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Former parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page says that, in his experience, the pre-budget consultation process done by the House Finance Committee is underused by Finance Canada and the finance minister. The Hill Times file photograph

Finance bureaucrats, House committee need to stop working in silos on budget planning, says ex-PBO Page

Liberal House Finance Committee chair Wayne Easter says he thinks the finance minister, his staff and bureaucrats have been listening.
As the world’s democratic and non-democratic tectonic plates continue to grind, the perpetual content feed is the new battlefield.
To get re-elected next October, the Liberals will need to persuade voters that the overall economic picture is considerably rosier than commonly thought.
Opinion|Tim Powers
There’s an opportunity for Canadian sport leadership to use Calgary's rejection of the 2026 bid to push the IOC to change the nature and cost of the games.
More in Policy - FINANCE & BUDGET
By underfunding our military, the Liberal government is risking our support for NATO at a time when the alliance has never been more fragile or necessary.
Many of Canada’s leaders are increasingly content to pander to their constituents’ most selfish, parochial instincts. This is government in a time of small-minded populism.
Opinion|, David Perry
Last year, DND actually spent most of its procurement money; hopefully the same will occur this year.
Treasury Board President Scott Brison says the government is ‘on track,’ but NDP MP Daniel Blaikie says it shows the Liberals don’t have ‘their act together.’
Opinion|Sean Speer
A federal intrusion that disrupts coverage for three-quarters of the population, requires tax hikes and spending cuts, and leads to less drug access hardly seems like a political winner. But neither is silence on the other side of the debate.
The proposed changes are tucked into the government’s omnibus budget implementation bill, and they may not be ‘benign,’ says Liberal MP John McKay.
Up to $7,500 will be made available next year to those whose parliamentary duties and travel schedules put extra pressure on their annual allowance.
Our government devoted needed resources to boost mental health services, launched targeted initiatives to help vulnerable populations, is embracing technology, and leading the charge globally.
The issue had been 'studied at length' for months, says Conservative Sen. Housakos and it's time for action, while Independent Senators Group facilitator Yuen Pau Woo says the committee working on it is moving at the right pace.
Ahead of the finance minister’s Nov. 21 economic update, he ought to take a lesson from Jean Chrétien’s fiscal restraint.
Opinion|Tim Powers
She’s sending a clear message that she believes her appointment as governor general in 1999 was a lifetime sinecure.
Engagement on a public policy issue can be a ‘major trigger’ for donors, says former Conservative staffer Kate Harrison.
A new Angus Reid Institute survey found 54 per cent of respondents supported the federal carbon pricing plan after last week’s announcement. That’s up from 45 per cent support in July.
The government ought to signal its plan to tackle lacklustre Canadian competitiveness in the fall economic statement, say industry reps.
Conservative MP David Sweet applauds the work of the ombudsman's office, but wants to make the ombudsman an officer of Parliament, giving it more teeth.
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