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May 3 is celebrated as an official holiday, both in Poland, pictured in 2014, and in Lithuania. Wikimedia Commons photograph

After 230 years, Polish-Lithuanian Constitution underscores international ties

Freedom and democracy, the rule of law, and justice are core values of Canada. We are proud to be allies and partners of Canada on the international scene.
News|By Neil Moss
The Canadian government has criticized Iran for not providing transparency over what led to the shooting down of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 on Jan. 8, 2020.
News|By Neil Moss
'Radio Canada International has just one mandate and that is to explain Canada to the world,' says former host Wojtek Gwiazda.
News|By Neil Moss
'The contrast is jarring between huge ambition at home and no ambition abroad,' says former Canadian diplomat Ben Rowswell on the Liberals' new budget.
Opinion|Richard Audas
For those aged 85 and above Canada’s situation is deteriorating with its excess death rate for Canada at 18.0 per cent, dramatically higher than the other developed countries in our comparison.
We lack data about the scope of work of health care workers, about the diversity of the workforce, such as Indigenous or racial identity and language of service
Is the CRTC prepared to grant the CBC the hands-off treatment its president is asking for when the management team has made so many guarantees?
Opinion|Elissa Strome
Understandably, the pandemic has taken priority, but every month that we fail to break down barriers and align our efforts and investments in AI for health is another lost opportunity for better health.
Hill Times Columnists

That the military brass chose to stand behind the perpetrator and not support the victim in this case is troubling.
There is a weird but widespread custom, especially prevalent among Russian bureaucrats and three-year-olds, in which you aggressively deny the plain truth even while you and your listener are both looking at it.
At the risk of jinxing it, it seems like the virtual spaces our lives have migrated to in lockdown have become more humane.
Ford cannot get past the anti-worker mentality born of his years as a rich, entitled business owner with little use for notions of government-promoted good.
Canada can’t rely on the imaginary protections from U.S. assurances the detained Canadians are being treated as if they ‘were American citizens,’ and instead must deal directly with China.
Foreign Policy
News|By Neil Moss
'Everyone's looking for a diplomatic solution out of this thing, and I think if Canada wants to play an active role today, that's where we should be,' says former DND analyst Andrew Rasiulis.
Opinion|By Gwynne Dyer
The pandemic is probably going to end the political career of Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s egregious president.
The feds should set up a non-partisan, expert-based Macdonald-type commission to detoxify the carbon tax and climate debate and create a space, post-COVID, for civic engagement with a positive purpose.
Opinion|By Chang Keung Ryong
Korea and Canada have developed robust ties built on a solid foundation of mutual respect and friendship, illustrated in the many bilateral developments that have occurred since.
Feature|By Neil Moss
'It's important for us to have boots on the ground,' says Danish Ambassador Hanne Fugl Eskjær of the appointment of Navarana Beveridge as Denmark's honorary consul in Iqaluit.
Opinion|By Scott Taylor
Now that Biden has pulled the plug on the U.S. military commitment in Afghanistan, we can be certain that Canada will not be missing out on any victory parade.
Foreign Policy
While a ‘missed opportunity’ in the earlier days of the pandemic, some observers worry tying strings to provincial and territorial access to potentially life-saving vaccines could be seen as ‘unethical.’
Katie Telford repeatedly deflected questions around whether she ‘deliberately withheld’ information from the prime minister, instead pointing to the advice the PMO received from the bureaucracy that it wouldn’t have been appropriate for political staffers and politicians to get involved.
Plus, former cabinet minister Amarjeet Sohi, is expected to announce his candidacy for Edmonton mayor soon. Outgoing mayor Don Iveson's tenure wraps up in October.
The province should have targeted vaccines to hot-spot neighbourhoods earlier, before Toronto was ‘on fire’ with COVID cases, says Liberal MP Judy Sgro.
With so much of everyday life migrating online due to the pandemic, says Michael Edwards of Sussex Strategy, the potential for engaging political supporters who weren’t initially comfortable doing transactions has grown.
Prof. Duane Bratt says Amarjeet Sohi would be the ‘front-runner’ in the mayoral election, where at least six candidates have officially joined the race to succeed Don Iveson.
Plus, Health Canada broadens Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine eligibility to children between ages 12 to 15.
Opinion|Gwynne Dyer
Apart from Britain and Scandinavia, there was hardly a country in Europe that didn’t get a visit from Napoleon’s armies.
Feature|Neil Moss

Protocol became ‘even more important’ in a world of virtual diplomacy, says Canada’s chief

Stewart Wheeler says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's virtual meeting with new U.S. President Joe Biden was a way to use technology to start building a relationship with the new administration.
Feature|Neil Moss

Greece felt ‘very happy’ to have Canada’s top diplomat in Athens last year amid pandemic, says new Greek envoy

Greek Ambassador Konstantina Athanassiadou says there is political will in Athens to ratify Canada's free trade pact with the European Union.
Feature|Neil Moss

Herbert Norman, Raymond Chrétien, Marie-Lucie Morin among 10 named as ‘Ambassadors of Note’

The 'Ambassador of Note' distinction is given to envoys that were involved in an 'ongoing activity or a single major event' that had 'significant impact on Canadian foreign policy or on how Canada was seen in the world.'
Feature|Neil Moss

‘Much water has flown’ since heated row over Trudeau’s farmers’ protest comments, says Indian envoy

Indian High Commissioner Ajay Bisaria says the Feb. 10 call between Prime Ministers Justin Trudeau and Narendra Modi was 'very positive.'
De Adder's Take
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