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U.S. President Donald Trump, left, and North Korean President Kim Jong-un's Hanoi summit last month ended with both walking away from peace talks. Photographs courtesy of Gage Skidmore and KCNA.

How Canada can play its part in ushering peace in Korean peninsula

Canada should reactivate diplomatic relations by fully authorizing the Canadian ambassador in Seoul to represent Canada in North Korea, and accept the nominee for ambassador of North Korea to Canada.
Opinion|By Gwynne Dyer
Xinjiang’s Muslims have been abandoned by the ‘umma,' the world community of Muslims. They are on their own, and they are suffering.
Opinion|By Phil Gurski
We certainly cannot stand by as extremists and terrorists seek to undermine our societies under the aberrant conviction that we have it all wrong and they are going to show us how it should be done.
Opinion|By Oonagh Fitzgerald
Those of us watching from outside should learn lessons about the fragility of the international legal order, the trickiness of managing referenda, and parliamentary democracy’s failings when pushed to its limits.
Opinion|Karen Proud
Enabling good health, whether at home, or with the help of a professional just makes sense. For governments, this equates to making balanced investments that make our health-care system accessible to all.
Opinion|Duff Conacher
How much longer do we have to wait for a law enforcement system that upholds the rule of law for everybody?
Opinion|David Crane
Is the extradition request simply a cynical card that the Trump administration is playing as part of its negotiation of a new trade deal with China?
Hill Times Columnists

Both cases begin with information being leaked to the media and stem from allegations that major corporations tried to use political clout to find favour with the Trudeau government.
Xinjiang’s Muslims have been abandoned by the ‘umma,' the world community of Muslims. They are on their own, and they are suffering.
While elections in Israel are never boring, the results are certainly getting a little predictable.
Many of Canada’s hemispheric neighbours, from Mexico to Brazil, are coping with disillusioned citizens, entrenched economic uncertainty, and radical populists.
The report on consular services for Canadians overseas will only have meaning if reflected in appropriate action by the government.
Foreign Policy
Canada faces a lawsuit alleging its actions were slow, which could be a ‘game changer’ for a department in need of a wake-up call, says one former diplomat.
But by boosting partnerships in the region Canada also risks alienating China, said academics and diplomats at a March 11 Ottawa talk.
The Canadian Council of Young Feminists aims to bridge the gap between young leaders, global citizenship, and Canadian Parliamentarians.
Opinion|By Phil Gurski
We need longer sentences for terrorism offence, now.
Opinion|By Gwynne Dyer
The Syrian and Yemeni civil wars, both triggered by the popular, initially non-violent revolutions of the Arab Spring, may finally be stumbling towards an end, but the whole tragic sequence of events is still too fresh in people’s minds for them to want to try again.
Opinion|By David Crane
We need major structural changes, and cultural changes, in our economy to accelerate its transition to a knowledge economy based on investments in intangibles such as R&D, software, branding, and employee training.
Foreign Policy
The House Justice Committee is set to meet behind closed doors to discuss the possibility of recalling former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould.
Feature|Neil Moss
Plus, Kevin Vickers to seek leadership of New Brunswick Liberals, and a U.S. local news station tracks down a vacationing Justin Trudeau on a Florida island.
Changes to address Indigenous language loss and child welfare are seen as ‘high priority,’ but with calls for broad amendments, the short timeframe left to pass bills C-91 and C-92 is a source of frustration for some.
Meanwhile, Alison Porter has been promoted to chief of staff in the agriculture minister’s office.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will informally consult MPs, former parliamentarians, and experts from a wide range of backgrounds on his caucus and cabinet management style, says a PMO official.
Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s explanation for the move—helping the economy—puts him in a direct contradiction with his own law, says ex-Conservative finance minister Joe Oliver.

Innovation, trade links top of mind for new Swiss ambassador

‘We’ve taken each other for granted, maybe a little bit too much,’ says Salome Meyer, looking for more active bilateralism between Canada and Switzerland.

Asia Bibi case a ‘watershed’ moment in Pakistan’s judicial history, new envoy says

Raza Bashir Tarar, the new High Commissioner to Canada, says more can be done on bilateral trade, and that sometimes means 'getting out of the way’ of businesses.

Canada in ‘regular’ conversation with Turkey on extremist travellers, says new ambassador

The new Turkish ambassador advocates for renewed free trade talks, says increasing flights from Toronto a key connection.

Colombian envoy praises Canada’s ‘clarity of message’ on Venezuelan crisis

Federico Hoyos moves from his post as one of Colombia’s youngest members of Congress to the youngest in its diplomatic ranks.
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