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Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May have yet to release their party's platforms, but NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh unveiled his in June. The Hill Times photographs by Andrew Meade

Party’s place in political ecosystem can influence platform rollout, strategists say

Even as parties, to an extent, bypass the media to reach key demographics, they still jockey with the others to attract blanket coverage of their policy reveals. 
The Conservatives are trying to maintain 'the greatest level of flexibility' they can by avoiding outlining specific immigration targets leading up to the election, says pollster Nik Nanos.
Hollow catchphrases and platitudes are not enough. Anti-racism efforts are a substantive issue that merit the same rigorous and nuanced debate and diligence as any other crisis facing our country.
The days when most Canadian Sikhs could be counted on to vote Liberal could be over, experts say.
Opinion|Ghazy Mujahid
The immigration minister should take note that all of the approaches used so far for the family reunification program have fallen short of meeting the objective of fairness.
Immigration has been a hot-button, wedge issue in past years, but its impact on the 2019 federal election could depend on how many people cross between border points this summer.
Mexico’s new ambassador says he’s been speaking to Canadian officials and his government is launching education campaigns to deal with what he says is a ‘shared challenge.’
Tucked into the budget bill, the measure would let the feds stop processing certain visa and permit applications for countries they deem unhelpful in deportation proceedings.
The government that once welcomed 25,000-plus Syrian refugees is now seeking to curtail the number of people seeking refugee protection by crossing the border between official entry points. Surely our compassion does not end at the Canada-U.S. border.
Canada has an opportunity to do its part by demonstrating leadership on this continent in helping people in its own backyard.
Canadians need to be much more vigilant about anti-immigrant and racist dog-whistling in the public sphere.
Raza Bashir Tarar, the new High Commissioner to Canada, says more can be done on bilateral trade, and that sometimes means 'getting out of the way’ of businesses.
As the country convulses in political crisis, millions of Venezuelans are fleeing to communities in neighbouring countries, which have been generous but are approaching a breaking point.
Adeyinka Asekun is proud of the first-ever Canada-Nigeria Investment Summit last year that brought a Canadian Governor General to Nigeria for the first time.
If caught, an intoxicated Canadian could have their licence suspended and pay a fine, but a permanent resident could face deportation.
Many of Canada’s leaders are increasingly content to pander to their constituents’ most selfish, parochial instincts. This is government in a time of small-minded populism.
Despite the increase in border crossers, Canada does not face a 'crisis' with asylum seekers, says Volker Turk.
The public safety minister’s current challenge to the right for migrants to use habeas corpus emphasizes the government’s continued assault on the rights of migrants in Canada.
I am afraid that we Canadians have already turned a blind eye to a brewing humanitarian disaster in our own backyard.
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