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2021 holds promise, despite challenging start

By Christian Burgsmüller      

On climate action, our mission in the European Union is to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050.

The 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow later this year will certainly be pivotal in this regard. Alongside Canada, we will capitalize on growing momentum to push for a swift implementation of the Paris Agreement and urge our international partners to adopt similarly ambitious policies and significantly increase their emissions reduction targets. Brussels and Ottawa are currently mulling over how best to prevent carbon leakage, while preserving the competitiveness of their industries. We are keen to coordinate our respective approaches to a possible carbon border adjustment mechanism, writes Christian Burgsmüller. Image courtesy of COP26

This year—marking the 45th anniversary of the European Union diplomatic mission in Canada—will be a defining time in transatlantic relations.

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More than $41.4-billion in spending goes without Commons committee review

News|By Neil Moss
An additional $17.1-billion of supplementary spending estimates was concurred in by the House on June 17 without committee review, as committees stagnate with filibusters.

Poilievre sweeps a suite of categories in the 27th annual Politically Savvy Survey

News|By Alice Chen
Meanwhile, the prize for who did the best work in their constituency went to Liberal MP Lloyd Longfield, while Liberal Kirsty Duncan was picked as the best MP to work for on the Hill.

Four years on, past critics are silent on whether fears around transgender human rights bill were founded

News|By Alice Chen
Then, furor erupted around the bill, with media attention centring on University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson’s concerns of free speech and being compelled to employ certain words and gender-neutral terms.

Jenica Atwin voted with Liberals 60 per cent of the time as a Green MP

Jenica Atwin's decision to join the Liberals should make the NDP re-examine its policy against allowing floor crossers to join the caucus, says former staffer Cameron Holmstrom.

Trudeau appoints former labour leader, mayor, and port authority CEO to Senate

Hassan Yussuff and Bernadette Clement have been tapped to fill Ontario vacancies in the Red Chamber, while James Quinn will represent New Brunswick.

‘Open defiance’: Opposition slams feds for failure to produce Winnipeg lab documents amid formal rebuke of PHAC head

After delivering the admonishment, House Speaker Anthony Rota said he would consider MPs’ comments on the failure to release confidential documents, again, as he deliberates on on the ‘unprecedented situation.’

Public Service Employee Survey results show increase in job satisfaction, awareness of mental health supports amid COVID-19 pandemic

News|By Mike Lapointe
Treasury Board President Jean-Yves Duclos says he believes the government will emerge from the pandemic with a 'stronger and even more diversified' public service that will be better able to reach out to Canadians.

So far, 18 incumbent MPs not running again could make difference between minority, majority, or ‘the government flipping,’ says pollster Nanos

News|By Abbas Rana
Another reason political observers expect the election to happen this fall is the wide-ranging Bill C-30, the Budget Implementation Act, and a clause which calls on Parliament to extend the COVID-19 stimulus.

Skylights and a Charter display: diving into plans for the Centre Block project

Among the newly unveiled plans is a permanent display of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to be located in the underground Parliament Welcome Centre complex.
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