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A few storm clouds invade Justin Trudeau’s sunny skies

By Thomas Walkom      

Today, Canadian special forces are fighting in Iraq, where they shoot and kill enemy soldiers. But the government refuses to call this combat. Meanwhile, a decision on where to send Canadian peacekeepers has been postponed indefinitely. On June 27, Trudeau stuck by the fiction that Canadian troops involved in combat are not involved in combat. He also said that Canada would commit troops only to a UN peacekeeping mission that has 'a chance of success.'

Justin Trudeau isn't quite as sunny as he used to be. He remains unfailingly polite. At his June 27 press conference at the National Press Theatre to mark the end of Parliament's spring sitting, he thanked reporters—as he often does—for what he called their contribution to democracy. At the end, he kissed the press gallery president, Toronto Star reporter Tonda MacCharles, on both cheeks. The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

TORONTO—After 20 months as prime minister, Justin Trudeau isn’t quite as sunny as he used to be.
He remains unfailingly polite. At an Ottawa press conference on June 27 to mark the end of Parliament’s spring sitting, he thanked reporters—as he often does—for what he called their contribution to democracy.

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All eyes on Red Chamber, as Senators push back on key government bills

Senators have proposed dozens of changes to the Liberals' impact assessment and gun bills, have concerns about its solitary confinement legislation, and recommended its tanker-ban bill not proceed.

House may need to sit in summer to pass new NAFTA deal, says Trade Committee chair

News|By Neil Moss
‘I've never seen that before, but it's doable,’ says Liberal MP Mark Eyking. But MPs still say the Americans should make the first move toward ratification.

Senate on a spending ‘slippery slope,’ says Sen. Marshall, as Senators review office-expense rules

Senators rejected staff-suggested changes to the rules governing how they spend money from their office budgets, in favour of examining the rules and coming up with their own changes.

Lobbying czar has ‘concerns’ for her office’s budget, warns court decision could widen workload

The office’s work has ‘evolved in complexity, litigiousness, and level of scrutiny,’ says Nancy Bélanger.

Conservatives say they’re ‘confident’ Mark Norman will expose more Liberal wrongdoing

Peter MacKay says if Vice-Admiral Mark Norman speaks out about his ordeal, 'I don’t think it will mean good things for the Liberal government.'

Senate compromise on government’s signature impact assessment bill would put maligned regulators back in charge on environmental review panels

Plus, a ban on importing shark fins is now steps away from law.

‘They should be nervous’: Liberals now focusing ‘completely’ on election readiness in regional, national caucus meetings

News|By Abbas Rana
The Liberals will be under attack from all sides in the next election campaign, but Liberals say they have a good story to tell and some say they need to sharpen up their communications strategy before it's too late.

Ford’s cuts in social programs could be opening for federal Liberals to campaign against federal Conservatives in October, say Liberal MPs

News|By Abbas Rana
Conservative MP David Tilson says it’s too early to jump to any conclusion about the impact of the Ford government’s policies on the next federal election outcome.

Remains of old barracks, guardhouse focus of ‘significant’ archaeological dig on Parliament Hill

MPs learned about the archaeological finds through a briefing from officials at the House Affairs Committee last week, during which new details about proposed work plans for Centre Block were shared.
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