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The Democrats are divided over whether to nominate as their presidential candidate a progressive firebrand or a more traditional candidate with a more centrist platform, like former U.S. vice-president Joe Biden, pictured speaking during a 2016 Ottawa visit. The Hill Times file photograph

U.S. midterms offer hope for Democrats, but the outlook is anything but certain

While not the sweeping renunciation of Trump many had hoped for, the midterms showed that, despite the advantage of incumbency two years from now, the Republican leader could be vulnerable.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
If more historical focus were directed at messier chapters in Canada’s past, it would be easier to understand similar failures by today’s governments.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
The poor understanding of Canadian players including ex-MP and ambassador Chris Alexander is why Canada’s role ought to be investigated.
Opinion|Derek Nighbor
Thousands of Canadians harvested timber in European forests during the First and Second World Wars, producing lumber for barracks, trenches, bridges, and, sadly, coffins.
More in Policy - DEFENCE & SECURITY
Canada took nearly two years to find a lower-risk task among an unappealing list of UN operations. But lower risk doesn’t mean zero risk.
'If you don’t have intelligence there, you might as well not bother meeting,' says Phil Gurski, director of security and intelligence for the SecDev Group.
The UN Arms Trade Treaty will hold us accountable to human rights standards that can prevent the growth of conflict and safeguard the protection of oppressed or innocent communities.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
The continued sale of Canadian-made light armoured vehicles to the Saudi regime illustrates the federal government’s hypocrisy.
Vice-Admiral Mark Norman's legal defence is ‘gold’ for the opposition, says Tim Powers, giving the Conservatives ongoing fodder that feeds into the narrative of Liberal hubris.
In the global war on democracy, the war zone has no borders and journalists are no longer seen as non-combatants.
Opinion|Gwynne Dyer
The Russians have broken the rules by developing and testing land-based cruise missiles, but they haven’t actually deployed them in meaningful numbers, so it's not worth pulling out of the INF treaty.
Opinion|Tim Powers
Sen. Mike Duffy was acquitted, but the Harper government took a hit, having an unpleasant picture of its operating culture put on display just before an election. The Liberals now await a similar fate.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
Gen. Abdul Raziq’s own guards could not protect him from being gunned down in broad daylight by the Taliban inside the governor’s heavily protected compound.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
There are political and domestic economic reasons for Canada to get its hands dirty in an ongoing UN mission.
Opinion|Phil Gurski
The Islamist threat has far outweighed that of the right-wing threat by a long shot; at least in terms of public perception and impact. We are living, after all, in a world defined, in many ways, by 9/11.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
None of five overseas missions they’re currently committed to or deployed on has a clear-cut or attainable goal.
Advice for a prime minister on how to save the world while winning public support.
Opinion|Douglas Roche
Pierre Trudeau and Lloyd Axworthy knew the right side of history, but the current Liberal government is running away from one of the great issues of our time.
Opinion|Phil Gurski
Our society has to decide what the balance is between giving our security intelligence and law enforcement agencies the tools they need and safeguard the privacy and the immunity from eavesdropping we crave. I happen to think we can achieve both through the courts.
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