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World when Liberal defence policy, ‘Strong, Secure, Engaged,’ was written, no longer exists

Instead, Canada must reprioritize both the structure of Canada’s foreign policy and defence and security framework to define the core capability requirements of Canada’s military.

Warrant Officer Marc Lalancette, pictured May 9, 2020, guiding an incoming CC-130J Hercules aircraft carrying members from 1 Canadian Field Hospital, Detachment Halifax at Saint-Hubert Garrison in Montreal as part of Operation Laser. As a middle power and a trading nation, Canada’s future prosperity requires strong partnerships with like-minded and confident nations, devoted to the protection and advancement of our collective values, write Conservative MPs James Bezan and Leona Alleslev. Photograph courtesy of Cpl. Ene, 2nd division public affairs/DND Combat Camera

While Canada is not yet in recovery, now is the time to define the priorities for the next phase. To prevent drastic economic collapse the government established sweeping emergency benefit packages at substantial cost to the nation. The Parliamentary Budget Office suggests that it is not unthinkable for the federal debt to reach $1-trillion this year, possibly bankrupting a generation. In Canada’s recovery, tough conversations will need to be had on reigning in government spending. If the past is indicative of the future, then it is likely defence spending will be the first casualty. But in the post-COVID world, that would be exactly the wrong approach.

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Canada needs a new ‘fiscal anchor’ and Freeland needs to share financial plans, says PBO Giroux

Parliamentary Budget Officer Yves Giroux says he's found it 'much more difficult to get information out of the minister’s officer' since Parliament returned with Chrystia Freeland in charge of the nation's finances.

House emergency debate on Nova Scotia lobster conflict underway, as feds say Indigenous people ‘let down,’ more police deployed to ‘keep peace’ amid rising tensions

News|By Palak Mangat
'Because these criminal actions and violence have escalated, the response from the police in Nova Scotia has by necessity also escalated,' says Public Safety Minister Bill Blair.

Demolition work well underway in the Centre Block

Workers are currently removing the painted canvas that lined the ceiling of the House of Commons Chamber and stained glass from the Memorial Chamber for restoration.

Senators zip lips on Meredith deal that includes gag order for harassed former staffers

Senators on the Internal Economy Committee have little to say about approving a deal to bind Don Meredith's harassment victims to silence in order to receive compensation for their treatment.

MPs, Taiwanese envoy highlight opportunities to strengthen relations between Taiwan, Canada amid COVID-19 fallout, China tensions

News|By Mike Lapointe
Liberal MP John McKay says closer cooperation with Taiwan in the current environment represents a ‘massive opportunity with little or no downside’

NDP open to Tory special committee on WE scandal, says MP Julian, as Liberals slam the proposal

News|By Palak Mangat
Government House Leader Pablo Rodriguez would not rule out turning next week's possible vote into one of confidence, which the NDP called ‘very bizarre.’

A parliamentary recognition of Uyghur genocide will be met with a ‘strong reaction,’ says Chinese ambassador

News|By Neil Moss
'We will take resolute measures to safeguard our sovereignty, national security, and the development interests,' Chinese Ambassador Cong Peiwu says.

Senate art group turns focus to restoration, finding gaps in Indigenous representation

‘We can do it in small steps and make big impacts,’ says Senator Patricia Bovey of a plan to broaden the Indigenous works the Chamber highlights, and help with reconciliation.

Stronger social policies needed to boost resiliency, combat future pandemic threats, says Tam

News|By Palak Mangat
‘To help us better prepare for any future pandemic, it’s about addressing health inequities, ensuring that our population is sustained and can be resilient to future threats,’ says Dr. Theresa Tam.
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