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The political mastery of Singh’s dramatic House stand

By Erica Ifill      

We’ve never had any leader treat our needs with that level of respect, much less risk their reputation for us. And there’s not enough Budget 2020 money that can overcome that impression. 

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, pictured April 29. Singh has played the role of a model minority well. Until last week, that is, writes Erica Ifill. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

OTTAWA—Canada is the mediocre white guy in middle management who thinks he’s Walter White. So basically, Canada is Thomas Mulcair. 

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On a day of firsts and in a scaled-back installation ceremony, Mary Simon becomes Canada’s 30th and first Indigenous Governor General: ‘I’ve always viewed Canada as a metaphor for family’

Mary Simon promises to breathe new life into the Office of the Governor General and to help lead Canadians on the road to reconciliation.

‘Far too much control’: Liberal MP Easter pleas for less PMO control, more ministerial responsibility

The former solicitor general said cabinet ministers aren't always held accountable when things go wrong in their departments anymore. 'That’s how things go astray in governments or departments.'

Stakes are high for three federal party leaders in next election but O’Toole ‘under the most pressure,’ say politicos

News|By Abbas Rana
Even if Justin Trudeau is not able to win a majority in the next election, the prime minister will make his own decision about his future as there's no one in the caucus who will challenge his leadership, say pollsters.

Record-breaking lobbying in June as election buzz, end of sitting drive activity

Lobbyists filed 2,398 communication reports in the federal registry last month, pushing activity up nine per cent compared to June 2020.

Liberals’ ‘just transition’ short on details, but it won’t come cheap, says labour group

The government is now gathering input for legislation to aid energy workers who could be pushed out of work by the move towards a net-zero economy.

National Liberal campaign director Ishmael advises candidates to rent campaign offices for two months: Liberal sources

News|By Abbas Rana
The Liberal Party announced the names of regional campaign directors at a July 19 online meeting of candidates and riding campaign officials, Liberal sources told The Hill Times.

Businesses need federal investment in cybersecurity, says Beatty

News|By Matt Horwood
Businesses’ failure to implement adequate security can lead to ‘profound economic consequences,’ according to Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada.

Qualtrough, a three-time Paralympic medalist, says Tokyo Games can be ‘moment of hope’

As Canadian athletes prepare to compete at the Tokyo Olympics, several Olympians and Paralympians who now serve in Parliament reflect on how the Games have shaped their approach to public service.

Sharp-witted ISG Senator Keating remembered as a ‘relentless champion’ with an ‘insatiable intellect,’ sardonic sense of humour

When ISG Sen. Judith Keating spoke, ‘she had something important to say,’ says Senator Yuen Pau Woo, and people ‘paid attention.’
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