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‘Cautious optimism’ in talks to reopen non-essential travel with Canada, says new EU envoy

By Neil Moss      

EU Ambassador Melita Gabrič says Canada and the European Union are planning for an in-person summit at the 'highest level.'

EU Ambassador Melita Gabrič, pictured in 2018, was previously Slovenia's ambassador to Canada since 2018. 'I have the advantage of having met a lot of people here, a lot of decision makers, and of course I've been following the situation in Canada very closely,' she said. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

It may soon be time for Canadians to pack their luggage for Europe as European Union member nations are currently in talks over how and when borders will reopen for non-essential travel, says the European Union’s newest envoy to Canada.

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Conservatives accuse Statistics Canada of keeping Consumer Price Index ‘artificially low’ at first Finance hearing on inflation

Conservative MP Adam Chambers questioned whether Statistics Canada was understating inflation by ‘shifting weights away’ from items that ‘have seen significant increases.'

‘We should respect each other’: South Africa says notification not given before travel ban imposed

News|By Neil Moss
A Global Affairs spokesperson says the South African High Commission was notified on the same day that the travel ban was announced, which the mission disputes.

Liberal MPs want Trudeau to take on Quebec’s Bill 21, say he risks losing Grits’ base

News|By Abbas Rana
Quebec’s secularism law is a ‘political stink bomb’ for Justin Trudeau that could ‘unravel’ his political fortunes in Quebec, says pollster Nik Nanos.

‘In a perfect storm right now’: labour supply, record immigration complicate daunting housing supply problem, say experts

News|By Mike Lapointe
Canada welcomed more than 401,000 new permanent residents in 2021, 341,000 permanent residents in 2019, and was able to admit more than 184,500 over the course of 2020 despite the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Staffers’ return to Hill uncertain amid Omicron wave

Plans to physically return more staff to their Hill offices have been delayed by the spread of Omicron and recent lockdown restrictions in Ontario, according to an NDP spokesperson.

Three years on, Canada delays naming an ambassador to the Holy See

News|By Neil Moss
Not having an ambassador to the Holy See sends a symbolic message, say former Canadian diplomats, but it may not make a practical difference compared to having the post represented by a chargé d'affaires.

Taxing anti-vaxxers ‘controversial,’ but will help vaccinate more Quebecers and could help Legault’s October re-election bid, say some pollsters

News|By Abbas Rana
But Ipsos Public Affairs CEO Darrell Bricker says the Quebec government could face unanticipated consequences as a result of this policy.

Arts sector struggling under Omicron, lobbyists press for return of full CERB

The spread of Omicron has put the arts and culture sector back in 'crisis mode,' with some organizations arguing they need a return to full CERB benefits in order to pull through.

Lobbyists concerned potential rule changes could hinder volunteer opportunities in campaigns

Proposed changes to the Lobbyists' Code of Conduct include a mandatory one-year cooling-off period for lobbyists following political activities such as door-to-door canvassing during an election campaign.
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