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Finance Minister Bill Morneau talks about the 2019 budget at an Economic Club of Canada event at the Chateau Laurier on March 20, the day after he tabled it in the House. The budget offers very little in terms of foreign aid, despite Canadians’ concerns about the issue, argues Prateek Awasthi. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

Budget misses the mark on international development

Poll results tell us there is widespread public support for foreign aid. But this budget doesn’t reflect that priority.
Canada’s aging sub fleet needs to be replaced, but from a political standpoint, it’s more convenient to fix the existing fleet than start a costly procurement process in an election year.
The future of Canada’s mining industry lies increasingly in remote and northern regions, but the infrastructure deficit challenges project economics in this part of the country.
Parliamentarians will face 194 votes, instead of one, to approve $6-billion in budget measures. It’s a ‘clear improvement,’ says the parliamentary budget officer, but opposition MPs say it still erodes spending scrutiny.
More in Policy - FINANCE & BUDGET
The rollout of funds and production of units has some housing specialists concerned.
They spent $111-million less in the past two fiscal years than they would have in the absence of the federal program, says a new report from the parliamentary budget officer.
Opinion|Jonathan Cote
We need the federal government to stay on board by making a long-term commitment to the transportation infrastructure the Vancouver region needs.
Investing in infrastructure is a good idea. But by establishing several targeted programs, each with its own strict criteria, Ottawa has caused more harm than good.
‘All we need is just one incident and we’re going to be back trying to defend our expenses again,' Sen. Elizabeth Marshall says. Progress is stalled on creating a committee meant to oversee Senators' spending.
While all parties have benefited from the drop in Liberal support among millennials, the Green Party has a 'real shot at cracking' that demographic's vote, says Abacus Data's David Coletto.
Observers are divided on the creation of a national drug agency, with some saying it’s a good first step, while the NDP critic says it’s ‘reorganization, not progress.’
In yesterday’s federal budget, the government announced its 'intention to work with provinces and territories' toward the creation of the program, though no money was earmarked for it.
Here are six takeaways for public servants, politicos, media, and policy wonks from the Liberals’ final, pre-election fiscal plan.
Opinion|Kevin Lee
The blunt nature of mortgage restrictions means it is easy to overshoot and have too many would-be homeowners locked out, writes Kevin Lee of the Canadian Homebuilders Association.
Opinion|Bruce Ball
What has emerged over those many years is a far-from-perfect tax system saddled with a myriad of tax breaks and exemptions by successive governments that made it even more bloated and complicated.
The Trudeau government has left people in rural and remote areas to fend for themselves when it comes to internet connectivity. We’ll ensure that they have the internet access they need to get ahead.
Only 62 per cent of associated spending has been accounted for in the tabled spending estimates this year, compared to 95 per cent rolled out for the 2017 budget.
Despite innovation-related initiatives that span generations, political parties, and governments, we’re still not getting a globally competitive return on our investment.
'We’ll do what’s necessary to come up with a good solution,' says newly minted Treasury Board President Jane Philpott. If talks drag on, PSAC says it could use the upcoming federal election as another way to press the Liberal government.
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