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Will Trump finally be held accountable for his deeds?

By Michael Harris       

Americans now know that Trump knew about the deadly threat to hang Mike Pence. Did he step in? Did he call his own vice-president, who came within 40 feet of the rioters out for his blood? Did he call in the National Guard, the Defense Departent, or his attorney general? Did he make a public appeal for the rioters to go home? No.

People died during the Capitol Building riot and several police officers were seriously injured. Their trauma will last a lifetime. The constitutional operation of the government came to a temporary halt. But all Donald Trump, pictured, could think about was how Mike Pence had spoiled his plans. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

HALIFAX, N.S.—Donald Trump has always been too rich, too powerful, and too lawyered up to ever get the comeuppance he richly deserves for a lifetime of lying and cheating.

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Cole Davidson exits as Liberal research bureau comms head

Feature|By Laura Ryckewaert
Plus, Northern Affairs Minister Dan Vandal has a new special assistant for legislative and parliamentary affairs.

‘We’re prepared to step in’: church occupants readying ‘private security force,’ deny convoy links as community groups push back

News|By Stuart Benson
An extremist-financing expert says feds should crack down on convoy-related not-for profits as community groups say they're 'deeply suspicious' of The United People of Canada.

Telecommunications reliability top issue in July following Rogers outage

A network outage at Rogers Communications in July led to discussions with the federal government about telecommunications resiliency.

Co-ordinated, vitriolic online attacks against female journalists prompt police reports, calls for action from media organizations

News|By Mike Lapointe
Several police reports have been filed in Ottawa and Toronto by journalists and columnists for the Toronto Star, The Hill Times, and Global News over incidents of online abuse that directly name a contributor.

RCMP Act must be ‘carefully examined’ to protect police independence from political interference, says senior civilian Mountie

‘The evidence is clear that there was interest by the minister's office with respect to specific information about firearms,’ says RCMP Chief Supt. Darren Campbell.

Parliamentarians back Canadian delegations to Taiwan in face of China’s threatening response to Pelosi’s visit

News|By Neil Moss
'I don’t think we should be seen as being intimidated or anything along those lines,' Liberal MP Judy Sgro says about a parliamentary delegation to Taiwan.

India looks to quickly wrap draft of interim trade deal with Canada, as both sides discuss additional early pact

News|By Neil Moss
Canada and India hope to reach an Early Progress Trade Agreement by the end of this year to pave the path towards a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement.

Loss of eastern seat, division of municipalities under fire in proposed Quebec riding redraw

The province will keep its 78 seats, but commissioners have proposed a rejig that would see eastern Quebec lose one seat, with a new one carved out north of Montreal.

If Poilievre wins leadership, but fails to pivot to the centre, Quebec Tory MP Godin says he will ‘reflect’ on his own ‘future political life’

News|By Abbas Rana
After the Conservative leadership election concludes on Sept. 10, party unity will depend on the direction the new leader decides to go, whether that's leaning into populism or pivoting to the centre, say Tories.
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