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Far right anti-migration groups gather on Parliament Hill on Dec. 8 to protest Canada signing the UN Global Compact on Migration, which Canada endorsed on Dec. 10. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

Nothing in migration compact tells Canada to ‘open borders,’ says UN refugee agency rep

Also, Kazakhstan celebrates its 27th anniversary of independence and deepening relations with Canada after the historic visit of a Canadian Governor General.
The Joint Interparliamentary Council approved a new process to step in when parliamentary associations lose confidence in their leaders.
A 1989 investigation found there was no national security threat from uranium imports, but experts agree times have changed under President Trump.
Opinion|By Scott Taylor
The battle to save Afghanistan has yet to be fought and the Taliban remain a very clear and present danger.
Meanwhile, EU member countries acted quickly to approve regulations, ending all outdoor uses of these neonics by the end of this year.
Opinion|Katja Iversen
It’s time to shift our perspective to focus on reducing the inequalities, as well as on upending the gender norms and social dynamics that allow such violence to persist.
Small policy changes, like using more wood in new construction projects, can make a big impact.
Opinion|Grant Bishop
Canada can't risk further delays in boosting pipeline export capacity.
Hill Times Columnists

The battle to save Afghanistan has yet to be fought and the Taliban remain a very clear and present danger.
So how to get rid of him? In the past, the family’s rule has survived the abrupt removal of kings: one king was forced to abdicate in 1964, another was assassinated by his own nephew in 1975.
As the world’s democratic and non-democratic tectonic plates continue to grind, the perpetual content feed is the new battlefield.
The GOP has become more committed to power than the notion of the peaceful transfer of it.
The report on consular services for Canadians overseas will only have meaning if reflected in appropriate action by the government.
Foreign Policy
Opinion|By Thomas Walkom
Don’t be too hard on Doug Ford. His climate change plan is largely empty. But in real terms no one else is doing much either. Maybe that’s what people want.
Opinion|By Gwynne Dyer
Can we really expect that the relatively large cuts in GHGs promised in Paris at the 2015 summit will ever gain the public support necessary to make them happen? If not, then our current global civilization is doomed.
Opinion|By Phil Gurski
We will see more Canadians who think travelling to hook up with terrorist groups is a good idea. We must not allow that to happen as we cannot allow innocent lives to be lost to these extremists.
Opinion|By David Crane
The challenge is to improve our productivity performance so that the economic pie is larger and, at the same time, find new ways to ensure that the pie is more fairly shared.
‘There are particular moments that come in our lives that give us the opportunity to be the best part of ourselves—and such a moment will soon be upon us,' says Lopa Banerjee.
Opinion|By Scott Taylor
It would be foolhardy for NATO to heed Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s request for warships to escalate the tension in the Sea of Azov.
Foreign Policy
Plus, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland flies to Washington, D.C., with National Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan for a bilateral meeting with their counterparts, U.S. Secretary of Statement Mike Pompeo and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.
The event is being held in honour of the late Kate McInturff, a feminist scholar who worked for the left-leaning think-tank, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.
'Jokes in bad taste, comments about a colleague’s physical appearance, sustained looks, etc. can constitute harassment,’ reads the memo sent out Liberal MPs and staffers.
The Conservative Party said it’s offered two names—one several months ago—to fill its spots on the National Security and Intelligence Committee, but hasn’t heard back from the government.
To mark Centre Block's impending closure, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau plans to deliver a brief address in the House.
Lawyer Rick Woodburn says prosecutors have to wait too long for samples from the lab, leading to worrying court delays and cases being thrown out.

Canada’s expertise, funding could help Lesotho’s reforms as it seeks renewed ties, says new envoy

Lesotho's new high commissioner says Canadian know-how on democratic institutions and small business skills are of use to Lesotho, which faces widespread unemployment.

E-governance a ‘mutual interest’ with Canada, says Estonian envoy

The Baltic country tries to ‘push the envelope’ in the information and communications technology sector, which Toomas Lukk says is the ‘future of humankind.’

UN official warns of ‘dehumanizing’ political rhetoric amid Canada border-crosser debate

Despite the increase in border crossers, Canada does not face a 'crisis' with asylum seekers, says Volker Turk.

Work with Southeast Asia to help stem fentanyl flow, says UN rep

This year fentanyl was a hot topic for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime annual visit Canada to make sure its work is part of Global Affairs’ planning.
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