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Rural Liberal candidates who lost last election eager to start nominations for 2019 federal run

By Abbas Rana      

Rural Liberal candidates say they want to get a full summer and fall of campaigning in before 2019 federal election.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pictured on June 27 leaving the National Press Theatre in Ottawa after holding an end-of-House-sitting press conference. Past candidates want the Liberals to start nominating candidates in rural ridings as soon as possible. The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright
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The Liberals, who hold 183 seats in the Commons, should start nominations in unheld rural ridings as soon as possible to give the eventual candidates enough time to start campaigning for the 2019 federal election, say Liberal candidates who lost in these ridings in the last election.

“They should try to expedite these nominations to do them as early as possible in advance of the election so that candidates in rural ridings can be as competitive as possible and ideally have two full seasons [to campaign],” said Allan Thompson, a former Toronto Star Hill reporter who ran unsuccessfully as the Liberal in the riding of Huron-Bruce, Ont., in 2015, but has not decided yet to run in the next election. “A clear priority is to have early nominations—not favouritism just early nominations—because if you are in an unheld riding, certainly, the longer the period of time that you can be the nominated candidate, the better.”

Mr. Thompson, who now teaches journalism at Carleton University, lost to Conservative MP Ben Lobb by 5.2 percentage points. After the election, he served as chair of Project Rural task force, the aim of which was to provide the Liberal Party with strategic and operational advice on how to engage rural ridings in the 2019 election.

Mr. Thompson and other members of Project Rural interviewed unsuccessful candidates in rural ridings, campaign managers, and other riding association officials to come up with recommendations that were submitted in a report to the party last year. Other members of the task force included Heather Wilson, Katie Omstead, Jennifer Stebbing, David McPhail, and Tim Louis. All ran unsuccessfully in different rural ridings as Liberal candidates in the last election.

Mr. Thompson declined to share the recommendations submitted to the party except one, which was to hold early nominations ahead of the 2019 election. He said this was one of the key recurring themes in the task force’s interviews with past candidates.

Mr. Thompson said an important reason why rural candidates demand early nominations is that weather conditions do not easily allow campaigning throughout the year.

“The optimum time to be out engaging in the community is summer and autumn, and it would be ideal if candidates could spend the summer and the autumn of 2018 as candidates, not as nomination contestants,” said Mr. Thompson.

Allan Thompson and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Photograph courtesy of Facebook

Ms. Wilson, who ran unsuccessfully in 2015 in the riding of Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing, Ont., said rural ridings are much larger in area than urban ridings, so it’s better to give more time to rural candidates to meet people throughout their ridings.

“Even getting around my riding is quite a challenge, so the earliest we can do that is better,” said Ms. Wilson, who lost the last election to NDP MP Carol Hughes by 5.8 percentage points.

Ms. Wilson said it takes about 12 hours to drive from one end of the riding to the other. She said she has already started to visit different parts of the riding and meet with people.

She suggested that the nomination process in unheld rural ridings should start by January, and by this time next year all candidates should be nominated so that they can start campaigning.

“I’ve already been out knocking on doors keeping my name out there,” said Ms. Wilson. “I’m involved with the riding association. I hope to have the confidence of the members by next year.”

Ms. Stebbing, who ran unsuccessfully in the riding of Flamborough-Glanbrook, Ont., said people living in rural areas do not get an opportunity to meet with politicians as frequently as city dwellers because of the size of the rural ridings. She said rural candidates need more time to build relationships with communities in their ridings.

“The ridings are a lot larger. You need a lot more time to be able to get into those communities and making sure people know who you are,” said Ms. Stebbing who lost to Conservative MP David Sweet in 2015 by 4.3 percentage points.

“The people who live out in rural areas get less interaction with politicians, so they need more time with you to get to know you.”

Mr. Louis, who ran unsuccessfully in the riding of Kitchener-Conestoga, Ont., said summer fairs and festivals are among the best opportunities for rural politicians to meet people. Unlike elected MPs, nomination contestants do not get any exposure at these festivals, so they have to work at the grassroots level and that requires more hard work and more time.

“You’re not invited to the events to speak. You are not the MP, so you have to get out and do it at the grassroots level,” said Mr. Louis, who lost to Conservative MP Harold Albrecht by just half a percentage point in 2015. “When you go to these events, you are not asked to come up on stage and say a few words. You’re not asked to be marching in parades. You have to do everything on your own. At the grassroots level, you’re going to need more time to reach out, especially in rural areas.”

Anna Gainey, pictured with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the president of the Liberal Party. The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright.

