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Canada needs a genuinely federal police force to make good on its firearms mandate 

By Christian Leuprecht and Dave Cassels       

Firearms legislation is bound to be controversial. On the one hand, a government that is actually serious about firearms could act on any number of options that do not require legislation. On the other hand, C-21, however inchoate, represents a genuine effort to balance individual interest with community safety across a large country where values, interests and priorities vary widely.

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair, pictured June 2, 2021, testifying remotely before the House Public Safety Committee. Bill C-21 would have given municipalities the power to make owning handguns illegal. But most of the handguns used in the commission of those offences are already illegal: only one of 20 handguns seized by Toronto Police between January and mid-February 2021 was legal. Screen capture courtesy of ParlVu

Gun safety has been on the legislative docket consistently since the École Polytechnique shootings in 1989. Gun owners now take courses, undergo waiting periods, and are subject to a stringent licensing system to own, transport, and handle a firearm. So, why do well over 1,000 Canadians continue to die from firearms annually? With the close of the legislative session an honest attempt to remedy this issue in Bill C-21 has yet again been pushed back.  Since the legislation is bound to be reintroduced in one form or another, this is a propitious moment to step back and take stock of the government’s options.

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House Speaker election could force 338 MPs to rub shoulders in Ottawa amid COVID’s fourth wave

News|By Peter Mazereeuw 4:19 PM ET
House rules say MPs have to elect a Speaker before they can reintroduce the hybrid sitting system that allows them to participate virtually.

‘Sharper knives out earlier’ to bring down O’Toole after election defeat, say some Conservative MPs

News|By Abbas Rana
It would be a mistake to change the party leader after every election loss, say some Conservative MPs and political insiders.

Among 18 defeated incumbents, British Columbia, Ontario see most unseated MPs; Conservatives drop nine incumbents, Liberal lose eight

At least 18 ridings saw incumbents lose their contest this election, with the most Conservatives taking the fall, at nine, followed by eight liberals, and one Green MP.

PM snap election call faces challenge by Democracy Watch in Federal Court

Democracy Watch is seeking a Federal Court ruling that would prohibit the prime minister from calling a snap election, unless a vote of non-confidence in the government occurs before the fixed election date.

Signs point to mid-October return for Parliament, full agenda for government

A budget bill, media reforms, and the conversion therapy crackdown could lead the Liberals’ fall agenda.

Liberals call for collaboration in minority Parliament, while O’Toole fends off challenges

News|By Mike Lapointe
The Liberals were on track to win 159 seats, the Conservatives 119, the Bloc Québécois 33, the NDP 25, and the Green Party two, as ballots from the Sept. 20 federal election were still being counted last week.

Alberta energy sector has opportunity with two Liberal MPs elected in province, say lobbyists

Liberal MPs Randy Boissonnault and George Chahal were elected in Alberta ridings in the 2021 federal election, providing the largely Conservative province with more clout in Ottawa, according to some lobbyists.

With slight seat gain, NDP has potential to hold ‘balance of power’ in new Parliament

News|By Matt Horwood
The New Democrats could play a role in Parliament similar to one they played in the 1960s, when they pushed Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson to enact progressive policies like Medicare and the Canada Pension Plan, say st

Increasing tally of early voters adding new dimension to campaign calculus

Advance voting jumped as much as 19.5 per cent this election, and use of special ballots, the majority of which are filled out ahead of election day, increased by roughly 59.4 per cent.
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