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Conservative leadership 2022

It’s time for Poilievre’s caucus supporters to speak out

By Tim Powers      

I know they don’t want to submarine their candidate’s chances, but these MPs have a higher responsibility to call out ridiculous suggestions that cut to the core of the Conservative Party’s brand.

During the May 11 Conservative leadership debate, perceived frontrunner Pierre Poilievre, left, said he would fire Bank of Canada Governor Tiff Macklem. Tim Powers asks: why aren’t his caucus supporters asking him to reconsider his position? The Hill Times photographs by Andrew Meade

OTTAWA—Believe you me, I would really like to write about something other than the Conservative leadership race. I can pick any topic I want to discuss; there are no editorial boundaries placed upon me. The Hill Times is a gatekeeper-free environment. Boogie men and women aren’t everywhere looking to stymie thoughts or incarcerate speech.

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Stockwell Day says Leslyn Lewis will expand party, can go ‘toe to toe’ with Trudeau unlike any other candidate

News|By Stuart Benson
The former leader of the Canadian Alliance says there is 'majority support' for Leslyn Lewis' position on banning forced and sex-selective abortions, but advocates on both sides view her as the first step to a full ban.

‘An elephant of a project’: BOIE approves north-south underground tunnel connections concept

Once constructed, the tunnel system will be an ‘an excellent catch up for Canada’s national capital being on par with other world capitals,’ says NDP MP Peter Julian.

Feds underestimated gun owners’ response to proposed handgun freeze, says NDP, and couldn’t react in time

The House Public Safety Committee could have fast-tracked regulations imposing the handgun freeze before the summer break if the motion had been brought to a vote.

Liberals perceived as disconnected, lacking empathy with Canadians struggling with record inflation: strategists

News|By Stuart Benson
With pressure increasing on the government to show it is seriously addressing the country's record inflation, politicos argue the Liberals should be listening and providing relief for low-income Canadians.

From robocalls to a robust regime, elections commissioner Côté reflects on a decade of decisions

Yves Côté’s outgoing recommendations include calls to expand the administrative monetary penalties regime, bring parties under privacy laws, and require ‘due diligence’ when it comes to online platform use.

‘Parliament is a face-to-face institution’: Dale Smith on the hybrid House and lost collegiality in the Commons

Feature|By Peter Mazereeuw
‘Parliament is going to find itself in an interpretation crisis in the next couple of years if things continue along this particular path,’ says press gallery journalist Dale Smith.

Union of Veterans’ Affairs Employees cries foul over private rehab contract that feds say will mean ‘fewer steps’ for vets, case managers

News|By Mike Lapointe
The five-and-a-half-year, $560-million contract was awarded in June 2021, but union leaders say it went ahead ‘without adequate input and feedback’ from those on the ground.

‘This can never happen again’: downtown residents launch Ottawa People’s Commission to address failures to keep community safe during convoy protests

News|By Stuart Benson
The commission will focus on hearing the experiences of those who live and work in downtown Ottawa during February's convoy protests as residents prepare for a potential 're-occupation.'

Conservative membership verification process to make high-stakes leadership race even more divisive, say top political players

News|By Abbas Rana
A 'small army' of Conservative Party staffers are going through hundreds of thousands of party memberships with 'rigour and speed' to weed out fraudulent memberships, says party spokesman Yaroslav Baran.
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