Data from Statistics Canada shows that in 2011, 81 per cent, or 27 million Canadians, lived in urban areas, compared to 19 per cent, or 6.3 million, in rural areas. In contrast, 87 per cent of Canada’s population was rural in 1851.

According to Elections Canada, an electoral district entirely formed by rural polling divisions is considered as a rural riding. Just three ridings meet the criteria. A riding consisting entirely of urban polling divisions is considered urban. There are 166 ridings like this out of a total of 338. There are 71 rural/urban ridings where most of the polling stations, but not all, are considered rural. And there are another 98 mixed ridings where the balance goes more toward the urban side, and they’re considered urban/rural.

In the last election, there were 33 mixed ridings across the country that were won by a margin of five percentage points or less. Of these, 11 are rural/urban and 22 urban/rural. Out of the 33, the Liberals won 15, Conservatives eight, the NDP seven, and the Bloc Québécois three.

Braeden Caley, senior director of communications for the Liberal Party, declined to say when the party would start the nomination contests in rural ridings. He said the party is currently consulting MPs, candidates, riding association executives, and members of the Liberal Party on what the rules should be for the 2019 nomination contests. The party is also considering whether incumbent Liberal MPs should be protected from nomination challenges or be given a criteria to meet to avoid nomination challenges.

“While we are still only in the first half of this mandate, we understand that there is already strong interest from potential Team Trudeau candidates in rural and unheld ridings across Canada,” Mr. Caley said in an email to The Hill Times.

“The Liberal Party of Canada is currently leading a comprehensive consultation on the nomination process for 2019. … I won’t speculate on the outcomes of the process while input is still being heard in the months ahead.”

Incumbent Liberal MPs told The Hill Times two weeks ago that they want the party leadership to either protect them from nomination challenges or to set a criteria in terms of membership numbers and funds to avoid nomination challenges. These MPs explained that the reason for this demand is that while they’re busy with their MP’s work in Ottawa half the year, potential challengers can use this time to organize against them in their ridings.


