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Dr. Norman Bethune, right, helped by Henning Sorensen, performs a transfusion during the Spanish Civil War. Geza Karpathi photograph courtesy of Library and Archives Canada

Norman Bethune: Canada’s convenient hero

Opinion|By Andrew Caddell
Canada ought not to build up the wartime doctor as a hero just to please the Chinese.
The new Turkish ambassador advocates for renewed free trade talks, says increasing flights from Toronto a key connection.
Opinion|By Yves Engler
It seems military leadership would prefer the public only learn about the Canadian Armed Forces what they deem necessary to release, despite rules that say otherwise.
Opinion|By Les Whittington
A no-deal Brexit appears more likely by the day.
Hill Times Columnists

That can impact foreign policy. How else can one explain allowing our allies to stage parades and name streets after perpetrators of the worst crime against humanity?
Muhammadu Buhari is personally clean, but his anti-corruption measures almost exclusively targeted politicians of other parties.
Civilization seems to be living through another moment when the benefit of the doubt is being exploited as a weakness by corrupt actors.
The report on consular services for Canadians overseas will only have meaning if reflected in appropriate action by the government.
Foreign Policy
Opinion|By Phil Gurski
Our future economic success relies on robust immigration. It would be good to remember that.
Opinion|By Gwynne Dyer
The new Spanish government that emerges from the forthcoming snap election, whatever it is (nobody knows), won’t be able to solve the problem either.
Opinion|By David Crane
The ability to meet future social aspirations for a healthy, equitable, sustainable, and prosperous society for all, depends on innovation and the abilibility to generate wealth and opportunity.
Federico Hoyos moves from his post as one of Colombia’s youngest members of Congress to the youngest in its diplomatic ranks.
Opinion|By Andrew Caddell
Canada should seek other opportunities in Asia, and hold on to the foundations of our own political culture.
Foreign Policy
Veteran Quebec Liberal staffer, Nathalie Roberge, recently joined Attorney General David Lametti's team as director of issues management.
‘There’s no problem,’ says Independent Senator Pierre Dalphond, arguing the bill simply creates a ‘safety valve’ to prevent privileged information from being wrapped up in the new mandatory financial disclosures.
Plus, the National Energy Board is releasing its report on the Trans Mountain expansion project.
In an apology offered in the Chamber on Feb. 19, House Speaker Geoff Regan said, ‘All who come here must know unequivocally that they will be welcomed with equality, dignity and respect.’
Plus, Transport Minister Marc Garneau heads to Washington, D.C., to discuss the new NAFTA before members of the Canada America Business Council.
NDP MPs had been ordered to repay roughly $4-million by the Board of Internal Economy, which they've already started repaying though they've been fighting it in court for five years.
Plus, AFN national chief Perry Bellegarde is scheduled to appear before the House Committee on Canadian Heritage to discuss the feds' Indigenous languages bill.
Feature|Neil Moss
Plus, T.J. Harvey won't be seeking re-election, a new play on the #MeToo era on Parliament Hill, and David Thurton joins CBC's parliamentary bureau.

Slovakia’s deputy PM visits Canada, talks trade, digitization

The high-level visit last week highlights the ‘many connections’ between the countries, says Slovakia’s new ambassador to Canada Vít Koziak.

‘High-level’ migration discussions ongoing between Canada, Nigeria: envoy

Adeyinka Asekun is proud of the first-ever Canada-Nigeria Investment Summit last year that brought a Canadian Governor General to Nigeria for the first time.

Nothing in migration compact tells Canada to ‘open borders,’ says UN refugee agency rep

Also, Kazakhstan celebrates its 27th anniversary of independence and deepening relations with Canada after the historic visit of a Canadian Governor General.

Launch of campaign against gender-based violence comes ahead of ‘landmark’ year, says UN official

‘There are particular moments that come in our lives that give us the opportunity to be the best part of ourselves—and such a moment will soon be upon us,' says Lopa Banerjee.
De Adder's Take

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