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Two Griffon helicopters fly above Iraqi villages as part of Canada's now-suspended mission in northern Iraq in 2016. The prime minister announced a new training mission based out of Baghdad last week. Photograph courtesy of DND

Sending more Canadians to train Iraq’s young men how to kill is not helpful

Opinion|Scott Taylor
Our soldiers can teach recruits drills and weapons handling, but there is no way we can make them willing to die for a corrupt regime.
The potential long-term damage from Trump’s attempts to deconstruct U.S. foreign policy is incalculable.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
Dawn Sturgess and Charlie Rowley were reported to have been exposed to the same nerve agent as a Russian double agent and his daughter in March.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
Justin Trudeau’s message at the NATO summit next week needs to reflect the reality of Ukraine’s growing trend of far-right violence.
More in Policy - DEFENCE & SECURITY
Opinion|Phil Gurski
In the wake of the next successful attack—and yes there will be one notwithstanding the efforts of CSIS—will Canadians be okay if one of the factors in the failure to prevent it was a lack of data? I don’t think so.
Major parties seek to distinguish themselves by politically redefining Canada’s identity and its rhetorical role in the world, though the broad trajectory of foreign policy is unlikely to change.
Critics say Canada’s 2017 military export report highlights an ongoing loophole that leaves an estimated half of total exports—those headed to the U.S.—not tracked or controlled.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
The Canadian government is considering shipping a supply of weapons to Ukraine.
Opinion|Phil Gurski
If there were to be a significant downturn in intelligence sharing, the impact on CSE and CSIS would be very different. 
Opinion|Scott Taylor
The latest call for sleeping bags comes after a camo mix-up in Afghanistan and a lack of flak jackets in the ‘90s.
Opinion|Paul Meyer
It could guide our efforts to influence the development of international policy on cyberspace and help set norms for responsible state conduct.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
We ought to pack up our soldiers there before our good intentions do any more harm to the region.
Jody Thomas says she wants to pare down the procurement process to get new equipment quicker. Industry and opposition critics support the idea.
The erosion of U.S. diplomacy is rooted in 'cultural tradition' in which politicians tend to glamourize war to the exclusion of the work diplomats engage in to prevent conflict, says journalist Ronan Farrow.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
No Ukrainian official has yet been able to explain how faking Arkady Babchenko’s death could possibly save him from future attacks.
The famously unbiddable Senator has lived a life whose lessons defy, and will outlive, the temporary insanity of America’s current political crisis.
As warfare spikes, UN peacekeeping is at a breaking point, unable to keep up with relentless demand.
Opinion|Phil Gurski
In the end, this ruling may force the government of Canada to rethink CSIS’ role. It may change the rules of the road to have the intelligence agency collect to evidentiary standards (spy agencies in other countries appear to do this). Whatever the outcome of this trial, it bears watching for what it means for our ability to prosecute terrorism cases.
News|Neil Moss
It's unclear how much of Canada's defence budget will be spent in the coming years.
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