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The prompt visit by Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly, pictured in October 2020, to Kyiv to discuss financial and weapons assistance to Ukraine will not contribute any effective enhancement to the military deterrent against Russian conquest, writes Julian Spencer-Churchill. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

Ottawa correctly staking a moral claim for the integrity of Ukraine

Ukraine’s key shortcoming is its desperately weak air defenses and air force, which Canada is in no position to alleviate without a collective NATO deployment.
Feature|By Neil Moss
South African High Commissioner Sibongiseni Dlamini-Mntambo says the pandemic curbed some of the work she was undertaking.
Opinion|By Gwynne Dyer
Silvio Berlusconi governed Italy as prime minister three times between 1994 and 2011 at the head of various coalitions, for a total of nine years. Italy’s economy and reputation were in steady decline the whole time.
Opinion|By Bhagwant Sandhu
The Liberals appear to have learned from the Conservative's mistakes, which is why China isn't mentioned in the prime minister’s mandate letter for his new foreign affairs minister.
Climate change, the deeper crisis of our time, requires us all to heed the urgent call to action.
Bottom line is, antagonistic political debates are here to stay. If you disagree with me on this, please feel free to 'destroy' me on YouTube.
Opinion|Neil Fraser
Ontario recently launched a new agency—Intellectual Property Ontario—to encourage the development, protection, and commercialization of IP. Canada needs a similar focus on the value of innovation on a national scale.
Hill Times Columnists

Canada officially denounced these parades in 2019, but one has to believe that as a good friend to Latvia, we could exert more pressure on the Riga regime to stop this public glorification of Nazis.
Silvio Berlusconi governed Italy as prime minister three times between 1994 and 2011 at the head of various coalitions, for a total of nine years. Italy’s economy and reputation were in steady decline the whole time, but his base never faltered in its loyalty
At the risk of jinxing it, it seems like the virtual spaces our lives have migrated to in lockdown have become more humane.
Canada has the trade liberalization deals in place to actually propel a long-term shift in export markets to Asia and Europe. Making it happen is another matter, of course.
Beijing has grown louder in its long-standing goal of seeing the Taiwan reintegrated, while China's economic influence globally continues to temper the inclinations of the United States and others in the region.
Foreign Policy
News|By Neil Moss
Not having an ambassador to the Holy See sends a symbolic message, say former Canadian diplomats, but it may not make a practical difference compared to having the post represented by a chargé d'affaires.
News|By Neil Moss
A Global Affairs spokesperson says the South African High Commission was notified on the same day that the travel ban was announced, which the mission disputes.
Opinion|By Andrew Cardozo
The advancement of human rights never goes in a straight line. For those who want to see real change, the path is about a zig and a zag, a bob and a weave. Timing is critical in the end.
The nuclear arsenal of China’s coalition, consisting also of Russia and Pakistan, currently outnumbers the arsenals of all other nuclear-armed states.
Feature|By Neil Moss
Outgoing Taiwanese diplomat Simon Sung praises the work of Parliamentarians in advancing Canada-Taiwan ties.
News|By Neil Moss
'The time is now to take a more aggressive approach when it comes to Holocaust distortion,' says B'nai Brith Canada president Michael Mostyn.
Foreign Policy
Canada’s Superintendent of Financial Institutions Peter Routledge says Canada’s housing sector has systems in place to absorb shocks from rising interest rates, but as a financial regulator he should ‘never be too overly confident in financial stability.’
In a regional caucus meeting Thursday evening, Saskatchewan MPs voted overwhelmingly in support of Senator Denise Batters' staying in the Saskatchewan caucus.
Feature|Chelsea Nash
Alexa McDonough, who died on Jan. 15 at the age of 77, was the second woman to lead the federal NDP from 1995 through 2006; a time, her former colleagues recall, in which women in politics faced much sexism. Her former press secretary Karl Bélanger wrote in L'Actualité that McDonough's importance has been underrated in Canadian politics.
Canada's finance ministers are gathering today, plus, Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly is chairing an international meeting on what to do about Haiti.
NDP MP Lori Idlout says the Liberals need to hold companies accountable. ‘Our communities can’t continue to be disregarded when the profit is gone and we’re left to clean up the mess that a multi-billion dollar company made.’
Other changes to the minister’s staff lineup this Parliament include Emerson Vandenberg’s promotion to policy director, and Allison St-Jean’s hiring as communications director.
Plus, inflation hits the highest rate in 30 years, and NDP MPs head off for a party retreat.
But the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board remains wary of any attempts to write climate concerns into its mandate.
Feature|Neil Moss

Forthcoming Indo-Pacific strategy will be a ‘great vehicle’ for Canada-South Korea co-operation, says envoy

In a wide-ranging interview, South Korean Ambassador Chang Keung Ryong talks Canada's upcoming Indo-Pacific strategy, his country's bid to accede to the CPTPP, and the recent UN peacekeeping ministerial in Seoul.
Feature|Neil Moss

New Italian envoy trumpets Italian-Canadian links on Parliament Hill

Italian Ambassador Andrea Ferrari comes to Canada after a posting in Cuba. He has also been Italy's ambassador to Qatar.
Feature|Neil Moss

‘Extremely dangerous’ nuclear weapons arms race needs to be confronted, says Austrian diplomat

'The famous doomsday clock is now standing at 100 seconds before midnight, which is actually closer to midnight than at any time during the Cold War,' says Austria's Alexander Kmentt.
Feature|Neil Moss

The loneliest ambassador in Ottawa: Afghan envoy vows to press on without a government

'Our commitment to continuing our work remains firm,' says Afghan Ambassador Hassan Soroosh, noting embassy resources are 'very, very limited.'
De Adder's Take

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