The Hill Times

Urban/Rural Winning Candidate Votes Obtained (%) Vote Margin (%)
Avalon Liberal MP Ken McDonald 55.9 38.1
St. John’s East Liberal MP Nick Whalen 46.7 1.4
St. John’s South-Mount Pearl Liberal MP Seamus O’Regan 57.9 21.1
Dartmouth-Cole Harbour Liberal MP Darren Fisher 58.2 33.8
Halifax Liberal MP Andy Fillmore 51.7 15.6
Halifax West Liberal MP Geoff Regan 68.6 53
Sackville-Preston-Chezzetcook Liberal MP Darrell Samson 48 13.6
Sydney-Victoria Liberal MP Mark Eyking 73.2 60.1
Fredericton Liberal MP Matt DeCourcey 49.3 20.8
Abitibi-Baie-James-Nuavik-Eeyou NDP MP Romeo Saganash 37 4.9
Abitibi-Temiscamingue NDP MP Christine Moore 41.5 11.9
Becancour-Nicolet-Saurel Bloc MP Louis Plamondon 40 15.7
Bellechasse-Les Etchemins-Levis Conservative MP Steven Blaney 50.9 30.2
Beloeil-Chambly NDP MP Matthew Dube 31.1 1.7
Pierre-Boucher-Les Patriotes-Vercheres Bloc MP Xavier Barsalou-Duval 28.6 0.4
Brome-Missisquoi Liberal MP Denis Paradis 43.9 19.4
Rimouski-Neigette-Temiscouata-Les Basques NDP MP Guy Caron 43.1 15.1
Beauport-Cote de Beaupre-Ile d’Orleans-Charlevoix Conservative MP Sylie Bourcher 33.5 6.6
Chateauguay-Lacolle Liberal MP Brenda Shanahan 39.1 14.7
Chicoutimi-Le Fjord Liberal MP Denis Lemieux 31.1 1.4
Compton-Stanstead Liberal MP Marie-Claude Bibeau 36.9 9.5
Drummond NDP MP Francois Choquette 30.5 3.9
Jonquiere NDP MP Karine Trudel 29.2 0.7
La Prairie Liberal MP Jean-Claude Poissant 36.5 10.2
Lac-Saint Jean Conservatie MP Denis Lebel 33.3 4.8
Lac-Saint Louis Liberal MP Francis Scarpaleggia 64.1 46.7
Laurentides-Labelle Liberal MP David Graham 32.1 2.4
Levis-Lotbiniere Conservatie MP Jacques Gourde 50.1 28.4
Louis-Saint-Laurent Conservative MP Gerard Deltell 50.5 29
Manicouagan Bloc MP Marilene Gill 41.3 11.9
Mirabel Bloc MP Simon Marcil 31.5 1.4
Montcalm Bloc MP Luc Theriault 36.6 9.3
Portneuf-Jacques-Cartier Conservative MP Joel Godin 44 21.9
Repentigny Bloc MP Monque Pauze 34.7 7.4
Richmond-Arthabaska Conservative MP Alain Rayes 31.6 6.9
Riviere du Nord Bloc MP Rheal Fortin 32 1.9
Saint Hyacinthe-Bagot NDP MP brigitte Sansoucy 28.7 1.1
Saint-Jean Liberal MP Jean Rioux 33.2 4.1
Saint-Maurice-Champlain Liberal MP Francois-Philippe Champagne 41.5 20.7
Salaberry-Suroit NDP MP Anne Minh-Thu Quach 30.4 1.3
Shefford Liberal MP Pierre Breton 39 15.3
Vaudreuil-Soulanges Liberal MP Peter Schiefke 46.6 24.3
Barrie-Springwater-Oro-Medonte Conservative MP Alex Nuttall 41.7 0.2
Brantford-Brant Conservative MP Phil McColeman 40.9 10.2
Cambridge Liberal MP Bryan May 43.2 4.5
Dufferin-Caledon Conservative MP David Allan Tilson 46.3 7.2
Elgin-Middlesex-London Conservative MP Karen Louise Vecchio 49.2 18.2
Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock Conservative MP Jamie Schmale 44.8 13.1
King-Vaughan Liberal MP Deb Schulte 47.4 3.2
Kingston & the Islands Liberal MP Mark Garretsen 55.4 32.7
Niagara West Conservative MP Dean Allison 48.8 16.1
Nickel Belt Liberal MP Marc G. Serre 42.8 5
Nipissing-Timiskaming Liberal MP Anthony Rota 51.9 22.6
Oxford Conservative MP Dave MacKenzie 45.7 13.5
Peterborough-Kawartha Liberal MP Maryam Monsef 43.8 8.8
Pickering-Uxbridge Liberal MP Jennifer O’Connell 50.3 12.1
Sarnia-Lambton Conservative MP Marilyn Gladu 38.8 7.7
Sault Ste. Marie Liberal MP Terry Sheehan 44.8 13.6
Simcoe-Grey Conservative MP Kellie Leitch 46.6 8
Thunder Bay-Rainy River Liberal MP Don Rusnak 44 14.4
Thunder Bay-Superior North Liberal MP Patty Hajdy 45 21.8
Timmins-James Bay NDP MP Charlie Angus 42.9 8.1
Wellington-Halton Hills Conservative MP Michael Chong 50.9 14.4
York-Simcoe Conservative MP Peter Van Loan 50.2 12.5
Charleswood-St. James-Assiniboia-Headingly Liberal MP Doug Eyolfson 52 13
Kildonan-St. Paul Liberal MP MaryAnn Mihychuck 42.7 2.8
Regina-Lewvan NDP MP Erin Weir 35.2 0.3
Saskatoon-Grasswood Conservative MP Kevin Waugh 41.6 11.4
