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Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is lately echoing the message of Ontario Premier Doug Ford, pictured last month, that government is inherently distrustful, says Les Whittington. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

The incredible shrinking country

Many of Canada’s leaders are increasingly content to pander to their constituents’ most selfish, parochial instincts. This is government in a time of small-minded populism.
To safeguard jobs and ensure that our carbon pricing helps to reduce global emissions, we should adjust the carbon levy at the border, writes Saskatchewan MP Erin Weir.
A new Angus Reid Institute survey found 54 per cent of respondents supported the federal carbon pricing plan after last week’s announcement. That’s up from 45 per cent support in July.
Making renewable energy available at competitive rates and providing for security of supply is essential to the well-being of N.W.T. residents, the economy, and our environment.
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The Liberals’ change in language around carbon pricing a ‘signal’ of challenge to promote policy, says Alex Marland.
With its current emissions-reduction targets, Canada is not committed to keeping the Arctic cold enough to ensure the survival of the Inuit.
If next fall’s federal campaign is lining up to be déjà vu all over again, it is not as much because it could parallel Stéphane Dion’s disastrous campaign as because many of its features are reminiscent of the 1988 free-trade election.
Hopes for salmon restoration took a dive when both countries chose to exclude Indigenous nations from the process, writes Graeme Lee Rowlands, a research at Quest University Canada.
Leading up to the next federal election, politicians and parties now have an opportunity to let their constituents know where they stand on this important matter of principle.
Simply imposing the tax won’t cut it. Offering incentives, innovations, and transparency just might.
Opinion|Tim Powers
Canadians aren’t in rapture over the notion we must immediately and forcefully address a warming planet, so it’s hard to imagine our politicians would be either.
The federal government has been moving in the right direction, albeit with baby steps.
Banks are ready to continue funding fossil fuels and related infrastructure while missing out on the enormous economic opportunities presented by clean-tech.
Liberal and Conservative failure on the environment is hurting our quality of life, health, and economy.
Opinion|Nichole Dusyk
Regardless of what you think of the Trans Mountain project, no one wins when projects spend years in legal limbo. The federal energy regulator needs an overhaul.
Opinion|Tim Powers
The buck stops with the PM on NAFTA and Trans Mountain, but fewer bucks will be flowing in the country unless some of this gets unstuck.
In mid-July, Environment Canada delayed its regulatory development timeline for the Clean Fuel Standard. The Liberals once called it Canada's 'single largest emission-reduction policy.'
Opinion|Nick Martin
The federal government has an important leadership role to play. It can provide incentives for provinces to come to the table and remove unnecessary barriers to electricity trade.
The Generation Energy Council’s new report is less of a blueprint than a North Star for Canada’s clean-energy future, pointing us to where Canadians want to go, and how to achieve that transformation.
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