Israel, making funding for the Palestinian group Wi’am completely incompatible with Canadian policy.
February produced 2,487 lobby records, doubling the slow holiday months as groups organized Hill days and focused on asks ahead of the March budget.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
The multi-million-dollar settlement the government paid to Khadr ignited valid howls of outrage, but what’s the dollar value of the lost youth of a 15-year-old boy soldier?
As the globe becomes smaller through trade and communications, its richest and most powerful nation seeks to collaborate less.
Critics say the policy is a needless threat to families trying to save their loved ones.
Trade experts point to the $23-million paid out to Canadian companies in duty relief as a sign money isn’t flowing fast enough.
After nearly 30 years in power, Kazakhstan's president, Nursultan Nazarbayev, resigned last month, but his ambassador in Ottawa says his priorities remain the same.
With millennials now representing the biggest voting bloc, panellists spoke about strategies on how parties can capture young Canadians’ interest.
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