Banff-Airdrie Conservative MP Black Richards 63.4 37.3
Edmonton-Wetaskiwin Conservative MP Mike Lake 65.8 44.3
Grande Prairie-Mackenzie Conservative MP Chris Warkentin 72.9 58.3
Lethbridge Conservative MP Rachael Harder 56.8 36.3
Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner Conservative MP Jim Hillyer 68.8 50.9
Red Deer-Lacombe Conservative MP Blaine Calkins 70.7 55.7
Red Deer-Mountain View Conservative MP Earl Dreeshen 74.3 60.9
Burnaby North-Seymour Liberal MP Terry Beech 36.1 6.5
Cariboo-Prince George Conservative MP Todd Doherty 36.6 5.1
Central Okanagan-Similkameen-Nicola Conservative MP Dan Albas 39.6 2.4
Chilliwack-Hope Conervative MP Mark Strahi 42.3 8.5
Courtenay-Alberni NDP MP Gord Johns 38.1 9.8
Cowichan-Malahat-Langford NDP MP Alistair MacGregor 35.9 12.2
Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo Conservative MP Cathy McLeod 35.3 4.5
Kelowna-Lake Country Liberal MP Stephen Fuhr 46.2 6.4
Kootenay-Columbia NDP MP Wayne Stetski 37.2 0.4
Langley-Aldergrove Conservative MP Mark Warawa 45.6 9.1
Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon Liberal MP Jati Sidhu 37.2 2.3
Nanaimo-Ladysmith NDP MP Sheila Malcolmson 33.2 9.7
North Okanagan-Shuswap Conservative MP Mel Arnold 39.3 9.4
Pitt Meadows-Maple Ridge Liberal MP Dan Ruimy 33.9 2.5
Port Moody-Coquitlam NDP MP Fin Donnolly 36 5.2
Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies Conservative MP Bob Zimmer 52.2 27.6
Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke NDP MP Randall Garrison 35 7.7
Saanich-Gulf Islands Green MP Elizabeth May 54.4 34.9
South Okanagan-West Kootenay NDP MP Richard Cannings 37.3 7.4
North Island-Powell River NDP MP Rachel Blaney 40.2 14
Vancouver Quadra Liberal Joyce Murray 58.7 32.9
West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country Liberal MP Pam Goldsmith-Jones 54.6 28.4
Yukon Liberal MP Larry Bagnell 53.7 29.4
Rural/Urban Winning Candidate Votes Obtained (%) Vote Margin (%)
Bonavista-Burin-Trinity Liberal MP Judy M. Foote 81.8 71.7
Coast of Bays-Central-Notre Dame Liberal MP Scott Simms 74.8 56.5
Labrador Liberal MP Yvonne Jones 71.8 57.4
Long Range Mountains Liberal MP Gurdie Hutchings 73.9 61.7
Cardigan Liberal MP Lawrence MacAulay 65 48.9
Egmont Liberal MP Bobby Morrissey 49.3 20.3
Cape Breton-Canso Liberal MP Rodger Cuzner 74.4 59.9
Central Nova Liberal MP Sean Fraser 58.5 32.7
Cumberland-Colchester Liberal MP Bill Casey 63.7 37.3
Kings-Hants Liberal MP Scott Brison 70.7 52.2
South Shore-St. Margarets Liberal MP Bernadette Jordan 56.9 34.4
West Nova Liberal MP Colin Fraser 63 36.9
Acadie-Bathurst Liberal MP Serge Cormier 50.7 11.3
Beausejour Liberal MP Dominic LeBlanc 69 53.9
Fundy Royal Liberal MP Alaina Lockhart 40.9 3.8
Madawaska-Restigouche Liberal MP Rene Arseneault 55.7 29.8
Miramichi-Grand Lake Liberal MP Pat Finnigan 47.3 13
New Brunswick Southwest Liberal MP Karen Ludwig 43.9 5.4
Tobique-Mactaquac Liberal MP TJ Harvey 46.6 9.6
Argenteuil-La Petite-Nation Liberal MP Stephane Lauzon 43.3 18.5
Avignon-La Mitis-Matane-Matapedia Liberal MP Remi Masse 39.5 18.5
Beauce Conservative MP Maxime Bernier 58.9 36.6
Berthier-Maskinonge NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau 42.2 16.4
Gaspesie-Les Iles de la Madeleine Liberal MP Diane Lebouthillier 38.7 6.2
Joliette Bloc MP Gabriel Ste-Marie 33.3 5.1
Megantic-L’Erable Conservative MP Luc Berthold 35.4 7.3
Montmagny-L’islet-Kamouraska-Riviere du Loup Conservative MP Bernard Genereux 29 0.6
Pontiac Liberal MP William Amos 54.5 32
Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing NDP MP Carol Hughes 39.9 5.8
Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound Conservative MP Larry Miller 46.7 7.8
Chatham-Kent-Leamington Conservative MP Dave Van Kesteren 41.7 4.5
Durham Conservative MP Erin O’Toole 45.1 9.4
Glengarry-Prescott-Russell Liberal MP Francis Drouin 53.3 16.9
