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‘Some students don’t have parents with contacts in business or government or even universities. Work placements build networks. It gets students in front of employers. It’s a social leveller,’ says RBC CEO Dave McKay. Photograph courtesy of Daria Shevtsova/Pexels

Feds get skills training right in budget

The government has pledged nearly $800-million to help employers expand work-integrated learning placements. That’s good news to employers, schools, and students alike.
In yesterday’s federal budget, the government announced its 'intention to work with provinces and territories' toward the creation of the program, though no money was earmarked for it.
From helping kids learn to code to providing new sources of capital for large projects, our aim is to drive productivity.
Providing more internships abroad will invariably buttress Canada’s innovation ecosystem.
More in Policy - EDUCATION
A great deal of medical research shows the long-term ill effects of under-age marijuana use.
The patient needs to be heard, not simply seen.
We can’t rely on American, Chinese, or Norwegian research to procure the scientific foundation on which to base the sustainable development of our North.
Opinion|Natan Obed
Inuit are one of the most researched peoples in the world. Yet colonial approaches to research, in which our role is imagined as being marginal and of little value, remain commonplace. That needs to change.
As the new financial plan comes together, post-secondary schools want 'complementary' funding for the administrative costs of research, student awards, and work-integrated learning.
In an interview, Science Minister Kirsty Duncan discusses her office's remaining priorities before the next election, support for graduate students and Canadians researching abroad, and improving equality and diversity in science.
News|Neil Moss
The Canadian government has focused on attracting international students to Canada, now it has to do the same for encouraging Canadian students to study abroad, says a former Canadian International Development Agency president.
Colleges in particular play a crucial role in Canada’s research and innovation ecosystem, and are boosted by investments to equip the best and brightest with the right tools.
When it comes to unfamiliar areas of research, such as artificial intelligence, focus on the ultimate rewards.
Opinion|Scott Walter
The challenge is great in a country devastated by a decade of civil war and an Ebola outbreak in 2014.
Opinion|Tim Powers
Ontario Premier Doug Ford can’t please everyone. A good program should create an environment for students where asking questions and searching for information from a trusted, knowledgeable source is possible.
Opinion|John Degen
Statutory damages for copyright infringement in most other Copyright Board tariffs   carry enough heft to actually protect the marketplace, writes John Degen of the Writers' Union of Canada.
The auditor general found that the department didn’t bother to track literacy rates of First Nation students in comparison with students in the provincial systems, writes NDP MP Charlie Angus, the party's Indigenous affairs critic.
Opinion|Kevin Goheen
Canada ought to return to its past leadership role in funding and offering the scholarships.
I used to support Ontario’s constitutional right to separate schools, but recent events in Ottawa have made me reconsider.
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