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People's Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier, pictured Oct. 10, 2018, shortly after completing the application with Elections Canada in Gatineau, Que., to formalize the People’s Party of Canada as federal political party. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

Let’s hope Bernier gets the memo on how to talk about national security

Opinion|By Phil Gurski
We need all the candidates to address national security issues, like terrorism, in the campaign, but to do so in a sensible way. Canadians deserve a mature conversation on what is a real, albeit relatively small, threat.
Opinion|By Gwynne Dyer
Turkey’s President Recep Tayyib Erdogan is much better informed than the American president and probably a lot smarter too, but he is just as impulsive, just as ruthless, just as much a bringer of chaos.
Opinion|By Anton Malkin
Unless we devise a strategy on how to navigate this evolving and dynamic economic and technological confrontation between the status quo power and rising one, we will continue to be collateral damage.
Opinion|By David Crane
There are many other elements to Canada’s foreign policy. But headline events are the ones most likely to impact voters. How important foreign policy will be in the election outcome remains to be seen. But it seems unlik
At least with Stephen Harper, he was always truthful about his disinterest in their issues. Justin Trudeau, they say, cheerily says one thing to them, and then does another.
Opinion|Sheila Copps
Trudeau’s cabinet shuffle was based on bad advice. Whoever recommended the demotion of Raybould-Wilson should bow out. Trudeau made the decision but, ultimately, hubris on the prime minister’s team is costing him.
Our government remains focused on supporting our brave women and men in uniform and delivering on the commitments we’ve made under Strong, Secure, Engaged.
Opinion|David Law
Cynics may say that Jody Wilson-Raybould was demoted this week, but optimists hope that veterans got a promotion. With this minister, there is reason to be hopeful.
Hill Times Columnists

Ukraine’s embrace of a nationalist hero with Nazi connections doesn't show the type of Canadian values our military trainers were sent to defend.
Turkey’s President Recep Tayyib Erdogan is much better informed than the American president and probably a lot smarter too, but he is just as impulsive, just as ruthless, just as much a bringer of chaos.
The infatuated president’s passion for Putin couldn’t have been more obvious if he’d humped the diminutive dictator’s leg and belted out the Russian national anthem during their Helsinki newser.
Last year’s provincial elections showed the potency of the kind of resentment seen in the yellow vest movement in France, particularly when coupled with veiled intolerance, stressed living standards, and bitterness over shifting cultural mores.
The report on consular services for Canadians overseas will only have meaning if reflected in appropriate action by the government.
Foreign Policy
Opinion|By Naomi Johnson
The world’s poorest one billion people absorb 80 per cent of climate change impacts, despite being responsible for only three per cent of global greenhouse emissions.
News|By Neil Moss
New U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called the signed deal 'a deal in progress.'
Opinion|By Phil Gurski
CSIS would not interfere in foreign elections or create fake online personas to spread disinformation. I worked there for a decade-and-a-half and, I am pretty sure those are not activities CSIS has engaged in.
Opinion|By Gwynne Dyer
Theresa May’s deal is almost universally disliked. The Remainers hate it because they don’t want to leave the EU, and the Brexit hard-liners in her own party hate it because it keeps Britain too closely tied to the EU.
Opinion|By David Crane
Donald Trump is undermining Canada’s bid to establish closer economic ties with China, pushing Canada to take the U.S. side in his aggressive economic and trade war against China.
Opinion|By Lu Shaye
It seems that, to some people, only Canadian citizens should be treated in a humanitarian manner and their freedom deemed valuable, while Chinese people do not deserve that.
Foreign Policy
Pollster Nik Nanos says he expects protesters will try to disrupt Liberal campaign events during this year’s election campaign and will try to knock Prime Minister Justin Trudeau off his game.
Plus, Infrastructure and Communities Minister François-Philippe Champagne has a new policy and regional affairs adviser in his office.
News|Neil Moss
DND says its focus is on the Victoria-class modernization, and it won't be exploring replacement options until the modernization is 'well underway.'
Andrew Scheer and a new Conservative government will keep us safe by strengthening our Canadian Armed Forces, honouring our commitments to our NATO allies and enhancing our participation in NORAD.
Opinion|Ken Coates
Speculation is already rife that these steps suggest a downgrading of the prominence given by Prime Minister Trudeau to Indigenous affairs, perhaps because the Liberals see their strong support for Indigenous rights as an election liability. If so, that would be perhaps the greatest disappointment from this process.
NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is slated to make a 'major housing announcement' on the streets of Burnaby, B.C.
Canada recently deployed two ships to Asia-Pacific waters to join allied American and Asian navies in a deterrence mission. More naval missions may occur as China asserts its claims on the South China Sea.

Nothing in migration compact tells Canada to ‘open borders,’ says UN refugee agency rep

Also, Kazakhstan celebrates its 27th anniversary of independence and deepening relations with Canada after the historic visit of a Canadian Governor General.

Launch of campaign against gender-based violence comes ahead of ‘landmark’ year, says UN official

‘There are particular moments that come in our lives that give us the opportunity to be the best part of ourselves—and such a moment will soon be upon us,' says Lopa Banerjee.

Canada’s expertise, funding could help Lesotho’s reforms as it seeks renewed ties, says new envoy

Lesotho's new high commissioner says Canadian know-how on democratic institutions and small business skills are of use to Lesotho, which faces widespread unemployment.

E-governance a ‘mutual interest’ with Canada, says Estonian envoy

The Baltic country tries to ‘push the envelope’ in the information and communications technology sector, which Toomas Lukk says is the ‘future of humankind.’
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