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COVID-19 is causing a national mental health crisis and Canada needs a national response

By Kathleen Finlay      

The tragic death by suicide of a frontline physician ought to raise red flags about the mental health pressures of the pandemic. Will it?

What is needed is a more comprehensive education campaign that will reach large numbers of Canadians to help them incorporate mental health awareness and sensitivity into their daily lives, writes Kathleen Finlay. Unsplash photograph by Anthony Tran

Canada has never seen a public health crisis like the one caused by COVID-19. It has also never seen anything like the mental health toll the pandemic is taking.

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MPs, advocates urge more government action to combat ‘pandemic of anti-Asian racism’

News|By Alice Chen
Most MPs and advocates who spoke to The Hill Times connected this resurgence in hate to the COVID-19 pandemic, with Liberal MP Han Dong noting that communities have come together in response.

Liberal delay in moving on Bill C-19 ‘puzzling’ given election posturing, says NDP’s Blaikie

After being ‘in a hurry’ to table the bill in December amid strong public polling, Conservative MP Marilyn Gladu says she thinks the delay now is a reflection of a dip in Liberal fortunes.

Arbitrary detention declaration is a ‘good start,’ but questions loom about impact

News|By Neil Moss
Former Canadian ambassador Ferry de Kerckhove says the declaration is a recouping of the 'past glory' of Canada's multilateral work on the international stage.

Unofficial NDP political groups call to be seated at the table with the party

News|By Alice Chen
'We have the resolutions, we have people who are willing to do the job, so let us be partners in building a socialist movement in this country,' says NDP Socialist Caucus chairperson Barry Weisleder.

‘Call it what it is’: Senators dissect white supremacy in anti-racism chat

'It’s very easy to say, it’s ‘us’ and ‘them,’ but we are also a part of the ‘them’ and we need to see it that way,' says Senator Peter Boehm.

Complying with Jordan’s Principle could cost feds $15-billion, says PBO

News|By Palak Mangat
The fight to have Ottawa recognize Jordan’s Principle in its compensation model to First Nation children has stretched back years.

Crown seeks six years in jail for military reservist who crashed through Rideau Hall gates

News|By Beatrice Paez
The prosecutor said Mr. Hurren would have been charged differently had the Crown been able to prove that he had intended to harm Mr. Trudeau.

Canada’s herd immunity goal could rise to 90 per cent amid COVID-19 variant surge, official says

News|By Palak Mangat
Health officials warned last week against loosening public health measures as COVID-19 variants spread across Canada. Now, one official predicts herd immunity targets for vaccinations will also creep to higher levels.

Liberals need to ramp up vaccinations, detail recovery plans in ‘most important budget of a generation’ to regain lost political capital, say politicos

News|By Abbas Rana
Liberals should bring the pandemic under control as soon as possible, or the opposition parties will have an opening to raise serious questions about the government’s competence, says pollster Greg Lyle.
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