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Big banks, challengers jockey for position as government plans open banking rollout

By Kevin Philipupillai      

Conservative MP Adam Chambers says open banking will encourage more competition in the financial sector and generate more choice for consumers.

Associate Finance Minister Randy Boissonnault's mandate letter includes a commitment 'to launch a made-in-Canada model of open banking by early 2023.' The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

There has been “substantial work” done in recent months to meet the government’s promise of an open banking system for 2023, say stakeholders involved in the consultations, but the process has also been marked by disagreements between established financial institutions and emerging challengers, and by concerns about privacy and security.

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‘Bloody bad business’: prison reform advocate calls for Canada’s last prison labour-operated abattoir to finally close

News|By Stuart Benson
As the expiration date for CSC's partnership with Wallace Beef Inc. to operate the slaughterhouse, Conservative MP Scott Reid warns that the closure of the abattoir would have severe negative impacts on local farmers.

Latest StatsCan data shows more Indigenous self-identifying, ‘and that’s a very good news story,’ say MPs, advocate

News|By Chelsea Nash
The increase in people self-identifying as Indigenous could be attributed to rising Indigenous pride, and increasing trust that Statistics Canada will present its data in a way that reflects the Indigenous reality.

Poilievre tapped experienced MPs with diverse backgrounds in his House leadership team to showcase a ‘modern and dynamic face’ of the party, say political insiders

News|By Abbas Rana
Pierre Poilievre is expected to announce his much anticipated shadow cabinet after the Thanksgiving long weekend, says Yaroslav Baran, who until recently served as a spokesman for the Conservative Party.

New NDP attack ad against Poilievre part of its ‘fight to be relevant,’ says pollster

News|By Ian Campbell
While political ads often seek to present evidence for their claims, this ad instead relies on trust in the brand, said one expert in digital strategy.

Senators face lobby pressure to amend Online Streaming Act and bring in ‘more guardrails’ amid user-content, discoverability concerns

Before the summer break, the House already accepted more than 150 amendments on Bill C-11.

Poilievre takes ‘clear line of attack’ on economy as Trudeau paints Conservative leader as ‘reckless’ in first QP showdown

Strategists said the leaders sought to draw clear lines of contrast but the exchange mostly avoided personal attacks.

With little focus on foreign policy, Poilievre has ‘blank slate’ to craft platform, say experts

News|By Neil Moss
Pierre Poilievre rarely spotlighted foreign policy on the campaign trail, a 'void' he will now have to fill, says Fen Osler Hampson.

Sports Minister St-Onge scores a new communications director

Feature|By Laura Ryckewaert
Plus, Fisheries Minister Joyce Murray is in want of a new press secretary, and Tyler Meredith will soon bid farewell to the Hill and Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland’s office.

Cheese remains sticking point in U.K. trade talks as Brits want to maintain access  

News|By Neil Moss
A Bloc bill to bar supply management concessions in trade negotiations could complicate Canada-U.K. trade talks.
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