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Donald Trump is well known for his desire to cut American military commitments overseas. Indeed, it is one of his most attractive characteristics. But his attention span is short, he plays a lot of golf, and he does not have the knack of choosing good advisers. Photograph courtesy of Flickr

War in the Gulf?

Opinion|By Gwynne Dyer
If the United States does attack, nobody will help Iran, even though every other signatory to the no-nukes treaty that Trump trashed knows (and says) that Iran has complied with its terms.
Opinion|By Phil Gurski
We need to make it clear that groups of this ilk do not enjoy official sanction and that we as Canadians universally reject their views.
Opinion|By David Crane
If Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer wins, the outlook could be even worse given his embrace of the Trump administration’s economic war with China, as set out in his recent foreign policy speech.
‘Even if we were to have an ambassador in Beijing, the person would have little access,’ says ex-envoy Guy Saint-Jacques.
The Trudeau government should ban seismic blasting in Canadian waters. The stakes are high if nothing changes—the likely extinction of the North Atlantic right whale.
The B.C. coast is a single system where the land and ocean blend. What befalls the ocean, befalls the species of the land. It is no place for oil tankers.
Back in 1965, Progressive Conservative MP Alf Hales complained that he felt buried by the burden of legislative and constituency work as a backbench MP. So he helped start the Parliamentary Internship Program.
Hill Times Columnists

Former Maple Leafs player Dave ‘Tiger’ Williams denied the accusations against him.
If the United States does attack, nobody will help Iran, even though every other signatory to the no-nukes treaty that Trump trashed knows (and says) that Iran has complied with its terms.
The Trump administration’s relations with the media, which began as shocking and outrageous, have become predictably, dangerously normalized.
While the U.S. debates aid cuts, Canada should talk about the need to do more—not less—to improve the conditions that are forcing Central Americans to flee north.
The report on consular services for Canadians overseas will only have meaning if reflected in appropriate action by the government.
Foreign Policy
Opinion|By Randolph Mank
If truth is the first casualty of war, diplomacy must not be the first casualty of troubled relations between nation states.
Canada and Sweden can ‘push the agenda’ on the world stage in the fight to protect democracy, Sweden's new envoy says.
Opinion|By Dan Kraus
If we want to stop global extinctions, we need to start by protecting these species in our own country.
Opinion|By Phil Gurski
I would suggest that CSIS should do it since that is the premier organization that knows what is happening in Canada.
Opinion|By David Crane
After years of major layoffs, lost customers, and big financial losses, as well as ditching the smart phone business which had once been its huge success, BlackBerry is now a highly competitive software company.
To address corporate misconduct, the federal government needs to truly commit to independence and power in an ombudsperson because the safety and well-being of Indigenous women are at stake.
Foreign Policy
Justice Minister David Lametti, meanwhile, is in Vancouver for a funding announcement on addressing sexual harassment in the workplace.
Conservative MP David Tilson says it’s too early to jump to any conclusion about the impact of the Ford government’s policies on the outcome of the next federal election.
The Prime Minister’s Office also has a new correspondence writer on board, among other recent political staffing moves.
Rachel Giese's book, Boys: What it Means to Become a Man, won the $25,000 Shaughnessy Cohen Prize at the 2019 Politics and the Pen event in Ottawa.
The Liberals will be under attack from all sides in the next election campaign, but Liberals say they have a good story to tell and some say they need to sharpen up their communications strategy before it's too late.
Feature|Neil Moss
Plus, ITK's Taste of the Arctic takes to the NAC, and the Grits are fundraising after 12 Tory MPs attended an anti-abortion rally.
‘At the appropriate time, we hope to meet with him,’ says Conservative MP and foreign affairs critic Erin O’Toole.

Canada’s corporate ethics watchdog a ‘positive tool,’ says incoming Mexican ambassador

Mexico is ‘on the same page,’ says Juan José Gómez Camacho, with Canadian mining companies, which make up 70 per cent of foreign investment in the sector.

French Embassy’s Ambassador for a Day program aims to shatter glass ceiling

It helps to have women like French Ambassador Kareen Rispal ‘open the door,’ says the program’s first student Juliana Trapolino.

Taiwan-Canada relations ‘on the rise,’ says rep at annual bash

Taiwan Night was the hot ticket in town last week, with dozens of Parliamentarians in attendance.

Peaceful transfer of power key to keeping international standing, says Kazakh envoy

After nearly 30 years in power, Kazakhstan's president, Nursultan Nazarbayev, resigned last month, but his ambassador in Ottawa says his priorities remain the same.
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