Hastings-Lennox & Addington Liberal MP Mike Bossio 42.4 0.5
Huron-Bruce Conservative MP Ben Lobb 44.9 5.2
Kenora Liberal MP Bob Nault 35.5 1.6
Kitchener-Conestoga Conservative MP Harold Albrecht 43.3 0.5
Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston Conservative MP Scott Reid 47.9 14.1
Leeds-Grenville-Thousand Islands & Rideau Lakes Conservative MP Gord Brown 47.4 6.8
Northumberland-Perterborough South Liberal MP Kim Rudd 42.5 3
Parry Sound-Muskoka Conservative MP Toney Clement 43.3 4.4
Perth-Wellington Conservative MP John Nater 42.9 5.4
Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant 45.8 13.2
Simcoe North Conservative MP Bruce Stanton 43.5 3.7
Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry Conservative MP Guy Lauzon 51.1 12.5
Brandon-Souris Conservative MP Larry Maguire 50.3 13
Churchill-Keewatinook Aski NDP MP Niki Ashton 45 3
Dauphin-Swan River-Neepawa Conservative MP Robert Sopuck 46.3 16.8
Portage-Lisgar Conservative MP Candice Bergen 60.8 35.1
Provencher Conservative MP Ted Falk 56.1 21.4
Selkirk-Interlake-Eastman Conservative MP James Bezan 51.9 20.5
Battlefords-Lloydminister Conervative MP Gerry Ritz 61 43.3
Cypress Hills-Grasslands Conservative MP David Anderson 69.2 54.3
Desnethe-Missinippi-Churchill River NDP MP Georgina Jolibois 34.2 0.3
Carlton Trail-Eagle Creek Conservative MP Kelly Block 64.7 4.1
Moose Jaw-Lake Centre-Lanigan Conservative MP Tom Lukiwski 55.5 31.7
Prince Albert Conservative MP Randy Hoback 49.8 21.3
Regina-Qu’Appelle Conservative MP Andrew Sheer 44.7 14.5
Souris-Moose Mountain Conservative MP Robert Gordon Kitchen 70.1 56.5
Yorkton-Melville Conservative MP Cathay Wagantall 59.2 39
Battle River-Crowfoot Conservative MP Kevin Sorenson 80.9 71.5
Bow River Conservative MP Marton Shields 77.4 63.7
Foothills Conservative MP John Barlow 75.7 62.3
Fort McMurray-Cold Lake Conservative MP David Yurdiga 60.6 32.2
Lakeland Conservative MP Shannon Stubbs 72.8 59.1
Peace River-Westlock Conservative MP Arnold Viersen 69.4 55
Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan Conservative MP Garnett Genuis 63.9 43.5
Sturgeon River-Parkland Conservative MP Rona Ambrose 70.2 54.7
Yellowhead Conservative MP Jim Eglinski 72.3 58
Skeena-Bulkley Valley NDP MP Nathan Cullen 51.1 26.3
Northwest Territories Liberal MP Michael McLeod 48.3 17.9
Urban Winning Candidate Votes Obtained (%) Vote Margin (%)
Charlottetown Liberal MP Sean Casey 56.3 33.1
Moncton-Riverview-Dieppe Liberal MP Ginette Petitpas 57.8 36.3
Saint John-Rothesay Liberal MP Wayne Long 48.8 18.3
Ahuntsic-Cartierville Liberal MP Melanie Joly 46.8 16.8
Alfred-Pellan Liberal MP Angelo Lacono 44.5 20.5
Beauport-Limoilou Conservative MP Alupa Clarke 30.6 5.1
Therese-De Blainville Liberal MP Ramez Ayoub 32.5 5.4
Bourassa Liberal MP Emmanuel Dubourg 54.1 36.9
Brossard-Saint-Lambert Liberal MP Alexandra Mendes 50.3 25.7
Charlesbourg-Haute-Saint-Charles Conservative MP Pierre Paul-Hus 42.2 19
Dorval-Lachine-LeSalle Liberal MP Anju Dhillon 54.9 33.3
Gatineau Liberal MP Steven MacKinnon 53.8 27.2
Hochelaga NDP MP Marjolaine Boutin-Sweet 30.9 1
Honore-Mercier Liberal MP Pablo Rodriguez 56.5 40.1
Hull-Aylmer Liberal MP Greg Fergus 51.4 19.9
La Pointe-de-L’le Bloc MP Mario Beaulieu 33.6 5
LaSalle-Emard-Verdun Liberal MP David Lametti 43.9 14.9
Laurier-Sainte-Marie NDP MP Helene Laverdiere 38.3 9.6
Laval-Les Iles Liberal MP Faycal El-Khoury 47.7 27.9
Longueuil-Charles-LeMoyne Liberal MP Sherry Romanado 35.4 8.4
Longueuil-Saint-Hubert NDP MP Pierre Nantel 31.2 1.2
Louis-Hebert Liberal MP Joel Lightbound 34.8 7.7
Montarville Liberal MP Michel Picard 32.5 4.1
Mount Royal Liberal MP Anthony Housefather 50.3 12.5
Notre-Dame-de-Grace-Westmount Liberal MP Marc Garneau 57.7 35.9
Outremont NDP MP Tom Mulcair 44.1 10.6
Papineau Liberal MP Justin Trudeau 52 26.1
