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Liberal MPs expect Biden to revive ‘mature, working relationship’ with Canada after four years of ‘chaotic’ Trump, Sgro slams Trump’s lack of concession: ‘democracy has spoken’

By Abbas Rana      

Once the Biden administration takes over in January, the regular channels of communications between Canada and the U.S. are expected to open up and trade irritants to be resolved through proper negotiations. Also, Grit MPs say they expect disagreements to be worked out ‘like civilized people.'

U.S. President Donald Trump, left, has refused to accept that U.S. president-elect Joe Biden, right, won the election on Nov. 7, but a number of world leaders, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had already congratulated Mr. Biden on his election win. Allan Lichtman, a distinguished professor of history at the American University in Washington, D.C., told The Hill Times that Mr. Trump's unprecedented refusal to accept the results is creating uncertainly about U.S. relations with international leaders. The Hill Times photographs Andrew Meade and photograph courtesy of the White House

Incoming U.S. Democratic president-elect Joe Biden is expected to revive a “predictable” and “mature relationship” between Canada and the U.S., which will be a stark contrast to outgoing U.S. Republican President Donald Trump, who still won’t concede he lost the presidential election and who, over the last four years, has shocked and threatened allies around the world, including Canada, with his “chaotic” leadership style, say some seasoned Liberal MPs.

Abbas Rana

Abbas Rana is the assistant deputy editor of The Hill Times.
- arana@hilltimes.com

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No deal yet on remote House proceedings, with app process and Chamber-wide testing still to be resolved

A House-wide test of the new remote voting application developed by the administration has yet to take place, and questions on how exactly voting by app would work and look in the Chamber remain to be ironed out.

Federal departments miss quarter of annual targets, with Transportation Safety Board, National Defence among poorest performers

In 2019-20, federal departments and agencies met 1,352 performance targets, missed 556, and tracked 431 more that didn’t have available results.

Twitter’s crackdown on Trump ‘a Band-Aid on a wound,’ say politicos

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NCC proposal for new embassy row could boost diplomatic presence away from the Hill

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The NCC has proposed building six new embassies in the Mechanicsville neighbourhood, which would increase the diplomatic presence west of downtown Ottawa.

Bloc MP Gill tops MP spending for first half of 2020-21

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New disclosure reports for MP spending contain more information about travel and associated costs in a one-report format.

Trudeau reflecting ‘public mood’ in insisting he isn’t eager for an election, says strategist

For the Liberals, triggering their own defeat by putting a 'poison pill' in the upcoming budget, isn’t a surefire strategy for recouping their majority, as it could mean 'killing your chances with some NDP voters.'
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