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Energy East saga demonstrates the need for a climate test

By Patrick DeRochie      

If we don’t seize this opportunity, Canada will remain vulnerable to regulatory uncertainty, protracted battles over energy projects, and stranded assets in a low-carbon world.

Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr, pictured recently on the Hill. The federal government is currently overhauling Canada’s environmental laws, including the process to review energy projects. It is planning to introduce legislation this fall that will reform environmental assessments and the National Energy Board (NEB). The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

TORONTO—This month’s cancellation of the Energy East pipeline sparked a divisive debate about the prospects for new fossil fuel infrastructure in a world moving rapidly to tackle climate change. But there’s a clear path forward to provide industry with policy clarity for future energy projects: the federal government must put in place a climate test that ensures that projects are aligned with Canada’s international and domestic climate commitments, and are economically viable in a world that limits global warming to well below two degrees Celsius.

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Qualtrough, a three-time Paralympic medalist, says Tokyo Games can be ‘moment of hope’

As Canadian athletes prepare to compete at the Tokyo Olympics, several Olympians and Paralympians who now serve in Parliament reflect on how the Games have shaped their approach to public service.

Sharp-witted ISG Senator Keating remembered as a ‘relentless champion’ with an ‘insatiable intellect,’ sardonic sense of humour

When ISG Sen. Judith Keating spoke, ‘she had something important to say,’ says Senator Yuen Pau Woo, and people ‘paid attention.’

NDP ad previews political fight for progressive votes, makes ‘compelling case,’ say digital experts

News|By Matt Horwood
The 30-second spot portrays NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh as someone who is on Canadians' side and is 'fighting for them,' according to the NDP.

Election campaign call ‘critical’ for O’Toole to break through and bridge gap with Liberals following pandemic, say politicos

News|By Mike Lapointe
According to a July 16 Angus Reid poll, would-be voters put the parties most likely to end up forming government—the Liberals or the Conservatives—in a statistical tie.

Money talks: Bloc’s fundraising may be cause for concern for Grits, Tories in Quebec

Fundraising across the board was down last year, and while it still out-fundraised its competitors, the Conservative Party saw the steepest drop in donors and dollars over 2019.

Imbalanced support system, SIU use drive mental-health challenges in prisons, experts say

News|By Alice Chen
NDP MP Matthew Green says that there’s 'very little' for inmates, and that their experiences often 'compound' mental health problems they may have already had.

Efforts to search for missing, buried residential school children need to be Indigenous-led, chiefs say

'Give us the reins, give us the authority, you have proven you can’t watch our kids when you said you would,' says Ontario Regional Chief Glen Hare, addressing the government, addding the search must be Indigenous-led.

MPs condemn Finance Department’s ‘defiance’ of Parliament, welcome ‘180’ turn to bring new tax rules into law

News|By Alice Chen
The day before the House Finance Committee met to study the matter, the Finance Department reversed a decision to delay the implementation of a law on tax rules in the sale of family businesses.

Paul urges party unity after Green federal council calls off ‘painful,’ ‘one-sided’ leadership challenge

News|By Matt Horwood
Green Party Leader Annamie Paul said the attempt by party insiders to oust her was ‘one of the most painful moments in my life.’
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