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While he denounced last week’s attack against Muslim worshippers in New Zealand, U.S. President Donald Trump, pictured in 2017, also downplayed the severity of white nationalism as a rising global threat. Photograph courtesy of Gage Skidmore

The scourge of white racism

Canadians need to be much more vigilant about anti-immigrant and racist dog-whistling in the public sphere.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
The Quebec engineering company’s desire to gain lucrative contracts in Gaddafi’s Libya led to the fraud and corruption charges it sought to have dealt with through a deferred prosecution agreement.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
Both cases begin with information being leaked to the media and stem from allegations that major corporations tried to use political clout to find favour with the Trudeau government.
The interim measures pursued by Canada to acquire older jets with high maintenance costs exhibit a lack of decisiveness, which has been evident in successive governments.
More in Policy - DEFENCE & SECURITY
News|Neil Moss
‘After having been there and seeing how important it is, we should do everything we can’ to minimize gap between Canada, Romania missions, says Liberal MP Stephen Fuhr.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
Despite Jody Wilson-Raybould’s courage, it’s incredible that everyone involved in this saga seems to have lost sight of the elephant in the room.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
Whatever the reality, this is not something Canada should be entering into with the same old shop-worn cliché that we are doing this for the Venezuelan people.
Opinion|Lu Shaye
The U.S. has repeatedly exaggerated the security risks of Huawei’s 5G technology.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
That can impact foreign policy. How else can one explain allowing our allies to stage parades and name streets after perpetrators of the worst crime against humanity?
Opinion|Yves Engler
It seems military leadership would prefer the public only learn about the Canadian Armed Forces what they deem necessary to release, despite rules that say otherwise.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
Critics scoffed in 2006 when then-NDP leader Jack Layton said we should try negotiating with the Taliban. Thirteen years later, that’s exactly what the Americans are doing.
As the cost-benefit results of China's geopolitical rise clarify daily, the most alarming thing may be America's alarm.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
The lawyer for the former second-in-command of the military says the alleged use of code names to thwart document searches about him is ‘like a spider’s web.’
Opinion|Douglas Roche
The question is whether the government will listen, as we witness increasing nuclear brinkmanship.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
Canadian Brig.-Gen. Jay Janzen and I agree on that, at least. But who decides what’s credible is another question.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
An al-Qaeda leader’s death should also prompt introspection about the Western world’s role in propping up a corrupt Afghanistan regime.
Andrew Scheer and a new Conservative government will keep us safe by strengthening our Canadian Armed Forces, honouring our commitments to our NATO allies and enhancing our participation in NORAD.
Canada recently deployed two ships to Asia-Pacific waters to join allied American and Asian navies in a deterrence mission. More naval missions may occur as China asserts its claims on the South China Sea.
There are good reasons why Canada promotes human rights and the rule of law in the world; there are also good reasons why Canada needs to continue sustaining industrial capacities that are defence and security-relevant, including the promotion of related exports.
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