Pierrefonds-Dollard Liberal MP Frank Baylis 58.7 38.7
Quebec Liberal MP Jean-Yves Duclos 28.9 1.9
Rivier-des-Mille-Ile Liberal MP Linda Lapointe 32.4 2.9
Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie NDP MP Alexandre Boulerice 49.2 28.1
Marc-Aurele-Fortin Liberal MP Yves Robillard 40.9 17.4
Saint-Laurent Liberal MP Stephane Dion 61.6 42.1
Saint-Leonard-Saint-Michel Liberal MP Nicola Di lorio 64.7 49.9
Sherbrooke NDP MP Pierre-Luc Dusseault 37.4 7.6
Terrebonne Bloc MP Michel Boudrais 33 5
Trois-Rivieres NDP MP Robert Aubin 31.8 1.6
Vill-Marie-Le Sud Ouest-Ile-de-Soeurs Liberal MP Marc Miller 50.8 27.4
Vimy Liberal MP Eva Nassif 46.2 25.2
Ajax Liberal MP Marc Holland 55.9 21.5
Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill Liberal MP Leona Alleslev 47.3 2.1
Barrie-Innisfil Conservative MP John Brassard 46.4 9.3
Bay of Quinte Liberal MP Neil Ellis 50.7 16.5
Beaches-East York Liberal MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith 49.4 18.6
Brampton Centre Liberal MP Ramesh Sangha 48.6 15
Brampton East Liberal MP Raj Grewal 52.3 28.8
Brampton North Liberal MP Ruby Sahota 48.4 15.4
Brampton South Liberal MP KSonia Sidhu 52.1 17.1
Brampton West Liberal MP Kamal Khera 55.9 25.8
Burlington Liberal MP Karina Gould 46 3.5
Davenport Liberal MP Julie Dzerowicz 44.3 2.9
Don Valley East Liberal MP Yasmin Ratansi 57.8 28.6
Don Valley North Liberal MP Geng Tan 51.4 13.6
Don Valley West Liberal MP Rob Oliphant 53.8 16.2
Eglinton-Lawrence Liberal MP Marco Mendicino 48.9 6.3
Essex NDP MP Tracey Ramsey 41.4 5.7
Etobicoke Centre Liberal MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj 52.8 15.4
Etobicoke-Lakeshore Liberal MP James Maloney 53.7 21.2
Etobicoke North Liberal MP Kirsty Duncan 62.4 39.4
Flamborough-Glanbrook Conservative MP David Sweet 43.5 4.3
Guelph Liberal MP Lloyd Longfield 49.1 22.8
Haldimand-Norfolk Conservative MP Diane Finley 44.1 7.5
Hamilton Centre NDP MP Daivd Christopherson 45.6 12.2
Hamilton East-Stoney Creek Liberal MP Bob Brantina 39 6.3
Hamilton Mountain NDP MP Scott Duvall 35.9 2.4
Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas Liberal MP Filomena Tassi 47.7 15.9
Kanata-Carleton Liberal MP Karen McCrimmon 51.3 12.1
Kitchener Centre Liberal MP Raj Saini 48.8 18.4
Kitchener South-Hespeler Liberal MP Marwan Tabbara 42.3 5.6
London-Fanshawe NDP MP Irene Mathyssen 37.8 6.3
London North Centre Liberal MP Peter Fragiskatos 50.5 19.4
London West Liberal MP Kate Young 45.8 10.5
Markham-Stouffville Liberal MP Jane Philpott 49.2 6.4
Markham-Thornhill Liberal MP John McCallum 55.7 23.4
Markham-Unionville Conservative MP Bob Saroya 49.4 6
Milton Conservative MP Lisa Raitt 45.4 4.9
Mississauga Centre Liberal MP Omar Alghabra 54.7 21.1
Mississauga East-Cooksville Liberal MP Peter Fonseca 54.2 18.9
Mississauga-Erin Mills Liberal MP Iqra Khalid 49.7 10.5
Mississauga-Lakeshore Liberal MP Sven Spengemann 47.7 6.5
Mississauga-Malton Liberal MP Navdeep Bains 59.1 32.7
Mississauga-Streetsville Liberal MP Gargan Sikand 47.8 7.4
Nepean Liberal MP Chandra Arya 52.4 16.3
Newmarket-Aurora Liberal MP Kyle Peterson 45.2 2.6
Niagara Centre Liberal MP Vance Badawey 35.7 4.2
Niagara Falls Conservative MP Rob Nicholson 42.1 7.6
Oakville Liberal MP John Oliver 49.4 6.9
Oakville North-Burlington Liberal MP Pam Damoff 46.7 3.4
Oshawa Conservative MP Colin Carrie 38.2 6.3
Ottawa Centre Liberal MP Catherine Mary McKenna 42.7 4.1
Orleans Liberal MP Andrew Leslie 59.7 29.1
Ottawa South Liberal MP David McGuinty 60.1 35.8
Ottawa-Vanier Liberal MP Mauril Belanger 57.6 38.3
Ottawa West-Nepean Liberal MP Anita Vanderbeld 55.9 25.9
Parkdale-High Park Liberal MP Arif Virani 42 4.8
Richmond Hill Liberal MP Majid Jowhari 46.9 3.6
Carleton Conservative MP Pierre Polievre 46.9 3.1
St. Catharines Liberal MP Chris Bittle 43.2 5.6
