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Hill Life & People

Scapegoated, held to a higher standard, but proud: how visible-minority MPs feel about carrying the mantle of race

By Charelle Evelyn      

As the visible-minority population grows in Canada, federal representatives say it’s important to bring those perspectives into the House of Commons.

Liberal MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes said she’s challenging the perception of what it means to be an MP just by being in her role as a young, Black woman. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

The face of Canada is changing, which has potential for the face of the country’s federal representatives to change as well.

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‘It’s like getting thrown into the deep end of the pool’: rookie MPs navigate new House waters

News|By Matt Horwood 12:56 PM ET
Former and current MPs advise rookies to listen more than they speak, reach out to MPs in their caucus 'proactively,' and be principled in their core beliefs.

First two-spirit MP aims to be architect of change, speak up for Indigenous, LGBTQ2+ voices

News|By Matt Horwood
The 27-year-old New Democrat says reconciliation needs to begin with Indigenous youth, because 'we can't afford to have another generation go by with this pain in their hearts, minds, and spirit.'

Conservative Party’s national council suspends Ontario councillor Chen for launching petition to oust O’Toole

News|By Abbas Rana
In a vote of 10-7, the 21-member national council has suspended Bert Chen for two months.

‘Civilianization’ of military justice system a ‘slippery slope,’ warns former judge advocate general Cathcart

But removing military judges from the chain of command, among other reforms, would help shift culture, says the lawyer who assisted in the former justice’s review of the system.

‘Tough questions’ ahead in deciding future of Canada’s submarine fleet

News|By Neil Moss
After Australia reversed course and decided to acquire nuclear-powered submarines instead of conventionally-powered ones, could Canada make the same decision?

Analysts question whether China can meet ‘high standard’ to join CPTPP, as Taiwan bid encouraged

News|By Neil Moss
Some trade analysts say bringing China onboard the CPTPP could foster higher trading standards in the Ottawa-Beijing relationship.

Experts urge more action on tax havens following Pandora Papers release

News|By Alice Chen
The recently released Pandora Papers highlight many global elites who have gotten away with avoiding tax regulations and fees.

Three years on, cannabis is the ‘new oil’

News|By Alice Chen
A legislated review of legalized recreational cannabis in Canada is scheduled to start Oct. 17 and be completed within no more than 18 months.

Trudeau’s ‘durable’ brand will survive his ‘tone deaf’ Tofino vacation, say public opinion analysts

News|By Abbas Rana
PMO staff should have pushed back hard on the prime minister's decision to fly out to B.C. on the very first National Indigenous Reconciliation Day, say one former senior Liberal source.
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