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Lobbying the money man: Morneau draws interest from wide range of government-relations practitioners

By Derek Abma      

Banks, universities, airports, and energy companies are among the groups that have had lobbied Bill Morneau since he became Finance minister.

Anyone need anything? Finance Minister Bill Morneau has seen his fair share of lobbying since coming to office. A look through the federal lobbyists registry shows there have been 105 communication reports filed for contact with Mr. Morneau since he took office in November 2015 up until the early part of last month, making him one of the most heavily lobbied ministers in the cabinet of Justin Trudeau. The Hill Times photograph by Jake Wright

Being the gatekeeper of more than $300-billion in annual government spending—details of which for the 2017-18 fiscal year are to be released in the budget on March 22—it’s not surprising that so many people want an audience with Finance Minister Bill Morneau.

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Ontario’s top court signals support for Liberals’ justice reform bill

The Liberals have pledged to re-introduce a bill to reform criminal sentencing within 100 days of Parliament’s return.

Liberal MP Mendès challenging Rota for House Speaker’s position

News|By Abbas Rana
An assistant deputy speaker and four-term MP, Alexandra Mendèz—like Anthony Rota—has begun contacting fellow MPs to ask for their support in the Speaker's election.

‘Put your own health at risk, but my health? No’: MPs, Senators calling on all colleagues to be fully vaxxed for Parliament’s return next month

News|By Mike Lapointe
Liberal MP-elect John McKay says he should have the 'absolute right' to expect that his colleagues in Parliament have done everything they can possibly do to make sure that they are not transmitting COVID-19.

‘It’s like getting thrown into the deep end of the pool’: rookie MPs navigate new House waters

News|By Matt Horwood
Former and current MPs advise rookies to listen more than they speak, reach out to MPs in their caucus 'proactively,' and be principled in their core beliefs.

First two-spirit MP aims to be architect of change, speak up for Indigenous, LGBTQ2+ voices

News|By Matt Horwood
The 27-year-old New Democrat says reconciliation needs to begin with Indigenous youth, because 'we can't afford to have another generation go by with this pain in their hearts, minds, and spirit.'

Conservative Party’s national council suspends Ontario councillor Chen for launching petition to oust O’Toole

News|By Abbas Rana 10:20 AM ET
In a vote of 10-7, the 21-member national council has suspended Bert Chen for two months.

‘Civilianization’ of military justice system a ‘slippery slope,’ warns former judge advocate general Cathcart

But removing military judges from the chain of command, among other reforms, would help shift culture, says the lawyer who assisted in the former justice’s review of the system.

‘Tough questions’ ahead in deciding future of Canada’s submarine fleet

News|By Neil Moss
After Australia reversed course and decided to acquire nuclear-powered submarines instead of conventionally-powered ones, could Canada make the same decision?

Analysts question whether China can meet ‘high standard’ to join CPTPP, as Taiwan bid encouraged

News|By Neil Moss
Some trade analysts say bringing China onboard the CPTPP could foster higher trading standards in the Ottawa-Beijing relationship.
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