Toronto-St. Paul’s Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett 55.3 28.3
Scarborough-Agincourt Liberal MP Arnold Chan 51.9 13.9
Scarborough-Centre Liberal MP Salma Zahid 50.5 17.9
Scarborough-Guildwood Liberal MP John McKay 60 33.5
Scarborough-North Liberal MP Shaun Chen 48.2 20.8
Scarborough-Rouge Park Liberal MP Gary Anandasangaree 60.2 32.9
Scarborough-Southwest Liberal MP Bill Blair 52.5 28.7
Spadina-Fort York Liberal MP Adam Vaughan 54.7 27.4
Sudbury Liberal MP Paul Lefebvre 47.4 19.6
Thornhill Conservative MP Peter Kent 58.6 24.8
Toronto Centre Liberal MP Bill Morneau 57.9 31.3
Toronto-Danforth Liberal MP Julie Dabrusin 42.3 2.2
University-Rosedale Liberal MP Chrystia Freeland 49.8 21.2
Vaughan-Woodbridge Liberal MP Francesco Sorbara 48.7 4.9
Waterloo Liberal MP Bardish Chagger 49.7 17.4
Whiby Liberal MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes 45 2.9
Willowdale Liberal MP Ali Ehsassi 53.4 16.4
Windsor-Tecumseh NDP MP Cheryl Hardcastle 43.5 16
Windsor West NDP MP Brian Masse 51.3 26.1
York Centre Liberal MP Machael Levitt 46.9 2.9
York South-Weston Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen 46 15.6
Humber River-Black  Creek Liberal MP Judy Sgro 66.9 46.8
Elmwood-Transcona NDP MP Daniel Blaikie 34.1 0.1
Saint Boniface-Saint Vital Liberal MP Dan Vandal 58.4 29.8
Winnipeg Centre Liberal MP Robert-Falcon Ouellette 54.5 26.5
Winnipeg North Liberal MP Kevin Lamoureux 68.9 53.6
Winnipeg South Liberal MP Terry Duguid 58.3 23.6
Winnipeg South Centre Liberal MP Jim Carr 59.7 31.5
Regina-Wascana Liberal MP Ralph Goodale 55.1 24.9
Saskatoon-University Conservative MP Brad Trost 41.5 10
Saskatoon West NDP MP Sheri Benson 39.6 6.7
Calgary Centre Liberal MP Kent Hehr 46.5 1.2
Calgary Confederation Conservative MP Len Webber 45.9 2.4
Calgary Forest Lawn Conservative MP Deepak Obhrai 49 12
Calgary Heritage Conservative MP Stephen Harper 63.8 37.8
Calgary Midnapore Conservative MP Jason Kenney 66.7 44.1
Calgary Nose Hill Conservative MP Michelle Rempel 60 33.2
Calgary Rocky Ridge Conservative MP Pat Kelly 60.4 28.7
Calgary Shepard Conservative MP Tom Kmiec 65.9 41.2
Calgary Signal Hill Conservative MP Ron Liepert 60.6 30
Calgary Skyview Liberal MP Darshan Singh Kang 45.9 6.1
Edmonton Centre Liberal MP Randy Boissonault 37.2 2.2
Edmonton Griesback Conservative MP Kerry Diotte 40 5.9
Edmonton Manning Conservative MP Ziad Aboultaif 45.2 17.7
Edmonton Mill Woods Liberal MP Amarjeet Sohi 41.2 0.2
Edmonton Riverbend Conservative MP Matt Jeneroux 49.9 19.7
Edmonton Strathcona NDP MP Linda Duncan 44 12.7
Edmonton West Conservative MP Kelly McCauley 49.3 14.4
St. Albert-Edmonton Conservative MP Michael Cooper 45.2 22.7
Abbotsford Conservative MP Ed Fast 48.3 15.5
Burnaby South NDP MP Kennedy Stewart 35.1 1.2
Cloverdale-Langley City Liberal MP John Aldag 45.5 10.8
Coquitlam–Port Coquitlam Liberal MP Ron McKinnon 35.3 3.3
Delta Liberal MP Carla Qualtrough 49.1 16.3
Fleetwood-Port Kells Liberal MP Ken Hardie 46.9 17.6
New Westminister-Burnaby NDP MP Peter Julian 43.5 14.5
North Vancouver Liberal MP Jonathan Wilkinson 56.7 29.8
Richmond Centre Conservative MP Alice Wong 44.2 2.8
South Surrey-White Rock Conservative MP Dianne Lynn Watts 44 2.5
Stevenston-Richmond East Liberal MP Joe Peschisolido 45.1 6.6
Surrey Centre Liberal MP Randeep Sarai 45.1 15
Surrey -Newton Liberal MP Sukh Dhaliwal 56 29.9
Vancouver Centre Liberal MP Hedy Fry 56.1 36.1
Vancouver East NDP MP Jenny Kwan 49.9 21.8
Vancouver Granville Liberal MP Jody Wilson-Raybould 43.9 17.1
Vancouver Kingsway NDP MP Don Davies 45.7 17.9
Vancouver South Liberal MP Harjit S. Sajjan 48.8 14.9
Victoria NDP MP Murray Rankin 42.3 9.4
Rural Winning Candidate Votes Obtained (%) Vote Margin (%)
Malpeque Liberal MP Wayne Easter 62.1 44.5
Lambton-Kent-Middlesex Conservative MP Bev Shipley 50.2 20.8
Nunavut Independent MP Hunter Tootoo 47.1 20.5

