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Former New Zealand high commissioner Daniel Mellsop said he had a rewarding experience during his nearly four years in Canada, with CPTPP's ratification as one of many highlights. Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

Christchurch response, trade deal closure lasting memories for outgoing New Zealand envoy

After almost four years, New Zealand High Commissioner Daniel Mellsop left Canada on Dec. 5 for a job at his country's foreign service head office.
Opinion|By Scott Taylor
As Justin Trudeau pointed out to Donald Trump during their discussion at the NATO summit, Canada has consistently been at the forefront of supporting the alliance.
Opinion|By Lisa Van Dusen
Amid all the toxicity, an impromptu clapback in Washington provides a political moment of—gasp—truth and love.
News|By Neil Moss
Peter Kent says Canada's campaign for a seat on the UN Security Council is a 'possible, even, likely motivation' for a vote supporting a pro-Palestine, anti-Israel resolution last month in the UN General Assembly.
Opinion|Tim Powers
If Justin Trudeau wants to go after Donald Trump, he should do it publicly and confidently. Say in public what he was caught musing in private.
Opinion|Erica Ifill
From finding the right lunch table in the high school we call Canada, to the rare gift of knowing oneself, there’s a lot to reflect on in a decade of political growth.
The North used to be seen as a government priority, especially for its economic potential in natural resources and its critical role in territorial sovereignty, but it wasn't even an afterthought this election.
Hill Times Columnists

As Justin Trudeau pointed out to Donald Trump during their discussion at the NATO summit, Canada has consistently been at the forefront of supporting the alliance.
Amid all the toxicity, an impromptu clapback in Washington provides a political moment of—gasp—truth and love.
Banning specific guns is only a small part of the overall effort Canadians need to undertake if the country is going to confront the rise of violence and hate-mongering, particularly against women.
The report on consular services for Canadians overseas will only have meaning if reflected in appropriate action by the government.
Foreign Policy
Opinion|By Gwynne Dyer
It has now become clear that Saudi Arabia is never going to win.
Opinion|By Phil Gurski
One tangible thing Public Safety Canada does do is maintain what is known as the ‘list of terrorist entities.'
Opinion|By David Crane
How does Canada respond in a world of growing protectionism and intensifying competition? Can we work with allies to sustain and reform the world trading system?
News|By Neil Moss
Long-term NATO mission will lead to greater chances of success stabilizing Iraqi security forces, says foreign policy experts.
French ambassador Kareen Rispal says the 29-member alliance is in the midst of a political crisis and her president was recognizing that fact.
Soldiers know the difference between heroic acts and criminal acts. Donald Trump, apparently, has the two confused.
Foreign Policy
Plus, the House's Board of Internal Economy Committee and its Senate counterpart hold meetings.
Chief Government Whip Mark Holland says the party was hoping to strike the Procedure and House Affairs Committee last week, but opposition had not reached a consensus.
Nature and profits go hand in hand. Green infrastructure needs to support physical infrastructure. Regulations need to protect them both.
The supplementary estimates include $44-million for Phoenix damages, $131.9-million towards reconciliation on Indigenous rights and fisheries issues, and $9.9-million for the new Canadian Accessibility Standards Development Organization.
The alternative to a managed and just transition is not the status quo, but rather an unpredictable and unjust transition reminiscent of so many previous resource busts.
If cleaner energy is the way to go, wouldn’t an easy early step be to move towards a larger amount of domestic crude instead of relying on foreign imports?
The world is moving forward on slicing GHG emissions. This means massive changes to the global energy system, bringing significant future market opportunities with it. Canada’s natural resources sector can play a role.
Energy experts say SMRs could be an environmentally friendly baseload option compared to intermittent sources like wind and solar.

Diplomatic association plans black-tie bash on tight timeline

The ODA's new executive is moving quickly to plan its 10th anniversary gala on Valentine's Day 2020, the only annual black-tie diplomatic event in the capital. 

The ‘lost’ opportunity of the PM’s India trip, and other observations from India’s exiting envoy

Exiting Indian envoy Vikas Swarup talks Kashmir, the prime minister's infamous India visit, trade, and future relations between the two countries.

‘This is different’: diplomats warned of divided Canada during parliamentary crash course

Given Canadians' self-professed preference for a minority government, 'I think we all are on probation,' Liberal MP Greg Fergus told diplomats.

President’s trip the ‘crown’ of Croatian envoy’s four-year post

Marica Matkovic is returning to Croatia to help the country prepare for its first-ever Council of the EU presidency.
De Adder's Take

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