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Who is Erin O’Toole? Too early to say 

By Susan Riley       

Erin O’Toole currently has a foot in two camps—those who want a modern, centrist party that takes climate change, social justice and the role of government seriously, or, the moral purists who insist everyone think and behave as they do and despise those who don’t. It is a hard balance to maintain. Someday soon, perhaps after the policy convention, O’Toole is going to have to more explicitly pick a side.

On his right flank, Conservative Party Leader Erin O’Toole, pictured Feb. 18, 2021, also has to beware of noisy critics like Maxime Bernier and the new, Western-based, right-wing Maverick Party, led by former Conservative MP Jay Hill. As well, social conservatives organized by Derek Sloan and others are competing for a significant presence at that upcoming policy conference and they are no friends of O’Toole’s, who some describe as Liberal-lite. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

CHELSEA, QUE.—In a recent podcast interview, former prime minister Joe Clark lamented the fact that contemporary political parties are no longer “instruments of reconciliation” aimed at welcoming all viewpoints and arriving at compromise through vigorous internal debate. As the 81-year-old political veteran told Kathleen Petty, host of West of Centre, in his time “people were fierce in their allegiances, but not close-minded.”

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Sajjan knew of Vance allegations in 2018, refused to look at ‘evidence,’ says ex-military watchdog

Gary Walbourne says he considered the allegations against Canada’s top military commander a matter of ‘national concern,’ and he expected the minister to ‘do more.’

Chinese envoy silent over effect of cabinet’s abstention from Uyghur genocide vote

News|By Neil Moss
Ambassador Cong Peiwu says that MPs who voted for the Feb. 22 motion to recognize the Uyghur genocide did so to 'secure political gains' and said allegations of genocide are 'lies of the century.'

House reports $344.2-million in spending so far in 2020-21, as BOIE extends COVID supports for MPs

MPs will be able to continue to charge the central House budget for the cost of items like masks and hand sanitizer, or office reconfiguration as a result of COVID-19, until Sept. 30, among other measures.

Ongoing fed support ‘essential’ as pandemic has laid bare cracks in ‘outdated’ municipal financing system, say experts

News|By Mike Lapointe
Even with economic recovery in sight after a brutal year that saw deep holes cut into municipal revenues across the country, experts are calling for a rethink of our expectations from our cities.

Hill journalists still working out the kinks after nearly a year of COVID coverage

Press Gallery president Jordan Press says Hill journalists have been incredibly accommodating to Parliamentarians, but are now asking political parties to meet the gallery halfway.

Hill reno update: House BOIE approves design for main entrance to new welcome centre complex

As of January, $185-million of the $761-million approved for the first five years of work on the Centre Block building and construction of the underground welcome centre, up to 2021-22, has been spent.

A year into pandemic, feds have improved messaging on its toll on mental well-being, say experts

News|By Palak Mangat
While expressing ‘empathy’ for the pandemic’s impact is helpful, it is still ‘half the job,’ says Margaret Eaton of the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Universal basic income, transit, seniors care in focus for members heading into the Liberal policy convention

News|By Alice Chen
While modern technologies make a virtual gathering possible, longtime Liberal Kevin Bosch says he 'can’t wait to get back to a time when there are real flesh and blood conventions again.'

Lack of sunset clause in Canada-U.K. interim deal could stick us with status quo, say opposition MPs

News|By Neil Moss
Canada and the U.K. have agreed to 'strive to conclude' a comprehensive trade deal by 2024, but without a sunset clause, the current transitional pact could be in place for years to come.
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