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A Honduran family heads into the town of La Técnica, Guatemala, which lies across the Usumacinta River from Mexico. Nearly 500,000 Central Americans flee to Mexico every year. Tito Herrera photograph courtesy of the UNHCR

Time to implement Canada’s resettlement policies for Central Americans fleeing violence

Canada has an opportunity to do its part by demonstrating leadership on this continent in helping people in its own backyard.
Canadians need to be much more vigilant about anti-immigrant and racist dog-whistling in the public sphere.
Raza Bashir Tarar, the new High Commissioner to Canada, says more can be done on bilateral trade, and that sometimes means 'getting out of the way’ of businesses.
As the country convulses in political crisis, millions of Venezuelans are fleeing to communities in neighbouring countries, which have been generous but are approaching a breaking point.
Adeyinka Asekun is proud of the first-ever Canada-Nigeria Investment Summit last year that brought a Canadian Governor General to Nigeria for the first time.
If caught, an intoxicated Canadian could have their licence suspended and pay a fine, but a permanent resident could face deportation.
Many of Canada’s leaders are increasingly content to pander to their constituents’ most selfish, parochial instincts. This is government in a time of small-minded populism.
Despite the increase in border crossers, Canada does not face a 'crisis' with asylum seekers, says Volker Turk.
The public safety minister’s current challenge to the right for migrants to use habeas corpus emphasizes the government’s continued assault on the rights of migrants in Canada.
I am afraid that we Canadians have already turned a blind eye to a brewing humanitarian disaster in our own backyard.
The company deserves credit for using its weight to counter Donald Trump’s race-driven smear campaign against protesting ex-San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.
As a democratic society, we should be debating this issue. But the talk should be about safely welcoming and successfully integrating these newcomers, not whether Canada should welcome them at all.
While the U.S. allows Indigenous peoples from Canada to freely cross south, Canada doesn’t do the same for those from the U.S. crossing north. This has caused unnecessary delays and problems at the border.
Insiders and observers weigh in on who impacts Canada’s decisions on diplomacy, trade, defence, development, and immigration.
Despite the government's review, NDP critic Jenny Kwan says ‘those gaps are still very much there.’
The challenge is wooing people to rural Canada in an era of urbanization and declining populations.
When the House returns later this month, the Roma community will be campaigning to convince Ottawa to formally recognize the genocide of the Roma who were targeted by the Nazis.
Opinion|Tim Powers
Instead, a small-minded resolution that would end birthright citizenship seems unnecessarily malicious in a country with declining birthrates and an economic need for immigrants.
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