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Government should ‘hold firm’ on compliance with emissions caps and reduction deadlines for oil and gas sector, say environmentalists

By Stuart Benson      

With second quarter oil and gas profits soaring, environmentalists are calling for a 'windfall profits tax' on oil and gas companies, questioning the morality of the sector to 'rake in record amounts while people are suffering' from the war in Ukraine and global 'fossil fuel-driven inflation.'

Canada's four biggest oil companies reported over $12-billion in combined profits for the second quarter of 2022, a nearly threefold increase from the same time last year. Environmentalists argue the oil and gas companies don't need more time to meet the government's emission reduction goals. Alberta's oil sands, pictured, circa 2008. Photograph courtesy of Jake Wright

As Canada’s four biggest oil companies reported a nearly threefold increase in Q2 profits over last year, environmentalists are calling on the government to hold firm on its emission reduction targets, arguing the industry’s case for more time “just doesn’t hold water.”

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Senators face lobby pressure to amend Online Streaming Act and bring in ‘more guardrails’ amid user-content, discoverability concerns

Before the summer break, the House already accepted more than 150 amendments on Bill C-11.

With little focus on foreign policy, Poilievre has ‘blank slate’ to craft platform, say experts

News|By Neil Moss
Pierre Poilievre rarely spotlighted foreign policy on the campaign trail, a 'void' he will now have to fill, says Fen Osler Hampson.

Cheese remains sticking point in U.K. trade talks as Brits want to maintain access  

News|By Neil Moss
A Bloc bill to bar supply management concessions in trade negotiations could complicate Canada-U.K. trade talks.

Sports Minister St-Onge scores a new communications director

Feature|By Laura Ryckewaert
Plus, Fisheries Minister Joyce Murray is in want of a new press secretary, and Tyler Meredith will soon bid farewell to the Hill and Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland’s office.

Qualtrough leads off fall sitting with landmark poverty reduction bill for ‘largest minority’

Almost 90 per cent of Canadians support the idea of a Canada Disability Benefit, but it will have to contend with an uneven patchwork of existing disability programs at the federal, provincial, and territorial levels.

RCMP’s penchant to ‘deny, discredit, and dig in’ contributing to erosion of public trust: NDP ethics critic

News|By Stuart Benson
'We need to have a wholesale look at the RCMP and its expanded mandates over the last 40 years,' says NDP MP Matthew Green.

Universities with expanded or refined online courses want more broadband access for students

In addition to improving broadband access across Canada, post-secondary leaders emphasized the need for the federal government to take action to help international students access visas in a timely manner.

Media must ‘prove its relevance’ by finding other ways to hold accountable politicians who won’t answer questions, say journalists

News|By Ian Campbell
Members of the press gallery say access to politicians is desirable, but they 'are not reliant on access' to do their jobs.

Queen Elizabeth played ‘irreplaceable role’ supporting Canada’s stability for seven decades, says Mulroney at commemoration

Cabinet ministers, MPs, diplomats, and other dignitaries gathered at Christ Church Cathedral in Ottawa on Sept. 19 for a memorial service for the late monarch.
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