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Thanks mostly to the under-performance of his opponents, Olaf Scholz has emerged over the past four months as the odds-on favourite as successor to Angela Merkel, pictured, as German chancellor, writes Gwynne Dyer. Photograph courtesy of Flickr

After Merkel: Scholz looks like a shoo-in as next chancellor

Opinion|By Gwynne Dyer
However the electoral arithmetic works out, it will likely lead to much commotion but not much change in keeping with the sane and undramatic politics of Germany.
Opinion|By Gwynne Dyer
AUKUS (rhymes with ‘caucus’), which has been cobbled together since the fall of Kabul last month to draw attention away from the shambles attending the American retreat from Afghanistan.
Three arguments typically made against withdrawing military forces can be easily picked apart.
Opinion|By Scott Taylor
There is a good reason why the Libya war registers barely a footnote in Canada’s military history. Despite the fact that Canada declared ‘victory,’ the civil war in Libya never ended.
The election may have been unnecessary. But it did not leave us more polarized or divided than ever before.
To date, the Arctic Council has provided a forum for the negotiation of three important legally-binding treaties on scientific co-operation, oil spill preparedness and response, and search and rescue.
Erin O’Toole was not only battling the Liberals and the NDP in this election, he was also fighting his own party’s past, implicitly demonizing its former leaders as out of touch dinosaurs.
Canada should develop a co-ordinated national action plan to ensure the creative sector’s continued growth.
Hill Times Columnists

There is a good reason why the Libya war registers barely a footnote in Canada’s military history. Despite the fact that Canada declared ‘victory,’ the civil war in Libya never ended.
However the electoral arithmetic works out, it will likely lead to much commotion but not much change in keeping with the sane and undramatic politics of Germany.
At the risk of jinxing it, it seems like the virtual spaces our lives have migrated to in lockdown have become more humane.
A smooth-working minority Parliament, while not impossible, seems highly unlikely.
In the midst of an election, the Canadian reaction to the new Pacific partnership has been muted.
Foreign Policy
Nobody wants to shut all oil and gas production down now—that would be far too great a shock to the economy—but just under half the population would be willing to stop exploration now.
Opinion|By Bill Henderson
Concern is skin deep: all the parties' climate platform policies are grossly insufficient, the climate villains are still in firm control, and any informed outsider would see a nation in deep climate denial.
Opinion|By Gwynne Dyer
A significant proportion of Republican voters are striving to remove themselves from the gene pool by refusing to be vaccinated, and they can’t vote Republican if they are dead.
Opinion|By Gwynne Dyer
Did the world change forever? No, it barely budged. 9/11 was a deliberate provocation and the United States fell for it hook, line and sinker, but it still didn’t produce any of the changes the perpetrators wanted.
Opinion|By Max Jiang
In this unnerving climate, with the resurgence of geopolitical rivalries and economic downturns, what better opportunity could there be to break the ice than an international collaboration that looks toward setting up a
News|By Neil Moss
The Conservatives have 31 references to China in their platform, while the Liberals spotlight the growing superpower only once alongside Iran and Russia.
Foreign Policy
Plus, some Tories publicly backed Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole following calls for his ouster, while one re-elected Conservative criticized the embattled leader.
The New Democrats could play a role in Parliament similar to one they played in the 1960s, when they pushed Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson to enact progressive policies like Medicare and the Canada Pension Plan, say strategists.
Plus, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney's management of the COVID-19 pandemic in Alberta became a campaign topic in the 2021 federal election, but he managed to survive a meeting with an unhappy caucus yesterday.
For the first time in the party’s history, a Conservative member has initiated a petition to call a referendum on the party leader. But, the Conservative Party’s president has questioned the online petition’s validity.
Within the coming weeks, there will be dozens of new MPs who arrive in Ottawa without a clear understanding of what an MP does.
Advance voting jumped as much as 19.5 per cent this election, and use of special ballots, the majority of which are filled out ahead of election day, increased by roughly 59.4 per cent.
Plus, one of the most anticipated parties of the year in political Ottawa’s bubble, the Writers Trust of Canada’s annual Politics & The Pen, is up today as a virtual show once again during the global pandemic.
Feature|Neil Moss

Afghan envoy denounces the Taliban’s ‘brutal campaign of violence and terror’

'Everyday we wake up to many tragic and alarming news coming out of Afghanistan,' says Afghan Ambassador Hassan Soroosh.
Feature|Neil Moss

‘We have to have visits’: New Romanian envoy hopes for renewal of high-level meetings post-pandemic

In a wide-ranging interview, Romanian Ambassador Bogdan Mănoiu spoke about defence and economic co-operation with Canada, as well as the need to renew high-level visits between the two nations.
Feature|Neil Moss

Alleged assassin needs to be sent back to Bangladesh, says new envoy

New Bangladeshi High Commissioner Khalilur Rahman also hopes to see Canada hand over its unused COVID-19 vaccines.
Feature|Neil Moss

‘Cautious optimism’ in talks to reopen non-essential travel with Canada, says new EU envoy

EU Ambassador Melita Gabrič says Canada and the European Union are planning for an in-person summit at the 'highest level.'
De Adder's Take

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