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MacKay says feds’ Online Crime Act to help justice system combat cyber-bullying

I am writing in response to a letter to the editor published on Nov. 24, 2014, “Federal government’s online spying Bill C-13 wrong, says reader.”
This letter is factually incorrect and falsely portrays the true impact of Bill C-13, the Protecting Canadians from Online Crime Act.
Bill C-13, is an informed, measured response that requires judicial oversight. It will help our justice system combat cyber-bullying, which has tragically contributed to the death and suffering of many young victims and caused the agony of many others in Canada. C-13 will modernize our laws by providing police with the necessary means to fight crime in today’s high-tech environment with the judicial checks and balances needed to protect Canadians’ privacy.
Currently before Parliament, this bill is being scrutinized and examined transparently and rigorously in detail, as is normal practice. Our government supports this bill and is confident that it is constitutional and will further protect Canadians from despicable cyber crime that threatens vulnerable people.
Bill C-13 is strongly supported by our security forces and many others, including the director of the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, who says “Bill C-13 will assist in stopping the misuse of technology and help numerous young people impacted and devastated by this type of victimization.”
Our government, security forces, and judges are acting in complete accordance with the law and in the interest of enhanced security for all Canadians.
The world is a much more complex and dangerous place for today’s youth. Technology opens up a world of opportunity but also a world of potential harm. Terrorism, child pornography, luring, and internet fraud are the type of insidious crime bill C-13 seeks to prevent. Our government continues its commitment to keeping our families and all Canadians safe. This bill will help ensure that.
Justice Minister Peter MacKay
Ottawa, Ont.

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