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The EU and Canada: a transatlantic partnership with a strong digital dimension

By Roberto Viola      

In a year when both the European Parliament and Canada are holding elections, collaboration is key to combat increasing online dangers.

Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains is in charge of the country’s artificial intelligence strategy, and Canada’s AI ambitions are as far-reaching as the European Union’s, writes Peteris Ustubs. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

Relations between the European Union and Canada are probably stronger now than they have ever been before. The Strategic Partnership Agreement and the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, both signed in October 2016, show our mutual commitment to an open, democratic, sustainable, and progressive international order. I am delighted that an EU-Canada digital dialogue is now being launched, which will enable us to work together on some of the most pressing issues associated with the ongoing global digital transformation, which knows no borders.

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Elxn#44 will go down as the ‘backlash’ election against Trudeau Liberals, say politicos

News|By Abbas Rana
Justin Trudeau took the country to the polls but never offered a satisfactory reason for calling an election in the midst of the pandemic, says pollster Frank Graves.

Fear, negativity dominated elxn#44 ads, say strategists

As polls shifted and the pandemic raged, the Liberals and Conservatives pivoted from positive ads and went on the attack. 

‘It looks like nobody wanted an election and no one got what they wanted’: what pollsters, politicos, and reporters had to say about Election 44

News|By Zainab Al-Mehdar 12:27 AM ET
Difficulties with voting captured the attention of Canadians on Twitter, as many complained of long lines, being turned away at polls and issues with Elections Canada's website.

Muslim issues not adequately addressed in party platforms, argues advocacy group campaigning for dedicated federal anti-Islamophobia office

Advocacy organization the Canadian Muslim Public Affairs Council (CMPAC) launched on Sept. 10, and is campaigning for the federal government to develop an office dedicated to combating Islamophobia in Canada.

Conservative Rempel Garner threatens defamation suit after Liberals allege social media video was ‘a lie’ and ‘edited’

Conservative candidate Michelle Rempel Garner claims a post on a Liberal Party Twitter account contained 'defamatory statements' about her, and she has issued a letter warning she may take legal action.

Thirty ridings to watch across Canada on Monday

These seats represent some of the closest-fought contests in 2019 and are shaping up to be tight races again, with nine in Ontario, six in Quebec, five in B.C., three in Alberta, and more sprinkled across the country.

Leaders focus campaign stops on Ontario and Quebec, eschewing Prairies, Maritimes and the North

News|By Neil Moss
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has spent 19 days in Ontario, compared to 17 days for Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole and 20 days for NDP Leader Jagmeet SIngh.

Conservative call for ethics probes ‘entirely to script,’ making character a ballot box question, say strategists

News|By Mike Lapointe
Strategists and pollsters say they expected the focus to shift to the issue of a leader’s character at this point in the campaign calendar.

Legislative change needed on access to information, but ‘overheated rhetoric’ doesn’t help, says Wernick

Canada has a ‘blackout bureaucracy,’ says journalism professor Sean Holman, who debated the former Privy Council clerk this week on the role of access to information in Canada’s democracy.
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