—Compiled by Iain Sherriff-Scott

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PM’s ‘Tiger Team’ meant to address diversity, inclusion in Canada’s national intelligence and security community hasn’t met since 2018

News|By Mike Lapointe
'Building diverse and inclusive workforces is essential to the effectiveness of the security and intelligence community,' according to the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians' annual report.

Trudeau should hire a ‘director of ethics and oversight’ to vet potential conflicts and break ‘serial pattern’ of ethics lapses, say pollsters

News|By Abbas Rana
Justin Trudeau's Liberals should ensure they don’t end up in anymore ethical controversies, as these scandals lead people to think that it is ‘time for change,’ says Innovative Research president Greg Lyle.

Lewis courts dairy farmers, Sloan attacks WHO as Conservative leadership underdogs burn through cash in late advertising push

Leslyn Lewis and Derek Sloan spent roughly $20,000 in a week on a last-minute bid to shore up support, while Erin O'Toole's campaign slowed its online ad spending to a trickle.

Former U.S. ambassador to Canada Bruce Heyman and wife, Vicki, ‘working hard’ to make Donald Trump ‘a footnote in history’

News|By Abbas Rana
Bruce Heyman and other former Democratic ambassadors to Canada want the voter turnout of Americans living in Canada to at least double from six to 12 per cent in the November election.

Potential privacy threat to Android owners using COVID exposure notification app won’t be fixed until ‘later in the third quarter’

The exposure notification app launched July 31 in Ontario and will be available to residents of other provinces later.

‘No preferential treatment’: Trudeau says government did its ‘due diligence’ in assessing WE

News|By Beatrice Paez
'My primary concern was to make sure that the public service could fully support its recommendation, that without a doubt, WE Charity was the right, and indeed, the only partner to deliver the program,' says Mr. Trudeau.

Chinese envoy says Canada can ‘make up its mind’ in face of U.S. calls to counter China

News|By Beatrice Paez
'Canada is proud of being an independent country, or a country with its own independent foreign policy, so I hope that Canada is wise enough to make its own decision,' says Cong Peiwu, China's ambassador to Canada.

Parliament should label Uyghur persecution as genocide to foster global support against China’s human rights abuses, says former Liberal justice minister

News|By Neil Moss
'There's pretty strong proof and testimony that there have been acts of genocide perpetrated against the Uyghur people,' says NDP MP Heather McPherson.

Deem Indigenous policing essential, boost support for Northern communities to help scrap racism in policing, committee hears

Police are 'being unfairly spotlighted' in a bigger conversation about systemic racism that happens in all arrays of society, says National Police Federation president Brian Sauvé.
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