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From August 2013 to February 2018, the Syrian government was responsible for the 'majority' of 85 confirmed chemical attacks, according to the Human Rights Watch. United Nations photograph by David Manyua

Assad’s grip on power hampers Canadian humanitarian assistance to Syria, say experts

News|Neil Moss
Two senior Syrian-focused Canadian diplomats recently left their posts, and Syrian observers say there has to be a realization that the war is nearly over and the Assad government will maintain its control.
The Aug. 21 dedication of a Ukrainian monument shouldn’t be given the appearance of official sanction by having Canadian soldiers commemorate those who collaborated with Hitler’s Nazis.
One of the bigger questions we should be asking is why did it take a newspaper reporter endangering himself in order to surface the truth about these neo-Nazis?
Opinion|Phil Gurski
CSIS makes mistakes too, but we all have a stake in its success.
More in Policy - DEFENCE & SECURITY
It won't be known for 30 years if the addition of a third shipyard will lead to the 'demise' of the National Shipbuilding Strategy, says Royal Military College defence studies professor Craig Stone.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
Any downward trend is to be commended, but at 302, the number of reported sexual misconduct incidents in a single year seems alarmingly high.
Opinion|Phil Gurski
The Islamic State isn't dead yet, and a new generation is embracing the terrorist regimes of Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
Forbidding members from displaying symbolic tattoos will prevent future embarrassment for the institution, but it does not remove the criminals or white supremacists from the military.
Opinion|Phil Gurski
Don't let perfect be the enemy of the very good when it comes to Canadian counter terrorism.
After a four-year term, Canada under the Liberals will be back to contributing zilch to the UN, while we continue to deploy considerable forces on U.S.- or NATO-led military adventures.
The Aug. 17 ceremony to rededicate the Kandahar cenotaph at the Department of National Defence Headquarters will be a sad commemoration of lives lost in a war we could never win.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
I have to question why foreign state actors—like Iran and Russia—would expend such energy creating ‘sock-puppets’ to fabricate the impression that U.S. President Donald Trump is a dangerous moron.
The NDP’s defence critic says he ‘believes it’s possible' for the winning jets to be built at home, but one expert says the government risks picking a ‘sub-optimal’ plane if it goes for a cheaper, made-in-Canada option.
In a combat situation, calling someone a ‘victim’ and someone else their ‘murderer’ is difficult rationale to understand.
A House Government Operations and Estimates Committee report highlights a lack of tools and services available to military members and veterans to help them navigate the federal public service hiring process.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
Looking beyond a cenotaph, if Canada really wanted to honour the soldiers, we would conduct a full parliamentary inquiry into how we were drawn into an unwinnable war.
News|Neil Moss
Conservative and NDP MPs say chief of defence staff Gen. Jonathan Vance was 'following orders' coming from the PMO and the defence minister.
The simple truth of the Wynnyk story is that he followed an existing policy and stretched the rules without breaking them. If he had to make any sacrifice to his lifestyle, this was purely due to his own personal choice.
Feature|Scott Taylor
When the NATO mission was first proposed, and Canada agreed to command it, there was no actual objective stated. It was simply a 12-month commitment of resources and money. Now that's become 24 months with no final goal.
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